Chapter 1:

Sakura Blossoms and New Planet in the Solar System

Psychology Handbook

Spring had come already.Bookmark here

 Nowadays people are going to Sakura festivals to see how they bloom beautifully. But I don't care about spring and Sakura blossoms too. I don't feel anything in spring or in other seasons. Every day is boring, ordinary, and dark to me. Bookmark here

Oh, sorry I forget to introduce myself. My name is Akari but you can call me "Mad Akari". Actually, I don't call myself "Mad" but people near me call me "Mad". Why they call me "Mad" I don't know either.Bookmark here

 Whatever, what I was saying?Bookmark here

 I remembered, today is a regular day for me like the other days. I am going somewhere which is ordinary for "me". I think you wonder where can I go now.Bookmark here

 Let me tell you, I am going to a psychologist-psychiatrist center. Yes, this is an "ordinary" thing to me. Cuz I go there once or twice a week. But usually, it's once a week. Bookmark here

Cuz I'm a drummer in a band called "Shadorozu".Bookmark here

 But this center is "a little bit" different from all the other centers that I had been to before. In this center, you can score your psychologist or psychiatrist. And also you can make a complaint or make a request. Bookmark here

And this can be a chance for my goal. If you wonder about my goal let me tell you what is it. My goal is to measure the value people give each other. I think this center is a good spot for it. Bookmark here

And also they can't say things like "Your problems belong to your childhood" or "Your problems belong to daddy issues." too. I wish my ideas will be real. And if they're real I don't need to fight with center security too. Cuz I fight with them for 2 or 3 or maybe more than I think.Bookmark here

 Anyway, I arrive at the center, but I felt a bit anxious. And then I hit my head to a pole. My head hurts. But this pole can't stop me!! Bookmark here

I enter from the entrance door of the center.Bookmark here

 The atmosphere makes you feel good. It makes you feel like your problems are solved already and you don't need to feel nervous now. But this can't stop me too!Bookmark here

 But there is a problem, this center is more popular than I think. And there is a queue because of the popularity. And everyone in the queue is taking a number. My number is E34. Waiting in the queue is so boring so I decided to not waiting in the queue. Cuz the reception calls your number and you don't need to wait. So I started to look around the center.Bookmark here

 I see a poster-like thing and it says "Welcome to the Solar System of the Spica." Solar System? I think its a nonsense. And please forgive me, for not telling the name of the center. Its name is Spica from the "Spica Constellation" I think. Actually, if Spica comes from "Spica Constellation." then the "Solar System" thing is being less nonsense.Bookmark here

  About an hour later. The receptionist called my number "E34". I walked to the reception and I realize that the receptionist is not suitable for this atmosphere. And also she has an annoying voice and annoying appearance.Bookmark here

 She says "You are E34, right? Let me see... Name: Akari Muhou   Age: 24  Who is your appointment with ?" with an annoying voice. "Appointment?" "Yes, who is your psychologist or psychiatrist." "I don't remember the name?" "If you don't remember the name then your appointment will be canceled." Wait, can't you see the name?" "No" "Then, let me think... Bookmark here

"I guess the name is Oku or Eku" "Oh, I understand, your appointment is with psychologist Oko Kunomi." "Yes something like that." "Alright then, Oko Kunomi floor 3 room 2." "Thanks".Bookmark here

Then I started to climb to stairs. Bookmark here

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