Chapter 3:

Full Harvest

From University Graduate to Soldier in an Interstellar Conflict: I Got Isekaied to an Alien World at War

Time for another day of killing Caxhels. Sunlight wakes me up. It was my proven alarm clock that never failed. The potent solar rays slip into my room from the cut-out hole where a window should rest, blaring through the permeable front portion of my helmet and warming up my face. This prompted me to get up from my sleeping bag created from the torn skin of a Makupuu that came to see me alongside their research team. This was not long after the Gloup rescued me from the innards of said group of creatures that appeared out of nowhere and attacked my parents’ farm back in Hokkaido, Japan. To have a lifeform that didn’t know or understood humanity to inflict anguish upon themselves just for me to have some comfort in this peculiar and inhospitable world. It looks and feels like a meat sack, but I was very grateful, regardless. The actual flooring here is far from being the softest or the smoothest, so I’ll take anything I can. It has a certain appeal if that’s saying something. I would say the way it’s put together is what’s good about it. How alien skin can be just as good as any sleeping apparatus on Earth is rather impressive and for some, creepy. But trust me, I’ve seen worse.Bookmark here

The food I prepare comes from what resembles a water dispenser on a countertop. With my helmet restraining me from eating a proper meal, plus the lack of safe options for consumption for a non-local lifeform, I was reduced to liquids for sustenance. There is a sole tap in operation for both food and drink. Whatever I eat were basically soups and water is what I drink to wash it all down. Juices, milk and teas couldn’t be made because there were no references they could sample for the machine to produce something like it. With my tube on hand, I attach it to the mouth of the tap and the other end through the small space at my chin and placed it into my mouth so it can shuttle there directly. During my time eating and drinking this way, I found it to be more efficient to suck on it like a straw than the typical way I’ve done for so many years.Bookmark here

I keep the tube on, but I move it to the far reaches of my jawline. It’s time for my bath. The creatures that feed on my skin to remove the dirt, sweat and grime I accumulate after every mission were there like always. These plushy blobs like to stay together in large groups near the bubbling sludge. Easy for me to access as my bath. I get myself naked by taking off what could be described as a diving suit by stretching out the neck collar so much, that it loses the form gained from hugging my body and falls to the ground.  This was the sole type of clothing I wore - rough to the touch and stretchy when pulled on. Shirts, socks, and shoes were in development. If done well, others can come to give variety in casual wear.Bookmark here

The atmosphere of this world is one where it’s toxic to breathe, not that it’s corrosive to human skin. Seeing my filth, they went to feast to their heart’s content. They cleaned me up really good, especially in my private areas. It feels weird every time I allow it, but there hasn’t been an effective means to generate enough water to create a shower. Also, if I dare take off my helmet, which would be necessary for having a proper cleaning, I would collapse from a lack of suitable air in quick time.Bookmark here

I have them get into my helmet as well, making sure my mouth is closed. To have them eat at the plague between my teeth and the bacteria living on my tongue and gums, is too much. Not long after I let them in, they try to do what I have always feared: sucking out the nastiness out of me with a ‘kiss.’ It’s a shame the Makupuu research crew couldn’t figure out how to make the mouthwash I asked and assisted them in their multiple attempts. Toothpaste paired with a toothbrush would work just as well, but that would be impractical. I don’t know what goes into mouthwash besides fluoride, even though I moved onto fluoride-free products since my second semester of university. Reading books on dentistry or oral hygiene products wasn’t an interest of mine, so that might be a factor in their failure. But, taking note of their success in the creation of many items other than something designed for the maintenance of good oral health through some basic descriptions, it’s more disappointing to see they have not produced the results I expect. With all that done, I pull up my clothing for the tight fit to return before going inside to put on my suit. Bookmark here

Vertical bars for oxygen and structural integrity on the far left and blue icons of the different weapons on the lower right that would degrade in colour was my HUD when fully linked. The layout was minimalist - that was my preference. In my belief, additions to the user interface would lead to clutter, becoming a sensory overload. When I come out all armoured up, my ride had arrived. It was a familiar being – the supply lifeform. It seems to be impatient. As I jump on, I think about what could be my tasks for the day. Due to mistranslations or just not being able to translate some words or phrases at all even with the utilization of the Makupuu tongue from the Gloup, it often required me to go to the field of battle and process what is taking place to gain a true sense of what I have to do.Bookmark here

The creature went at top speed to get me there. With how fast it’s going, it must be an urgent one. As the fighting between the two sides came upon the horizon, I realize that I am late – this was the source of the supply being’s uneasiness. Looks like I have to make it up to them for this minor mishap. Tube feeding time should be reduced by five Earth minutes from this day forward.Bookmark here

The ground combat was fierce and any aerial combat was minimal, with the allied craft keeping its distance for fear of being shot down by being too ambitious with their bombing campaigns. The small, mobile Caxhel facility would prevent any of that. It was of the size of a small industrial park, with each section fused, sticking out as plain as the day itself. A call comes to me. It was short and the translated audio did well to communicate what they said.Bookmark here

“We’ll send aerial fighter. Distraction for you to neutralize facility and rescue beings inside.”Bookmark here

This is more than enough to work with. I am on a neutralization and rescue mission - nice combo. Good for me. I have to be delicate. Can’t afford to go too crazy here.Bookmark here

The flying lifeform pressed ahead, causing the supply being to slow down, but it was more than quick to zip past allied and enemy fire as a blur. As the biological craft got extremely close, it pulled away from the plasma cannons with all of its top-heaviness. The gap to make a move was narrow, prompting me to charge up my legs for a launch to the Caxhel facility.Bookmark here

My jump, however, wasn’t enough. I need an extra boost. This is where my suit comes in. Throwing my pincer against the ship’s armour, it stuck. Then with this, I bring myself in using the ‘drag’ feature for a safe landing. Now on my target with my magnetism ability, I look for a way in to put it out of commission. With the weaponry of the enemy facility unable to pivot close enough to fire at me, I had more time than I need to execute what I have to do.Bookmark here

Searching for a space to slip inside didn’t exist on its resistant exterior, so forcing my way in is what I have to do.Bookmark here

But I can feel something odd. It has to be the facility. I look down to realize it’s going upward. It was escaping! There is no way it can flee with any more biological material. The facility was attempting to revert back to its original form of a space cruiser by folding in on itself. It can do so without slowing down due to the use of anti-gravity as its way of traversal.Bookmark here

This, alongside the altitudes it has already reached pushed me to let go. It would be too dangerous to hold on and bust in. It would come to great risk to the valuable material on board. In addition, I might be trapped inside as it de-transforms - crushing and possibly killing me. Landing safely, I could only stare up to see them get away with this for the fourth time in such a short period.Bookmark here

These Harvesters come with Caxhels on board to kidnap and store Gloups inside, whether living or not. They would blend in with the local environment - as well as every Harvester they send - to do this without raising alarms. They steal them in order to genetically enhance themselves utilizing the DNA of their victims. This is to promote the radicalized view of themselves as supreme beings borne from the cockiness of their rapid technological advancement. With this, they get stronger and more able to counter what we have in order to fight back. This is the thing that will turn the tide of the war in their favour… BOOM!Bookmark here

Wait, what? How?Bookmark here

A ship came into view through the ball of fiery smoke. As it gets closer, I notice who it is.Bookmark here

“It’s them. The Makupuu researches are here."Bookmark here

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