Chapter 1:

The Kingdom of Mercuria

Light Up!✰Spaceling Princesses

Space, the final frontier. So many fascinating things about it. Scientists are still discovering space, even coming across things that make them scratch their heads of confusion. Who are these mysterious creatures and why do they look so human? On Earth, one was looking through a telescope to see two flashes of light, one in pink and one in cyan. They were shocked to see such a sight. But they couldn’t put their finger on it. Even they saw sweets and how the planets look different and colorful. Even a little bake shop and a kingdom on the Moon. Bookmark here

Up in Space, sisters and Princesses of the Moon, Taylor and Altalune Tsuki were flying through space, their angel wings flapping as they were traveling. They both had light skin, even though they are mixed since both of their parents, the King and Queen of the Moon, are mixed themselves. Taylor had long brunette hair with pink highlights with a heart shaped ahoge while Altalune had light orange hair with cyan highlights and also a heart shaped ahoge. Their eyes are also the same color as their highlights. Taylor had a pink heart mark on her cheek and both sisters have their Moon birthmarks on their foreheads in their colors. They were headed to a meeting Queen Annabelle was holding. “I wonder what it is,” Taylor said. “Yeah, but it is important so we ought to get there in time, sis,” Altalune responded as they saw the bright indigo light shining from Mercury. It was absolutely beautiful. The smell of plums wafted through the air as they both landed gently. Bookmark here

It tickled their noses and of course to see all the beautiful flowers. The planets for Spacelings aren’t exactly what people usually depict them as. It’s like when the Moon Sisters get asked if their home is made of cheese, in fact it’s made of sugar; sugar that is literally out of this world.Bookmark here

The Princesses are led by guards to a beautiful clocktower kingdom named Mercuria, and within it, other Spacelings of other planets, stars, constellations, and satellites were all seated to hear what Annabelle has to say. Taylor and Altalune sat down next to their friends as they quietly waved at each other. As everyone was quiet and comfortable, one of Annabelle's royal guards cleared his throat. “Spacelings of the Universe, please pay your undivided attention to Queen Annabelle of Mercury as she has a very important announcement! Thank you.” He stepped aside and out walked Annabella in her royal gown instead of her ‘casual’ dress. Hoseki and Hermes were flying with her, quiet as Annabella began her announcement. Bookmark here

“My fellow Spacelings, I’ve been told that Queen Yaeko is trying to plan something dark and sinister with the treasures that are hidden within each of our planets, including the Sun, the Moon, and the dwarf planets. We must stop her. What we shall do is collect the treasures of each of these planets and keep them protected from her. I have mine locked away, it took a while to find it but we have found the Wing of Hermes.” She shows a glass case of an indigo wing that shined brightly. It had glass within the middle, beautiful gold embellishments, and three little gems on the tip of the wing in different hues of indigo.Bookmark here

The Spacelings talked amongst themselves. They were surprised considering that they had everything within their planets protected, or so they thought. They’ve never seen or heard of this treasure, so they wonder what kind of treasures are hidden within their planet.Bookmark here

“I will need to know which Spacelings will accomplish this mission and take Hoseki with them. She will provide you assistance as you go on your journey.”Bookmark here

Taylor looked at her friends and Altalune. They nodded and Taylor raised her hand up. “We will, Queen Annabelle.” Everyone turned to look at her as they were surprised she was willing to go through with this. “So it shall be, Princess Taylor. You girls should be careful as this is a dangerous mission. You will need special equipment to go through with this. Please walk over here.”Bookmark here

Taylor and her friends looked at each other with curiosity as they walked forward. “I will need you girls to hold out your hands.” The girls did what they were told and were given beautiful items called Galactic Sugar Pacts, that looked alike, but with hearts and stars that were their signature colors. The other Spacelings were in the audience, looking with awe. The Princess of Jupiter, Esmeralda Mokusei who sat with the Princess of Saturn, Minami Dosei, looked a little green with envy; not just cuz she wore green. Minami on the other hand looked happy for them and she was hoping the girls could find these mysterious treasures, she’s even willing to help them once they reach her planet. Bookmark here

“That must be a tough job, I hope they’ll be okay. How about you, Esmeralda?” Minami turned to her friend. Esmeralda pretended to be happy for them, brushing off her jealousy. She sighs, “Oh, yeah...I hope.” At first Minami was confused, but she knew that Esmeralda was all about being the best. After all, she ruled over the biggest planet within the Solar System. Bookmark here

She had nothing but the best within her planet. Aside from beautiful hues of green that decorated the planet, there was gold, jewels, pearls, expensive sugar, fresh green apples, including clothes, thunderbolts...she thought she should be the one to find those treasures, let alone find the one within Jupiter. She daydreamed until Minami stopped her train of thought.Bookmark here

“You shouldn’t have to hide your feelings. I get you want to be the best, but you can’t be the best at everything, you know.” Esmeralda sighed once more but out of irritation instead. She knew Minami was right and instead just let her feelings pass. “Right,” the Princess of Jupiter muttered. Minami cared for Esmeralda, in fact there were times she even had feelings for her, but tried not to get them in the way of their friendship, not until they’re both ready at least.Bookmark here

After the meeting ended, the eight princesses along with Hoseki went to the Crescent Patisserie, which is the pastry shop of the moon and the most popular sweets shop in all of the Universe. There has to be at least a whole line of customers waiting out of the door everyday! After they opened again, customers lined up and space creatures sat at tables. The girls would rotate taking orders, so as some were being taken care of, the girls turned to Hoseki.Bookmark here

“Wow, this place looks amazing!” the little space fairy said of amazement. “Thank you, Hoseki. It’s very nice to meet you,” Taylor said, now in her uniform. “Yeah, we’re glad to have you here at your shop. Since we’re going to be together during the journey, what is it that you’ll like here at the shop?” Altalune asked, also in her uniform.Bookmark here

“ don’t happen to have any konpeito, do you?” Hoseki wondered. “Of course we do! We make them for our Constellation Sugar Cookies!” Mai says as she puts some konpeito in a little cute star shaped dish for her. “Ooh, thank you!” The Neptunian Princess smiles. “Of course!”Bookmark here

“So, we’ll be the ones to find those treasures, hm?” Seraphina wondered as she was making a white chocolate ganache with cinnamon for truffles. “Yeah, I’m still surprised how we were chosen,” Wisteria responds as she was making grape jam on the other side of the kitchen. “I guess it’s because others were too hesitant to even take on the challenge, but we must do what we have to do to make sure Queen Yaeko doesn’t take over the Universe,” Brielle added her input as she was whipping meringue.Bookmark here

“I’m sure we can do it! We are really ambitious and know what to do in any situation, Honey cheered as she finished slicing lemons for her Bundt cakes. Bookmark here

Hibana nods as spreads chocolate out to make her bark. “Exactly, even when things get tough, we know not to give up.”Bookmark here

“That’s the spirit, girls! We can do it and you’ve been given those special pacts to transform!” Hoseki beams. Bookmark here

The girls nod but also wondered all together, “What do these pacts do anyway?” Bookmark here

Hoseki looked at them and picked up Taylor’s. “I believe they make your magic stronger,” she said. “Huh.” Hoseki gives Taylor back her pact and the Lunarian Princess looks at it with wonder. Then they heard the door open, the bell above jingling. “Welcome to the Patisserie!” the girls said and realized it was the Sir of Pallas, Sodalite Parasu. For a while, Taylor had a crush on him and blushed. “Oh, uh...h-hi, Sodalite,” she stuttered a bit, clearing her throat. Sodalite chuckles. “Hello, Taylor, girls. I wanted to visit to congratulate you on the start of your mission. I also came here to buy something,” he says. “Of course, what is that you’ll like,” the pink princess asks him. The Pallasian Prince looked at the menu for a bit before deciding on what we’ll have. “May I please have a Bubble Nebula Tea, please?” He placed his order.Bookmark here

“Of course!” Taylor says as she dashed for the cups, putting boba pearls on the bottom, some milk tea in and ice, put a round lid and straw that was for sipping boba. “There you go, that will be two galactic currents, please,” she says as Sodalite took out his wallet and his Spaceling card as the magical card reader scanned it. The machine read it and it confirmed that the tea was paid for. Galactic currents were Spacelings' form of money. Taylor put a little Crescent Pati sleeve on the cup and handed it to him. “There you go, Sodalite. Enjoy and thanks for stopping by!” The Moonling said with joy. Sodalite chuckled, he always thought Taylor’s enthusiasm was refreshing. “You're welcome and thank you as well. See you later,” the Prince of Pallas said after he put away his card and wallet, taking the tea and heading out the door.Bookmark here

“See you later,” Taylor said with a sigh of love. “Oooh, Taylor’s in love!” Honey, Altalune, and Mai teased. The Moonling blushed. “Okay, maybe I am. But I can’t help it. Not only is he handsome, he’s kind, charming, and strong.”Bookmark here

“We know you like him, Taylor. But remember that we need to be focused on work and our mission,” Altalune says to her. “Right,” Taylor says.Bookmark here

Meanwhile in the Gamma Ray Kingdom that was surrounded by dark matter, Queen Yaeko Ganmasen was pacing back and forth. She had greyish light skin, her hair was dark green with purple streaks, and her eyes were dark purple. She had a gold headpiece with a green diamond in the middle, purple stones, and two pieces of fabric that were also green. Her dress was in the same colors and she had black gloves and high heeled shoes. Bookmark here

Since the Wing of Hermes was found on Mercury, that meant that they had to go to Venus to find whatever treasure lay there. “We’ll have to form some sort of attack,” she said to herself. “Maybe I can help, your majesty,” Mara, her minion, said. Mara had greyish apricot skin, long grey hair that's tied into two pig tails, garnet red eyes, matching lip stick, and was wearing a black and silver dress with a matching headband. Queen Yaeko smirked. “Maybe you can. Go to Venus and see what attack you can place there. I’m sure Princess Aimi Kinboshi wouldn’t mind a ‘surprise visit’,” she said with a dark chuckle.Bookmark here

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