Chapter 1:

The Foolish Courier!


The day was hot. The sun beamed down on me, it felt like Satan himself was in bed with me. Bookmark here

Or something like that. I'm not a poet. Bookmark here

I opened my eyes yet again, it smelled of manure and sand since I'm in a barn. I went to bed in a haystack, next to a horse. I named him Noah, such a cute name! I'll have to focus however, I got a delivery to make, a reputation to uphold. I grabbed my dirty faded shoes and a package. It's tan, dusty, and unopened. Rule one in the courier's handbook: Never peek at the package. I waved goodbye to Noah and opened the barn door into the (formerly) Compton, California. It wasn't the same city after the Big Boom. It was like a desert town now, similar to one of those wild west movies in the old world. People using all these wagons, wearing leather and cloth. Putting on my favorite bucket hat, placing the package in my bag, and strolling over to the water saloon. I opened the door, the chatter slows to a crawl as they look at me.

"What? Ever seen a courier before? I'm looking for a Vermin Sellers. Is he here?" I ask the crowd. Bookmark here

"Say..." One of the men speaks up. "Are you...Foolish Courier?" Bookmark here

"...Yeah. Are you Vermin?" I respond, my eyebrows raised. Everybody in the saloon looked tense. They slowly stand, that's when I realized: I had a bounty on me. How could I forget? I rolled out before they all got out their guns to shoot at me. The group was probably going to destroy the saloon, so I ran across the street and pulled out my shotgun. I loaded in two of my high-volume explosive shells and aimed. "This is your only warning! I just want to deliver a package!" I yell out as the group went out. They were about twenty deep. "We're getting that 300,000 gold!” One of the patrons yelled back. The Cowboys were ready to shoot, that's a fact. Rifles, shotguns, even six-shooters funny enough. I sighed, as I hopped up over to my right, shooting at the ground to explode right in the middle of the group. Bookmark here

When I landed, I cocked back the shotgun to free the shell. I pulled out my pistol and aimed once the smoke cleared. I shot and killed the remaining four men still alive. Geez...can never get a break. "You've been busy, Courier." A voice behind said. I turned and frowned. "Vermin. Got my package?" Bookmark here

I nod and hand him the package from my bag. He smiled as he stared at it. "My dearest Ann. Thank you. I would be surprised...but that's what they say about you, the Foolish Courier." Bookmark here

"The Foolish Courier? I hate that nickname..." I sighed. I had that dumb name for a while, so... Bookmark here

"To be fair, only a fool would be out in the open with a bounty that large," Vermin says, shaking my hand and walking off. "Oh, behind you!" He says while turning. I turn and aim my shotgun with haste. There was one man, with a pistol, at the saloon doors. I shoot on instinct...forgetting I had explosive shells in. The entire saloon went up in a giant ball of flame after the explosion. I looked on with my jaw dropped. Maybe I should run. I'm gonna run now. I ran out of the city and took the first desert train out of California. Bookmark here

Bounty went up by 100K. Radical. Bookmark here

I guess this is also why they call me Foolish Courier. Bookmark here

N. D. Skordilis
「 𝙎𝙠𝙤𝙧𝙜𝙚37 」
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