Chapter 0:

Prolog Pt. 1 (Corporal’s downfall)

Project: 109 Days in Aster

4 days before the “Shift”
3/7/2027 14:59
“Gonna burn these bitches up, turn them into Mcdonalds Cheeseburger,” Said the Corporal when he pulled the charging handle on an M2 Browning that is attached on top of a Humvee.
Rounds flying, Blood splattering, Men screaming for their lives.
The aftermath of that controlled burst done by the corporal is nothing we’ve ever anticipated, 19 women and 14 children confirmed dead, Corporal never expected the Neo-Taliban to hold hostage locals.
“Corporal!, report!” said the Captain
“19 women and 14 children dead, 27 women and 3 children wounded sir!” answers the Corporal with a nervous voice, “Hey corporal, it's not your fault, they made you do this,” said the Captain
The corporal keeps quiet till its time to roll back to base, on the way back his face was visible that he was scared to his bones, his face looks awfully pale, a few minutes before we arrived he wanted to take a quick stop on the nearby collapsed building, he takes a few deep breaths and throws up like he’s gonna let out his organs.
When we arrive at the FOB, the corporal rushed for the toilet and all we can hear is crying and throwing up, “It's been a long day for you corporal, best for you to catch some sleep before tomorrow’s push” said Lieutenant Junior Grade. Lane from the Navy seals.