Chapter 3:

Anime is Misleading: A Master Arrives

Mages and Dragons in a New Land? They Obviously Haven't Seen a Modern War Man

On the day Nobaru cast the Lightning spellBookmark here

The little man was sitting in his mansion, sipping some tea. He was reminiscing about his recent achievements. He had just finished tutoring some nobles a few weeks ago. As a result, he got a nice payment for that as well, as expected from nobles. Just then, his butler came.Bookmark here

"Sir," he said, "you have a letter."Bookmark here

The man grinned and stood up "Oh goodie!" he said, "I wonder what it is."Bookmark here

He took the letter from his butler's hand and examined it. It was a white envelope with a red seal. The little man removed the seal and took out the paper. He then read the letter. A few minutes later, he smiled as he put down the letter.Bookmark here

"Looks like I have to head out," he said.Bookmark here

"Is it from that boy's parents?" asked the butler.Bookmark here

"Yeah, I knew they would come looking for a tutor. And since this one looked promising at that time, I have to be there!" replied the man as he "Look after the house for me, okay?"Bookmark here

"All right sir, as you wish."Bookmark here

The man put on his dark cloak and hat and walked out of the house, into the distance.Bookmark here

--Bookmark here

Today was the day that Nobaru's master arrived. It had been three days since the boy had cast the advanced magic spell. He was in his room thinking nervously as he watched Eri sleeping.Bookmark here

He had watched a ton of anime back in Japan after his retirement, and masters were shown to be strict, serious and scary. He had the mind of an adult now, but was still nervous. That description of masters was accurate as well.Bookmark here

Many teachers in Japan were stubborn, stoic and strict and most importantly, unpredictable. He remembered the days when his superiors in the army screamed at him 24/7, asking him to "do this'' or "do that". Bookmark here

That was the only thing he hated. However, he became the man he was because of the screaming he had received.Bookmark here

But little did he know, he was going to see unpredictability at its finest that day.Bookmark here

Hours later, the doorbell rang. Ren and Izanagi went to open it. Past the door stood a person just as tall as Nobaru. He looked like a child with green hair and eyes. Ren grinned.Bookmark here

"Hello, child? Are you lost?" she asked.Bookmark here

"Child?" replied the man, utterly confused "Me? I am in my 20s. But leaving that aside... You must be the Miya family."Bookmark here

"Yes, we are." said Ren "No offence but, for a man in his 20s, you look....young."Bookmark here

"No worries." said the man "I get that a lot. Nice to meet you, Tamura Akio at your service." He extended his hand. Izanami, watching this unfold, shook it. "So where is the kid?"Bookmark here

"We will call him now." said Izanagi "Nobaru! Come here."Bookmark here

Nobaru, until this time, was having a mental breakdown.Bookmark here

Again, even kids with the minds of adults can act like kids.Bookmark here

Nobaru nervously walked towards the door once he was called. His heartbeat sounded in his ears. He felt a tightness in him as if his heart was trying to beat out of his throat.Bookmark here

He was stumped when he saw the man in front of him.Bookmark here

His first impression of him was 'Seriously? A kid?'Bookmark here

He then realised that he had been nervous for no reason at all and turned red all over while no one was looking.Bookmark here

"Who is this kid?" he asked, confused.Bookmark here

"I am not a kid!" Akio whined.Bookmark here

'Well you totally act like one.' thought Nobaru, holding his laughter.Bookmark here

"Sorry, big bro," he said, figuring that if this man was acting as a kid, might as well call him that.Bookmark here

The man had a dreamy look in his eyes. "Big bro...huh," he said "No one has called me that before. It sounds great..."Bookmark here

Then he grinned at him. "I'm your master, Tamura Akio. Nice to meet you!"Bookmark here

Nobaru couldn't believe his ears, he just regretted his mistake right there; calling his mentor a kid. He was also surprised that he wasn't a kid. He could be a male loli if that exists. He apologised instantly.Bookmark here

"Don't worry. This is the usual reaction," said Akio in response to his apology.Bookmark here

"Well, come on in." said Nobaru "Welcome!"Bookmark here

"Woah!" said Akio, as he stepped into the house "This is a huge place. Well, you are a highly regarded family, so this is natural, I guess."Bookmark here

He went towards Nobaru, who was at the front of the group, and asked "You fired an intermediate spell three days ago, right?"Bookmark here

"Yes I did..." said Nobaru, recalling the incident. "How do you know? No one should have told you about that."Bookmark here

"Ah.. that. I was walking through your neighbourhood when I saw it and it was SO DAMN COOL!"Bookmark here

Instantly he was bombarded with questions.Bookmark here

"How did you do it? How did it feel? Were you fatigued? What was the spell?" and so on. Akio was enthusiastic...very, very enthusiastic.Bookmark here

'Again.' thought Nobaru 'He is acting like a child.'Bookmark here

"I will tell you everything, big bro," said Nobaru.Bookmark here

A few minutes later, the two were facing a stationary eight-feet tall golem.Bookmark here

"This golem," said Akio, "is made using Earth magic. It requires only a little bit of mana to keep it going. I can make him do anything I want with it. Now I will teach you some lightning magic. It's a basic level spell. If you fire this spell at the golem with a large amount of power, that will make me believe that you cast an intermediate spell, since I didn't see you cast it with my own eyes. Shall we start then?"Bookmark here

"Yessir!" said Nobaru. This reminded him of his morning training and drills.Bookmark here

"Alright. I'll cast it once, so remember the chant and cast it yourself next."Bookmark here

Akio then started reciting the chant.Bookmark here

chi no yube edo koi no kata.Bookmark here

el ikari wasurenai.Bookmark here

el warai hito shin yuu denuma no hikari.Bookmark here

MASTER BOLTBookmark here

Akio outstretched his hand, his palm open. A large 6 foot tall bolt of lightning appeared where his palm was. He aimed it upwards and then closed his fist. The bolt whizzed from his hand towards the air. It travelled in an arc-shaped direction at whooping speed and hit the golem which exploded with a bang.Bookmark here

Akio looked at him with a grin. "Now you try!" he said. He then reconstructed the golem.Bookmark here

Nobaru recalled the last time he tried Lightning Magic. He collapsed for a few hours. But he did learn what he had to do.Bookmark here

He smiled and nodded. Nobaru closed his eyes and inhaled slowly, calming his mind was the first step to a successful spell. He then repeated the incantation, his palm open, his hand outstretched. Nobaru felt power slowly welling up inside him. He felt the tingly sensation of lightning in his body.Bookmark here

Focussing his mana into the palm of his left hand, he opened his eyes and released the mana. As a result, a bolt of six feet length shot from his palm at blinding speed. It hit the golem in an instant, reducing it to a pile of rubble.Bookmark here

"That was amazing!" exclaimed Akio. "It took me months to get it this big. You are strong indeed."Bookmark here

"Thank you very much," said Nobaru, proud. He then asked "Could you please tell me the use of incantations? Can't we do magic without them?"Bookmark here

"Hmm...Incantations" started Akio "strengthen the magic you cast by allowing the caster to easily visualize the spell they are casting. Like you just cast lightning magic, the chant talked about the power of lightning in a way. So you could easily get the image in your head, right?"Bookmark here

"Yes, now that you mentioned it," replied Nobaru.Bookmark here

"We basically can't do chantless magic. I heard that it can be done by a person with a lot of mana. Actually, there was a person in the lost past who could. She was the first-ever mage, Ogino Sumiko. The saviour who united all the seven races as one, a pure, selfless woman from another world. She had a massive mana pool too."Bookmark here

"What do you mean 'another world'?" asked Nobaru.Bookmark here

"Rumours claim that she was reincarnated," said Akio.Bookmark here

Nobaru had a surprised look on his face. He took in the pile of information. Bookmark here

'The key to chantless magic.' he thought. 'It might be because she was reincarnated...'Bookmark here

Then Akio's words rang in his ears.Bookmark here

'Incantations strengthen the magic you cast by allowing the caster to easily visualize the spell they are casting...'Bookmark here

'I heard that it can be done by a person with a lot of mana...'Bookmark here

Then it hit him.Bookmark here

'Hmm,' thought Nobaru. 'It may not be because she is reincarnated though. If imagery is the key to magic, then she must've had a wide imagination and the mana amount is already covered. Mom did say that I have a vast amount of mana. Then maybe...if I have good imagery...then'Bookmark here

"Let me try chantless magic!" he shouted, smiling wide.Bookmark here

"Hold your horses!" said Akio "Just because you fired a strong Advanced spell doesn't mean you can-"Bookmark here

Then he saw the look of pure determination in Nobaru's eyes. He felt a nostalgic presence as he looked. "Alright." he said in the end "Try it."Bookmark here

Nobaru closed his eyes. 'If you need to imagine it, then...'Bookmark here

He imagined the feeling of lightning when it strikes the ground; the tremors, the power, the damage. He recalled the tingly feeling he felt when he cast the spell with an incantation. He imagined the power that flowed through his body at that time.Bookmark here

It was working, the same amount of magic he used the first time, he used it now. He felt the raw power flow through every part of him and focused it into his hand. He released the spell.Bookmark here

A four-foot-long bolt of lightning whizzed from his left palm and hit a tall tree in the distance which exploded into pieces of wood.Bookmark here

Akio was awestruck. The mage had never seen another person do chantless magic and that too the power of the spell was the same as when he cast magic with a chant.Bookmark here

"HOW DID YOU DO THAT?!" shouted Akio "THAT WAS SO BIZARRE!"Bookmark here

Nobaru was surprised as well. He could do it. No, he did it! Bookmark here

Nobaru took a deep breath and explained his theory.Bookmark here

"At first I thought that the hero Ogino could do chantless spells because she was reincarnated." said Nobaru "But then I realised that it was because she had a great capability to imagine the spells she could do. A pure visionary thinker indeed. She also had a huge amount of mana, right? Well, I think I have that covered too."Bookmark here

"So you imagined lightning and it came to you?" said Akio "As easy as that?"Bookmark here

"As easy as that," replied Nobaru.Bookmark here

"This means that you can just read about a spell and do it chantlessly. W-which means I would have nothing to teach you..." said Akio, sadly.Bookmark here

"Nope. That's not true big bro." said Nobaru "Your mention of the hero was what made me do this. Besides, I don't have good imagery yet and learning from someone is better than learning it yourself. I can't figure out all the spells alone. Like the huge golem. The golem looks indestructible and would have not broken if I had made a mistake. Teach me please, big bro! I want to learn from you."Bookmark here

A tear appeared from Akio's eyes. His green eyes shined with happiness. "You think so?" he asked.Bookmark here

"Yes I do!" replied Nobaru "I'm ready to learn from you, anything you can teach me, anytime, anywhere."Bookmark here

Akio wiped the tears that were attempting to come out. "Okay then!" he shouted, grinning from ear to ear "Let's get training."Bookmark here

"Alright....master!"Bookmark here

And thus...two years passed.Bookmark here

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