Chapter 0:


Ghost Squad

Daria Volkova, Codename: Shade, watched through the scope of her rifle the people inside the castle located 5 clicks away from her position.
Sofiya Ruerikovna Románova, Codename: Moonwalker, observed from her spotting scope their movement.Bookmark here

Both girls were members of the 7th Deep Reconnaissance Unit (formerly 7th Resource Exploration Team) a reconnaissance unit from the 104th Special Purpose Division of the Mobile Unit 1 also known as the Flower Guard. They have been sent to observe the movements of a magician responsible for the chaos that raged in the world the girl's team had been deployed to.Bookmark here

After various hours of nothing interesting happening in the castle, rain began to fall where the girls where, it was dusk, and the girls had been there for hours.
Shade looked at Moonwalker and said "Shall we wait a little bit, or return base?"
"Let's wait and see," responded Moonwalker.
"K" said Shade
The rain was light, at least where the girls were.
They waited few minutes more, and when they were about to leave, the magician appeared.
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The magician meditated in one of the towers of the castle when one of his assistants arrived.
"My Lord, everything is ready" said the man to the magician.
"Let's wait a couple of minutes while I finish" answered the magician"
The assistant responded: "Yes"
Unknown to them they were being watched by Shade and Moonwalker, who just have received the order to eliminate the magician.
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"Yes, understood" said Moonwalker through her comms, "thanks for telling us"
Then looking at Shade updated her about the mission "they want him gone"
"Shall I use it?" asked Shade
"Use what?" answered Moonwalker
Shade responded "The HEDP/HEHC round"
"Wait a second, are you telling me you have a Dual-purpose/High-Explosive, High-Capacity (HEDP/HEHC) 20 mm grenade round that is capable of penetrating up to 125 mm?" said Moonwalker with surprise. "Aren't they supposed to be of exclusive use by the Imperial Maid Corps? Why do you have one?"
"I got it from the Maids" responded Shade, "oh, and one more thing, I was told it was enchanted with some kind of magic that locks the possibility for the target to be resurrected."
"I'm out of words," said Moonwalker, "do as you wish"
After Moonwalker having made the calculations, and Shade the adjustments, Shade pulled the trigger at the same time a thunder from the storm that was there appeared.
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"Let's go" said the magician who had just finished meditating
To which his assistant responded: "Yes I'll go first"
"Right behind--" the magician could not finish his sentence; the bullet had just hit him in the head reducing it to pieces.
His assistant who was waiting at the entrance that led to the stairs looked back to see his master fall down.
"Master!" shout the assistant as he too became victim of the projectile.
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As soon as the girls saw their target fall dawn and confirmed he was gone, they retreated to their base
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It was few days later that the news of the assassination of the Lead Magician of a certain kingdom were made public.
Somewhere happy, others not, the girls remained neutral keeping their role in his elimination a secret from everyone, including others from their team.Bookmark here

Golden Boy

Ghost Squad

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