Chapter 2:

Planet Collision

Planetary Guardian

“Boss, I’m going to need to push this planet with a small planet collision.”Bookmark here

“I think we don’t have enough of a budget for that. This planet is already too large.”Bookmark here

I’m trying to convince my boss into giving me more material for this planet.Bookmark here

“With a small planet collision, it might develop into an average sized planet with two moons.”Bookmark here

“That would complicate the tide systems a bit. Two moons might be a littl too much for our future guests don’t you think.”Bookmark here

The Boss might be right. However, guests already know that they’re in a planet made from a lab, another moon wouldn’t be so bad now wouldn’t it?Bookmark here

It’s like the Boss can read my mind when she said, “It’s true that our guests in this venture would like to experience new things, but it should be as familiar as possible and only look new. Another moon might be too much to handle for some of our guests.”Bookmark here

I looked at the cube on the table between us. This planet, with its mix of grey-blue hues is probably dead and down to be recycled. I have to start over agian. Maybe a hot kind of planet this time.Bookmark here

“Should we start over a new one then?” Bookmark here

“I think it’s too early to call it that yet. Give it some more time.”Bookmark here

I handed Boss my readings and we ended the meeting.Bookmark here

Boss introduced herself as Linda (“I go by she/her pronouns,” she said). There was no last name or anything, I can’t look it up because it’s a secret, but I don’t have the heart to call her by what I think is her first name, so I just call her Boss.Bookmark here

Boss is a strict but reasonable boss. She wan’t the reposts done in time and complete. She is a friendly person and you can approach her casually, but she maintains her distance. I admire that about her. It makes me feel safe to do my work.Bookmark here

After the meeting, I went back to my office, to look at the planet again. With the microscope, I let the matchine turn the cube so I can see all of the plants. I’m trying to find a volcanic activity that sprung up, or an earthquake that opened up the earth and formed a lake. Something moving for signs of life.Bookmark here

There’s only ice. A lot of it. Mountains of ice, valleys of ice, and canyons of ice. Nothing but just ice and stil winds.Bookmark here

I could make the sun in this state more radioactive, but that would probably fry off and bleach everything.Bookmark here

Someone knocked on the door.Bookmark here

“Come in,” I said.Bookmark here

The first thing I noticed when they entered was the bob. It’s platinum blonde, under it is a large pair of rectangular shades. Too tinted to see the eyes of the person. They placed their bag on a counter and faced me.Bookmark here

“My name is Johnny. I use he/they pronouns,” was the first thing that he said.Bookmark here

“I’m Patrick. He/him pronouns.”Bookmark here

“I was told by Miss Samantha that you have a planet with no signs of life?”Bookmark here

“Yeah. Nothing’s happened and I was thinking that a planet collision would be good.”Bookmark here

“I don’t know about that. Let me see the planet please.”Bookmark here

I set the cube on a counter in my office so we can both see it. Johnny adjusted their shades and it made a small beep. The lenses turned clear and I can see their eyes behind what seems like a grid pattern of neon green.”Bookmark here

“I’m turning on the scanner,” they took out a square pad from their pocket and stocked it to the cube like a tape. With a few hums, they said, “ yeah, looks like this one’s just a frozen rock. But I think it has potential.” They took off their shades and looked at me. Their eyes are black.Bookmark here

“You think so?”Bookmark here

“Yes, I think we can do something to this planet, but before that,” the leaned aside to look pat me, “ it looks like you need an equipment upgrade.”Bookmark here

“I used my budget for the planet, this is also not my first planet.”Bookmark here

“Sorry, that seems rough. You haven’t had any success with any of the planets, could it be that its just too large or your calculations might be wrong?”Bookmark here

“No. I don’t think so, I based my calculations over Lot A.”Bookmark here

“That Lot has a 40% success rate. Mostly because the planet is too large and the gravity is very heavy.”Bookmark here

“I know, so I made the core of a less dense metal.”Bookmark here

“That might be a good trick, but seeing as nothing on this planet has developed yet, it might be a good candidate for a migration plan from another planet.”Bookmark here

“I thought so.”Bookmark here

“It’s also the only solution that could fit your budget.”Bookmark here

“I see. Sorry for being such a trouble.”Bookmark here

“Anyways, let me introduce you to the migrants.”’ They took out a tablet from their bag and placed it on a stand on top of the counter.Bookmark here

“The old planet they’d was wasted by nuclear warfare. Specifically, a dispute amongst the royal families on the planet. When a particular faction secured the ultimate victory, it was too late. The planet was so uninhabitable that the survivors had trouble making another generation.”Bookmark here

“So where are they now?”Bookmark here

“It was decided that we had to intervene immediately, the species is closest to humans but not stronger or weaker than humans.”Bookmark here

“What happened then?”Bookmark here

“Everybody seemed to take it well. It also helped because everybody was also hungry, and we had food to give.”Bookmark here

The slideshow in the tablet showed people interacting together, one set of people had pinkish skin, while the other was dark blue.Bookmark here

“The dark blue ones. Are they possible from a Lot A planet?”Bookmark here

“Yes they’re from the Blue Moon Planet. We used them to make first contact. As of now, all the inhabitants of the former planet are now avacuated, and everything is cleared. We were thinking of building a new planet for them, but seeing as your planet is still iinactive, I say we put them here.”Bookmark here

“You think they have the technology?”Bookmark here

“Of course, we gave it to them.”Bookmark here

“Ah.”Bookmark here

“Looks like you’re convinced. We’ll start the transfer process.”Bookmark here

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