Chapter 4:

Tenkep Research Squad

From University Graduate to Soldier in an Interstellar Conflict: I Got Isekaied to an Alien World at War

Their decision to blow up the Harvester was unsettling but necessary. To have the Caxhels take their genetics and become tougher, especially when they have done so in high-frequency recently means they had to be stopped at any cost. The Makupuu did what they have to do. With the recent conclusion of a major intra-species war across several of their solar systems, their support is very limited. Much of their population rejected any proposition of them joining another conflict so soon with their devastated infrastructure and vast casualties. Peace and reflection, not more violence; this was the public opinion.Bookmark here

I can’t deny all of that sounds great. But for the Gloup, this is problematic. They need all the help they can gather to fend off their invaders. But what can they do? Patience is what they have to bank on as their ally recovers from their self-inflicted wounds.Bookmark here

For them to come here in the first place is controversial, but using the cover of general support quelled much criticism. This is the excuse they have been using even when the intra-species war was ongoing. They knew it was to provide maintenance to my suit and to provide some improvements to my living environment, but the public didn’t need details. The Gloup were at war, and that’s all they got.Bookmark here

This research group was second-rate, one of many, in fact. The Makupuu could more than spare some of their teams to help an ally in crisis. Each one was gifted in its own right, and the Tenkep Research Squad is no different. The name Tenkep – meaning studious - is the title they were given to differentiate themselves from the others that did the same. Bookmark here

Interacting with them while travelling to my home of Tememanda in their dropship was a cool occasional experience. It served as a change of pace from all the aerial lifeforms I was accustomed to riding. Its coldness, its more than sturdy nature, its boxy frame over a lipstick red, and the two brackets on its sides with forty-five-degree ends provides flight from the evenly spaced rockets placed within. And piloting it is a grey, eyeless creature on all fours with three fingers and toes. It had the build of a bipedal lifeform despite the way it stood and walked, and while there was a mouth, the evolution of teeth didn’t occur, drooling was frequent. This is the appearance of the average Makupuu.Bookmark here

When the bubbling sludge came into view, it slowed down to descend, disrupting it like a pond disturbed by the blades of a helicopter. The cargo door releases, thereby allowing the researchers to drag out their various tools and equipment.Bookmark here

I saw the usual faces: Braltui – a wide base being specializing in construction and wore a yellow suit from all ends; Fruisolp – a blue suit lifeform that stood on his fingertips and dealt with linguistics; Waityuix – the one in green who served as the pilot, ship repair-being and had some medical knowledge; and the red armour-clad Haibul – the weapons expert. The four were in protective gear in order to work and survive in this environment. This made the moving of the inflated platform, the portable living space, a bridging connector tube big enough for me or any of them to walk through, and a holographic building planner a simple procedure.Bookmark here

They seem to come sooner than anticipated. The Makupuu ship patrols must have worked hard to get them here quicker – a commendable effort against difficult odds. It’s a shame they’re unable to stop so many Harvesters from sneaking through the planetary blockade formed post-black hole generator incident. The support they got afterwards was bordering on ludicrous. But then the intra-species war got intense, cutting them and us off from most of what we need. They get a drip here and there, but they essentially had to be self-sustainable since then.Bookmark here

These names were given by me. I wanted to label the aliens I have come to know titles that suited them as non-human entities. They weren’t the kind that valued individuality. Rather, they placed great importance on their role in society and what they can do to improve it.Bookmark here

They dragged the inflatable platform which would mitigate the sliding of any structure, placed it next to my current home and proceeded to break down the side of the house closest to it to make way for the placing of an outline – a rectangular, round vertices type. I inquire about the one who offered their skin to me for the creation of my sleeping bag after secluding itself into their ship to remove it. They state that said lifeform is ill but is doing fine and will recover soon. The underswell of concern abates learning it is okay. The being, with its defined limbs and broad back, would usually tag along whenever they come to the bubbling pits. I’m just grateful the lifeform didn’t get itself caught up in the intra-species war that concluded not long ago.Bookmark here

Fruisolp calls me to give them a hand in fastening the outline for the bridging connector tube. I realize what they’re trying to do. Looks like they were paying closer attention to our calls than I thought. I wondered how they could figure out that I kind of wanted this to happen even though I suppressed it. And it came to me that the Full-On Scanner is the thing to expose such desires. Being a platform with a hovering ring, it would release a flurry of scanning lasers from its inner circumference as it went from the base to just above my hairline and vice-versa to gain an understanding of my physical, psychological, emotional, and mental state to be uploaded to their HUDs to determine where I’m at in all these categories. Using this, they would be able to figure out every aspect of me, including my emotional and mental states with further examination utilizing the processing power of the dropship. I go to assist in their request, finishing the extension to my home. The stout cylinder onto the inflatable platform wasn’t the biggest one, but one that would be put to good use. Going into the new space that has bent piping on the top and bottom sections to provide support either way is a treat, especially since I can now breathe indoors without a helmet. My bedroom, kitchen and bathroom were all in one space, but that didn’t matter. This was more than apt of a trade-off. The ability to breathe in exchange for not wearing a helmet indoors was splendid. To slap myself silly is what I deserved for not doing this prior. Homesickness allowed this to happen. The need for some familiarity meant that I clung to the belief of reproducing an Earth-style home in conditions unsuitable for such a project.Bookmark here

I should’ve known it would be impossible. And even with that realization, I would like to have it around so I can make a judgement on what to do with it going forward. Turning to examine inside of my place once more, I hear their ship revving up until a sudden WHOOSH! came, signalling that it took off. It became weaker and weaker until the noise was gone.Bookmark here

This was one of the shorter times they’ve spent on Me’blenxclan, but by far the most impactful in a while. Bookmark here

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