Chapter 3:

Harper's Tale!


Finally, a good night's sleep with a good breakfast. Haven't had those in months! Bookmark here

Of course, my new journalist friend accompanies me, asking me all these questions while I ate my demon eggs with a side of cactus juice. Bookmark here

"You never answered my question last night! Why do you want to be called Dopeman?" She says, scribbling in her notes. One thing about Harper is her wonderful taste in fashion. With her bold choice of red and white, she was most definitely the standout of the restaurant. Bookmark here

"I told you, you're not cool enough," I say back after taking big, sloppy bites of my food. It's so good, I can't resist! Bookmark here

"What the hell?! I'm cool! I mean, what's not cool about a journalist?" Bookmark here

"The fact that you have to ask that question answers your question." Bookmark here

"W-What? The hell does that even mean?" Bookmark here

"Exactly." I love to confuse folks. It's funnier than making actual jokes. Harper groans and shakes her head. I decide to play nice after wiping my face clean. "What's your story, then. You might have a rad backstory." Bookmark here

Harper looks surprised at my question. Has anybody asked about her life? "Well...Before everything looked like this I was in Texas. I was on a ranch with my parents, but I loved to write and investigate way more. After a lot of resistance, I finally convinced them to get me into college. I was a first-year student when the bombs fell...I never saw my parents after that. I was the only person to make it in our bunker." She stopped for a moment but regains her composure soon. "I helped rebuild in my own way. I was out there, telling the world of the different creatures, the scandals, and the corruptions of Miller Corps and NRF. There. I don't think it's cool, but it's my story." Bookmark here

I had tears in my eyes. "Such a touching story! So inspirational!" I sniffed in between pauses. Bookmark here

"Oh, hush you baby! So, you have a story as well, considering your reputation." Bookmark here

Before I could retort, a woman walks up to us. she looked desperate, considering the way she was holding her dress. "E-excuse me...Are you the Foolish Courier? You can deliver anything? No matter what?" Bookmark here

I lean back in my chair, pondering. "Well, depends on the price miss. How much ya willing to give me?" Bookmark here

"...800 Gold. all I need for you is to give this letter to Major Kyle Tann. He's in Southland." Bookmark here

Southland, Nevada is a dangerous place for people like me. So many bloodthirsty bandits and creatures waiting to claim my head, for money or food. Maybe even both. "Major Kyle. What team is Kyle playing for? Why would he be in Southland of all places? Pretty sure that's labeled Godless on the map." Bookmark here

"He's Miller Corps. He won't tell me, some kind of operation I can't know about." The stranger responds with. "Can you do it, sir?" Bookmark here

I sigh and nod. "Yeah. Give me the letter." The woman seemed very appreciative. Seemed like she was asking for a long time. She gave me the letter, and I got up. Harper was writing silently for a while now. Bookmark here

"How are you gonna make it in Southland with a bounty that large on ya?" Haper inquires while following me out of the store. Bookmark here

"Oh, that's easy! I ask the army for help of course!" I hop over to the barracks where it seemed to be their HQ for this town. I walked into one of the big tents and see an assistant working there. Bookmark here

I walk up to the front desk. "I'm Dopeman, and I have to send an urgent letter to Major Kyle Tann." The assistant raised his eyebrow and called somebody over. "Dopeman, is it?" A soldier comes out after a while. "I'm Commander Green. What is this letter that is so important to Major Tann?" he asked me. Green was tall, middle-aged. His stubble was graying and a bad scar on his left cheek. Almost messed up his emerald eyes. He had this natural look about him, he never seems to smile or frown. Bookmark here

"It's important. Vital to him." I show the letter off for a bit. Bookmark here

"Hm. Why tell us then? Give it to him." Bookmark here

"See, that's the issue. I'm...Foolish Courier." Bookmark here

"Ah..." Green nods and scratched his chin. "The courier with the bounty on his head. Heard you blew up a saloon. Dangerous man, I must say." Harper looked at me, she could tell I was losing him. Bookmark here

"That wasn't my fault, sir. See, some dudes wanted my head, so I defended myself." Bookmark here

"By blowing up a saloon?" Bookmark here

"...Yes. But that's not the point! You want Kyle to complete his mission or not?" Bookmark here

The commander scoffed and shook his head. "We can't supply any men with you if that's what you're asking. But there is a caravan going to Southland. If you offer to guard it, there's your protection." Bookmark here

Harper tapped my shoulder. "I can't go that deep into Godless territory, so I'll wait here. Make sure you tell me everything!" She then runs off somewhere. I shake Green's hand and walk to the caravan. Bookmark here

And most likely my death. Bookmark here

N. D. Skordilis
「 𝙎𝙠𝙤𝙧𝙜𝙚37 」
Ant Daddy
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