Chapter 4:


Mages and Dragons in a New Land? They Obviously Haven't Seen a Modern War Man

It had been two years. Bookmark here

Nobaru's training passed well. through Akio's guidance, he learned all sorts of spells. Nobaru's ability to catch things quickly and basically understand the concept heightened his progress at an alarming rate.Bookmark here

Akio taught Nobaru all kinds of cool magic spells, not only lightning magic but other kinds too; earth, wind, fire, water, light and dark magic as well. He learned it using incantation at first from Akio, then practised without incantation later on.  Bookmark here

And like that, within these two years, Nobaru had mastered every single spell he learned. Learning them took some time and effort but he ended up with some powerful results that he was proud of in the end.Bookmark here

Eri would watch Nobaru doing the spells and asked him once to teach her. Nobaru agreed, seeing nothing wrong in doing that. So Nobaru taught Eri the basics and asked Akio to teach her as well. Bookmark here

Being blind, she was a bit slow on the uptake since she couldn't read the chants in the books. Aura sense couldn't help with reading y'know.Bookmark here

So Nobaru helped her out. He read the chant out loud and Eri's memory did the rest.Bookmark here

Having an amazing memory really helped her through those times.  Bookmark here

Eri didn't have as much as a mana pool that Nobaru did, but she had more mana than the average mage. Even though she ended up not being able to do chantless magic, her ability to sense auras and healing magic made her remarkably powerful on their own. Bookmark here

She could heal injuries at a distance, without incantation, by spreading her mana from her to her surroundings. Bookmark here

This was her long-distance healing.Bookmark here

One day Eri approached him Bookmark here

"Nobaru," she said "I want to act like a normal person."Bookmark here

"What do you mean?" he asked confused.Bookmark here

"You guys can walk around here and there. Do anything properly, if possible. I am blind so I can't but I really want to. Can you help me?"Bookmark here

Nobaru was surprised.Bookmark here

'Well this is a...weird request.' he thought 'But she is right. She must want to do things alone like the rest.'Bookmark here

Nobaru smiled "Alright, I'll do it." he pat her head as Eri hugged him Bookmark here

"Thank you!"Bookmark here

And then, during the course of time, she was lead around the city by Nobaru and asked to memorise the directions they were taking. This was the only way he could think of so that Eri could fulfil her wish. Bookmark here

As per Nobaru's observations, she had a photographic memory. To be able to memorise the aura of every person she sees, to be able to memorise every chant she has heard. This could be a reason why.Bookmark here

After the chantless magic spell that Nobaru cast, Akio reported the discovery to the Magic Council, the council that oversees all use of magic. The council was similar to a judiciary as well, directly under the king. They were amazed when they heard about Nobaru and the chantless magic. Bookmark here

The council declared that it could be used to develop the mage army and could be taught to the children in the future. Nobaru's name spread. The only thing was that Nobaru himself didn't know about it.Bookmark here

It was on his eleventh birthday when Akio decided to stop teaching Nobaru.Bookmark here

"Can't you stay more, big bro?" asked Nobaru.Bookmark here

"Yeah, please stay Mr Tamura," said Eri to support him.Bookmark here

"Yes please stay!" said Ren "Nobaru has changed a lot and loves your company. You both have practically become inseparable brothers. Eri also likes you being here. I would see you both looking and talking together like friends a lot."Bookmark here

"Sadly," said Akio, "as much as I would like to stay more, I'm afraid I have to depart. Your son has mastered everything I have taught him in these past eight months. He has grown exponentially, both in character and in strength. He became the prodigy who could do chantless magic, who discovered how to do it. Nobaru is surely capable of great things in the future. I have nothing else to teach him. But before I leave..."Bookmark here

Akio summoned something in front of him. It was a staff with a green gem on top. He then took a necklace out of his pocket. It had a pendant made of a precious, crimson red magic stone, carved into the shape of a dragon.Bookmark here

"What are these?" asked Nobaru.Bookmark here

"Parting gifts, you can call them." replied Akio "The first..." he started, pointing to the staff "is the Staff of Strengthening-Kyōka. It is made by the dwarfs who are skilled craftsmen. They used the fine wood of the Agine, a tall tree with blue leaves native to the mountains of Anima, the land of spirits. The green gem on the staff amplifies the strength of the magic you cast with it. It allows you to shoot spells towards long distances or make them follow a moving target till it hits. Take it."Bookmark here

Nobaru accepted it and took a moment to admire its craftsmanship. 'Dwarves are really good craftsmen indeed.' he thought. It was made to be sturdy and lightweight. The emerald green gem was neatly polished and set on top.Bookmark here

"Thank you very much!" he said.Bookmark here

"That's not all!" exclaimed Akio. He then held the necklace and closed his eyes. Focusing mana into the dragon-shaped crystal, he held two sharp, curved blades.Bookmark here

"These are the Swords of Purification." He said "The necklace with the dragon-shaped pendant acts as its sheath. You can transform it by-"Bookmark here

"-focusing mana into the pendant." Nobaru completed.Bookmark here

"Exactly!" said Akio "These were used by an old friend of mine. He told me to give it to you, my strongest pupil."Bookmark here

"Why me?" asked Nobaru "Does he know me well enough to trust me with such an item?"Bookmark here

Akio hesitated for a moment, but enough to know that he was trying to hide something. Nobaru decided not to ask since he felt that this wasn't the right time to.Bookmark here

"W-well..." replied Akio "I write to him when I can and hence mentioned you in my letters. He felt that you deserved it since you appeared strong to him. He likes strong folk a lot."Bookmark here

Akio straightened his robe. "Now that that's done. I just have to say this. Work hard towards your desired future. Get strong. I hope we can cross paths in the future and you would be a strong, great guy!"Bookmark here

Nobaru had tears in his eyes. He knew that a day would come when Akio had to go, but he was still filled with grief. He had to say goodbye to his master; a friend, a brother-like figure in his life. But he managed to say, "Thank you for teaching me all this time!"Bookmark here

"No probs!" said Akio, grinning "I had fun teaching you too." Then he stopped and took out a folded sheet of paper from his pocket and handed it to Nobaru.Bookmark here

"What is this?" he asked.Bookmark here

"Read," replied Akio.Bookmark here

Nobaru nodded. He unfolded the sheet of paper and read the words written out loud.Bookmark here

Admission to Yanine Academy of SorceryBookmark here

Master Miya Nobaru and Miss. Miya Eri, I have heard a lot about you and your contributions at such a young age, master Nobaru. Miss Eri, you have control over mana that would take an expert, years to master.Bookmark here

But even if that is the case, mages like yourself may only wish to get stronger. So henceforth, I cordially invite you both to begin your studies at my university. It has a lot to offer to the students who attend and lets you interact and study with people from various races and cultures.Bookmark here

I hope you both decide to accept this invitation and I hope you have a wonderful time at my establishment.Bookmark here

Harada YuujiBookmark here

"What is the Yanine Academy of Sorcery?" asked Nobaru.Bookmark here

"It's a prominent, marvellous school for people who want to be mages." said Izanami "Aspiring mages attend the school to study magic. There are many sorcery schools but this is the best one there is!" Izanami ruffled Nobaru's hair "Great going, Nobaru!"Bookmark here

"Yes this is amazing!" said Ren "For our son and daughter to get the opportunity to study in Yanine is just...amazing!"Bookmark here

"A school huh..." said Nobaru "Wonder what it will be like!"Bookmark here

"Well done, Nobaru." said Akio "The principal contacted me a few days ago asking me to give this to you. And I felt like this was the most suitable time. The next term starts in five months. So practice your magic every day. You won't know if there are stronger people out there. And you want to be a strong mage right?"Bookmark here

Nobaru nodded, smiling.Bookmark here

"Good. With said... This brings my tutoring to an end. Grow strong, be good and do good." Akio patted Eri in the head "You also be with your brother and be strong like him. Help and support him. I leave that to you. And here is something for you as well."Bookmark here

Akio transported a sword. A curved sword. It was coloured pitch black from the hilt to the blade. The blade had a white stripe going down towards the point.Bookmark here

"This is the Executioner's Blade, Supplicium. It was made of a flexible, smooth metal called Mollis. So it can act as a whip too. It’s hard to wield but since you have a flexible physique, I'm sure you can wield it."Bookmark here

Eri accepted it with open arms. She smiled, admiring it with eyes full of wonder. "Thank you very much, Mr Tamura!"Bookmark here

Akio grinned "I hope we meet again someday, both of you... See ya"Bookmark here

His words echoed as Tamura Akio walked into the distance, towards the setting sun, until he wasn't visible at all..."Bookmark here

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