Chapter 2:

The Kingdom of Venusia

Light Up!✰Spaceling Princesses

The next day, the Patisserie was being run by other Spacelings. One of them being Narumi Kairon, Princess of Chiron. Her dessert theme was chocolate, and she was making her dessert which happens to be chocolate soufflé. It was the best in the galaxy and was the main thing she was known for aside from being very intelligent. Along with her is Yuki Ogumaza, the Princess of the Big Dipper. She was a bright, happy girl with big aspirations and dreams. She always wanted to help people no matter what. The Universe was known for a galaxy custard, with cream and syrup on top and a spoon that has the constellation of the Big Dipper on it. Her younger sister, Yuko Miseinensha, is the Princess of the Little Dipper and was quiet but still enjoyed being around her big sister. She was known for maple cream tartlets with pieces of honeycomb on top and a spoon with the constellation of the Little Dipper on it. Minami was also helping out at the Patisserie, mixing up orange icing alongside Esmeralda, who kept an eye on her caramelized apples.Bookmark here

Minami enjoyed making orange donuts and putting little dollops on icing to make it look like a UFO and a scoop of ice cream with orange sauce in the middle to make it look like the dome. Esmeralda always took pride in her green apples, so she makes apples crumble. Miya Chikyu was the Princess of Earth and a very pretty and charming girl. She was known for educating Spacelings about her planet since it was the only one with humans living in it. And she loves to dance, it was something that kept her spirits up aside from her dessert, blueberry globes; blueberry cake spheres coated in white chocolate colored blue with edible glitter and pieces of green fondant to make it look like Earth. Bookmark here

Aimi Kinboshi, Princess of Venus, was helping out in the shop for a bit before she had to head out and help the other girls with the treasure hidden within Venus. But before she did head out, she was pulling a batch of cupcakes out of the oven as she let them cool, frosted them, put fresh raspberries, sprinkles, and ruby chocolate heart decorations on them. “Ah, finally got these batches done, and just in time,” Aimi sighs in relief. Minami turns for a bit to look as she puts some donuts in the fryer. “You really did a nice job with these Aimi,” she says with a smile. Aimi giggled. “Thank you.” Bookmark here

A little while later, Aimi changed into her casual outfit and the other Spaceling Princesses arrived with little Hoseki and their little magical companions. Each of the little companions are named after the Gods and Goddesses of Planets, Stars, Satellites, etc. that Spacelings rule over. “Hey girls, we came by to check on you and to pick up Aimi,” Princess Taylor said as her little cat fairy, Selene flew by next to her and immediately was fascinated with the sweet smells of the patisserie. “Mmm...yeah,” she sighed.Bookmark here

Alatalune’s jackrabbit fairy, Cressida, tried to snap Selene out of it. “Focus, sis, we gotta get to Venus to find the treasures,” she said with a giggle. “Oh, right!” Aimi giggled as she saw them as she saw her little bobcat companion, Aphrodite. “Hello girls, hello Aphrodite. Thank you so much for picking me up,” the Princess of Venus said with a bright smile. Venus was known for love and beauty, so it was no surprise that Aimi’s smile was captivating. It always made people turn heads and she was indeed a beautiful girl. All of the princesses were, but for Aimi even though she is shy, she takes pride in her beauty but is not boastful or vain. Sometimes Esmeralda gets jealous and thinks she’s the prettier one, but that’s just her. “Of course, it is no problem, Aimi,” Seraphina says with a nod. Bookmark here

“I’ll lead you girls there so we can find whatever treasure is hidden within Venus.” The girls follow Aimi outside as she leads them to Venus. “Good luck!” The other girls said, except for Esmeralda who just simply waved. They flew through the stars in the galaxy, beautiful clouds and asteroids passing them. After a short while, the girls land on Venus, which was in beautiful shades and hues of cerise. All of the raspberries and heart arches looked incredible. Bookmark here

“Okay, we should be able to find where that treasure is hidden,” Aimi said. “Right,” the other girls responded as they all searched around the parameter. The girls flew in different parts of Venus, Aimi towards her castle, Venusia, while the other girls went in different directions. Selene and Hoseki try to sniff out anything that was different than how it usually smelled on Venus, which was usually light, sweet, and raspberry scented. Then after a few moments, Mara landed. She looked around to see where the girls were. “They seemed to have spread out,” she muttered to herself. But she smirked, it was a great opportunity for her to unleash her attack. Bookmark here

From her bag, she took out a black orb that glowed a dark purple and green. She laughed evilly to herself. “Unleash the power of the Gamma Ray Queen as I, Mara, attack Venus!” While Aimi was still looking around her castle, she ran up to the doors and saw the dark aura spread throughout Venus. “Oh no...girls! Help! Come back!” She tried to get out, but there was an invisible barrier that appeared and the doors were sealed shut. “Oh no! What do we do?” Aphrodite asked her. “I dunno, but I hope the other girls make it in time.”Bookmark here

As the aura started to spread, Mara spotted something from the corner of her eye that had a magenta glow. “Bingo,” she said to herself.Bookmark here

Within the other parts of Venus, each of the girls’ pacts started to glow. “Huh?” Taylor says as she opened hers and it turned out to also be a communicator as she heard the other girls’ voices. She started to see the purple and green aura that was starting to surround the whole planet.
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“Girls? What’s wrong?” she asked.
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“I dunno but it appears an enemy has reached Venus and is causing trouble. They must be working under Queen Yaeko and are trying to steal Venus’s treasure,” Seraphina said through her pact. Bookmark here

“It is, we have to get back to where we were fast!” Hoseki told the girls through Taylor’s communicator. “We also have to check Aimi is okay, she must be trapped within her castle!” Altalune said as she started to fly towards that direction with Cressida right beside her. Bookmark here

After a bit, the girls reached the middle of Venus just in time to see Mara. From the castle, Aimi was glad that the girls returned, but was still worried considering what Mara found. “Who are you? And how dare you attack Venus?” Seraphina asked her. “Glad that you asked, dear. My name is Mara, minion of Queen Yaeko Ganmasen. You must be the Spaceling Princesses who have been chosen to fight back against her plans. How fitting. Besides, you actually seem like the ones to put up a challenge than working at your stupid little cafe,” the alien said with a smirk. “How dare you call our sweet shop stupid! I’ll let you know my gelatin pearls are good!” Mai argued, sticking her tongue out.Bookmark here

“Mai, focus,” Wisteria said to her, facepalming. “Sorry! Force of habit to be defensive,” the Neptunian Princess scratched the back of her head with an awkward chuckle. Mara rolled her eyes, until she started to smirk. “I also heard you girls were looking for this,” she said as she held up Venus’s treasure within her other hand, the Heart Crystal of Aphrodite. It had a gold border, the crystal being magenta and it had three roses, pink, magenta, and cerise. It was powerful and the fact that Aimi never heard of such a treasure until now. “That treasure has to be kept in a safe place, otherwise the wrong hands will take advantage of its magic,” Aimi said, as she kept her hands on the window. “Knowing the girls, I’m sure they’ll get that treasure back, Aimi. We just have to pray,” Aphrodite told her as she put her paw on the Venusian Princess’s shoulder. Bookmark here

Outside of the castle, Mara was getting impatient. “Enough talk,” she says as the orb became the center of her weapon which was a staff that had thorns on it and black roses with purple and green spikes. On top was a black version of the Heart Crystal. Aimi gasped as she saw this staff. “Oh no!” both her and Aphrodite gasped.Bookmark here

“Attack!” The orb began to shoot beams towards the other Spacelings, then dodged the attacks and were taken aback by the sheer amount of power that was in those attacks. “Geez, they’re leaving craters behind!” Taylor said, shocked. “I know, how can that thing be so powerful?” Honey said as she got up from the ground. “You girls just don’t get it, don’t you?” Mara said as one attack was about to hit Taylor, she froze on the spot before a shield that looked like the Moon appeared from her pact. “What the--?” the Gamma Ray minion gasped.Bookmark here

“Huh?” Taylor said as she held up her pact and there was a message from Annabelle. “Taylor, you must transform. Otherwise, Venus will be taken over by the Gamma Ray Kingdom. You will have to think of the first words that pop up in your head. Hurry, before the magic of the Heart Crystal is tainted any further,” she says as she logs off. “Right!” Taylor says. The other girls and their magical companions encouraged her, even Aimi and Aphrodite from the castle. The Lunarian Princess closed her eyes and a pink light started to surround her as her pact kept glowing. Bookmark here

It opened as there was a beautiful pattern of glittery rainbow swirls and stars along with pink strawberries. And in the middle was her emblem with the golden moon on it’s side and a pink heart above it. “Lunarian Spaceling Henshin!” she said out loud as her brunette hair turned white with pink highlights. Chains of moons and hearts surrounded Taylor as she changed into her pastel pink magical outfit. Same with gloves, stockings, boots, hair accessories, and make up. Fitting enough, her clothes have a strawberry theme to it.Bookmark here

“Princess of the Moon, the light and purity that helps strawberries grow, Lady Lunaria!”Bookmark here

Everyone, except for Mara who was annoyed, was amazed with her transformation. “O-oh my God! I transformed!” Lady Lunaria says as she feels her hair and looks at her dress. “You became the first of the magical girls to help take down Queen Yaeko!” Hoseki cheered. “That means each of the other girls transform as the mission goes on!” Selene cheered with Hoseki. Bookmark here

The other girls saw and looked at their pacts. Mara growled. “No one cares about your little fashion show! Fight me like a woman or fail and I’ll take the Heart Crystal with me so Queen Yaeko can rule over this Universe!” she threatened. Lady Lunaria looked up at her and nodded. “Hit me with your best shot, Mara!” Bookmark here

Mara smirks. “Fine, take this!” She attacks Lady Lunaria as Lady Moon’s Moon Shield appears and blocks the attack. “No, this is impossible! You should’ve been down by now,” Mara said before Hoseki gave Lady Lunaria instructions. “Lady Lunaria, tap on your pact. Your weapon will appear, say the first words that pop up in your head!” Bookmark here

Lady Lunaria nodded and did as she was instructed to do. What appeared was a beautiful pink, gold, and white wand with moons, hearts, strawberries, and water lilies on it. “Wow, this is beautiful!” she gasped as her eyes twinkled at the sight of it. But she kept focused on her mission and grabbed hold of it, holding it up in the air. “Lunaria Strawberry Purity!” Moon and heart chains surrounded her and destroyed Mara’s weapon and orb. “No!” the evil alien said with anguish. After the orb was broken, the magic for the Heart Crystal was purified, the purple and green aura disappeared and the invisible barrier outside of the Venusia Kingdom disappeared. Aimi and Aphrodite were free and everyone cheered, the Heart Crystal in a glass case that was now in Venusia, safe from Mara.Bookmark here

She growled, “You Spacelings may have won this time, but I’ll be back! There’s plenty of planets to go through so you better keep an eye out.” She teleported back to the Gamma Ray Kingdom and Taylor reverted back into her casual outfit. “Wow, I can’t believe that happened,” she said. “Taylor, girls, thank you so much!” Aimi cheered. “Yes, you saved Venus and kept the treasure safe!” Aphrodite cheered. Bookmark here

“You’re very welcome, Aimi. Even though we didn’t find it ourselves, at least it’s purified and kept in a safe place,” Taylor said with a smile, bright as her home.Bookmark here

Meanwhile on Pallas, Sodalite and his friends were in their lab, learning more about these treasures and to see where each of these treasures can be found. Sodalite was the leader and the one to come up with solutions and use his wisdom to make sure everything is under control and to know that everything is ready and set before they are set out on a mission. Akimitsu Kasei, Prince of Mars, was very intelligent and usually was the one to plan out how they do their research but also their attacks. Yuto Erisu, Prince of Eris, was a quiet goth who usually goes deep diving when it comes to missions and things within space, especially those of the scary variety. Kenzou Seresu, Prince of Ceres, always was the one for physical science. He was a jock and a bodybuilder, so he couldn’t stay still in his seat without doing something that takes physical skill like testing out attacks and weaponry made by Akimitsu. Last but not least was Kazuo Juno, of course by his last name he was the Prince of Juno. He always likes to do experiments and test them out along with Kenzou. The only difference is that he is very intricate and takes his time with these rather than going into something without planning them out. Bookmark here

Sodalite was checking his computer to see that the girls had found the treasure on the brightest planet. “They found what they needed from Venus,” he told the others. They all were happy to know that. “The thing is, Taylor became the first to transform into ‘Lady Lunaria’” he read out the report. “Lady Lunaria? Interesting,” Akimitsu said. “The other girls would eventually unlock their powers as they get closer to where they need to be,” Sodalite continues. “Hm, hey since Mercury’s was the first to be found, how come the Sun wasn’t checked?” Yuto asks as he puts his book down. “I’m not sure, it’s probably going to be tough to find it on the Sun, unless there’s a way it can be found. They’re not just going for planets, but dwarf planets, stars, and satellites. In this Taylor who is Lady Lunaria and Honey,” the blue haired man responds. Bookmark here

Kazuo clears his throat. “Then we’ll have to see if there is a way. Annabella didn’t say anything about that before, there still are reports coming in and we’ll have to pay very close attention.Bookmark here

“Yeah, before it’s too late and that witch takes over the whole universe,” Kenzou says. “We’ll ask Annabelle and the girls,” Sodalite says finally. Bookmark here

“Right.” All of them continued to do their research and see what else they could find. Bookmark here

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