Chapter 0:


At the End of Extinction

100 years ago, the world was changed. A yellow-orange light, brighter than that of the sun shone over cities all over the world. Obliterating them in an instant. Buildings fell, people burned, and everything never was the same.Bookmark here

Yet some people saw a glimmer of hope before the world ended. A green flash to combat the explosion. Blowing up as it did, and with these, the world was saved. Yet for the humans that emerged out of the world, those that survived, knew next to nothing about the past. It is as if they were reborn in a world that already ended.Bookmark here

A hard reboot of humanity.Bookmark here

100 years ago, when the second Adam opened his eyes, followed by a thousand more. They saw the huge tree in the far distance the center of the city, whose branches and leaves shadowed the entire city. They didn't know who they were. No identification, no nothing. Not about their past, not about the people beside them. And of course, panic, as if roaches were first given sentience. Bookmark here

Yet, overtime, like every piece of humanity, they worked together. For a common goal, to end their hunger. By instinct they realized not to eat one another, and that anyone who thinks otherwise should perish. By instinct, they managed to hunt their first animals. By instinct, they formed their groups.Bookmark here

In 20 short years, they formed language, and they communicated with one another over what to do. Yet in the end, they were never united. The villages were always far apart, the intrigue always occurred. And at times, killings were becoming more frequent. Until, war.Bookmark here

It started from a disagreement between two brothers from opposing villages. Perhaps it was a disagreement over the weight of steel and feathers. Perhaps one of them scammed the other, there was little to know. Not even who started the fight.Bookmark here

Yet when one of them died, and the other was filled with their blood. Their villages saw the bloodshed, and waged war with another. A war that circulated over the entire city as the villages, through a series of interlinked alliances, went to war with one another.Bookmark here

A war that early into the lifespan of humanity was not exactly the glamorous of wars. There were no tactics to speak of, no commanders, no glamorous heroes. The pointed sticks that they used to hunt deers, boars, and other animals were now being used to hunt their own kin. Bookmark here

These… post-modern humans never truly knew how to adequately hunt. All they knew was that they stab their prey, and let them bleed. And this mess was perfectly emulated in their warfare. Messy, blood filled conundrums. The screams of pain reverberated through the entire city until a ceasefire was achieved two winters later.Bookmark here

The ceasefire was headed by the three dominant villages, The Moths, Terras, and Aguas. They mutually agreed to stop the fighting, the Moths and Terras agreed to split their border of control. With the borderline being the Forelai River in the middle of the city. While the Aguas decided on their own to live upon the Carrier fleets of the old world. To live among its currents.Bookmark here

Then, peace. Well, relatively. The moths, realizing that their peaceful way of life was deeply troubling amongst the growing aggressiveness of the fauna, have decided to live among the rooftops of abandoned buildings. Sometimes the individual rooftop villages deployed explorers who explored through the abandoned buildings, libraries, and other places to cultivate their knowledge from the past world and improve their own. At times they sent hunters for meat.Bookmark here

They eventually developed agriculture of their own on their rooftops. These farms allowed them to decently live without needing to hunt as much. These three, a peaceful way of living, agriculture, and excessive need for knowledge, allowed them to adequately improve their civilization. Bookmark here

With the discovery of electricity, they had beaten the darkness of the night. With little to no danger of burning down their entire village, with the discovery of time, well, they managed to measure time. And with the stars, they realized where they were. Yet, they refused to settle on ground level, perhaps out of fear, or perhaps out of laziness. As the interconnected road networks between the buildings and the highly developed huts and homes, did they really need a reason to?Bookmark here

For some, yes. For others, they strived to maintain peace on the rooftops. It was given a radical meaning, that people who resided in the sky were chosen by God. The same God who made the gigantic tree in the middle of the city. There were no priests to enforce it, there were no people to spread it. It just became common knowledge that whatever God there is out there had decided that they’re chosen by them.Bookmark here

Yet, while this may seem to incite hate, in truth they’re just using this to believe that settling the ground level was never worth it. Their reasoning, God, just an obfuscation of their real reason, their fear of the animals that inhabit within. The tigers, the bears, those that never showed mercy. But in the end, they’re a peaceful nation who value knowledge above all else. And this value of knowledge was to be spread.Bookmark here

Their peaceful way of life was no secret from other factions. As well as their technological prowess. Through trade, especially in the Forelai trade system, they managed to spread their technology. Yet, the Terras rejected it, for whatever reason that they need. They refused to embrace the idea of knowledge. Much rather maintaining their brutish and archaic way of life.Bookmark here

The Aguas, however, fully embraced it. And with this, they improved their carriers. Even with the capability of steering it, yet they refused to do so. They would much rather embrace the waves, the currents, and how it moves them, rather than to maintain their control.Bookmark here

In this, a hundred years of peace. Numerous children were born, generations lived, generations died. Yet in the end, the peace remained. And with this incessant need to maintain peace, perhaps the Moths have gone mad. And have stood to regulate peace all throughout their own area. Crime and prejudice cannot be avoided, even by the most peace-loving of communities.Bookmark here

Yet they knew that they have a much larger enemy to face than their own criminals.Bookmark here

Years upon years of strife and civil war upon the northern lands by the villages of the Terras almost led them to a mutual destruction, until they didn’t. Until they managed to be united upon the rule of a single man. A genius warrior who has beaten every person that fought him. Whose soldiers and people are more loyal to him than any other. And now, they threaten the balance of power in the city. As he faces south.Bookmark here

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