Chapter 5:

The Elf Who Wanted More

Mages and Dragons in a New Land? They Obviously Haven't Seen a Modern War Man

After Akio's departure, Nobaru was determined to get stronger. So for that, he started learning more spells from the books in the attic. He first practised using incantations and then moved on to learn without them, like riding a bike; first with training wheels and then without.Bookmark here

He also tried giving his staff Kyōka a go. It would take Nobaru a while to get used to. It had its ups and downs since it was difficult to fine-tune. If he focussed too much mana on the staff, it would be hard to control and he would, in a few cases, pass out from fatigue. If he focussed too little, then the range and damage would decrease. Hence he also learned to control his mana by practising with his staff.Bookmark here

So like this, Nobaru had learned many spells and grew stronger. There were hundreds of spells in the books, so he couldn't learn them all. He went on and learned powerful spells such as Kinetic Shock, which is a kind of lightning magic, advanced level. It lets him use the kinetic energy in the body and convert it to electrocute targets by touching the ground and converting it to a stream or touching the target directly. Its strength is determined by the number of fingers touching the target.Bookmark here

 He also learned Hell's Circle, an intermediate level fire magic spell, which allows him to form a dome or circle of fire and burns anyone who enters it if he wills it. He also learned healing spells such as God's Hand, an advanced healing spell, allowing him to heal deep or shallow wounds to an extent.Bookmark here

Inspired by Akio's words, Eri decided to train as well. She went along with Nobaru and then parted ways with him to go to a nearby forest, where less powerful monsters resided. She would see corpses of injured birds on the ground, barely clinging to life. She would practice long-distance and chantless healing by attempting to heal the creatures. She would then use the opportunity to practice the attack spells that Nobaru taught her. She also used the chance to practice using the sword by killing those lesser monsters.Bookmark here

A nice way to train indeed.Bookmark here

Weeks after Akio's departure, Nobaru was training on the top of a hill where there usually were fewer people around. This way no one would get hurt if he did any powerful spells, he decided. He then took his staff and proceeded to try out one of his first spells; Zeus' Fist. He held out his staff and focussed mana onto it. He imagined the sensation he did when he did the same spell months ago. But he was feeling like he was slowly losing control. He stopped immediately.Bookmark here

"Figures." he said, unfazed "This is an advanced spell so this is to be expected. Better not perform powerful spells until I gain better control."Bookmark here

Nobaru suddenly was alarmed. He felt like he was being watched. He looked behind him, left and finally he saw a person on his right, desperately trying to hide behind a tree.Bookmark here

"Who are you?" he asked "Come out, please. I won't hurt you or anything so don't be shy."Bookmark here

The person slowly approached from behind the tree. The girl, with her petite form and long ears, was surely an elf. She was strikingly beautiful with long auburn hair and eyes with the colour of the setting sun. Nobaru's felt like his heart was trying to jump out of his chest.Bookmark here

'What's going on with me?' he thought 'This is not what I think it is.'Bookmark here

But yes, it was the sacred feeling of love.Bookmark here

"S-sorry for spying on you like that," she said.Bookmark here

"N-n-no problem!" Nobaru stammered. He had never felt like this before. He blushed "W-who are you?" he managed "Do you need anything?"Bookmark here

"I was just watching you practice your magic and you are AMAZING!" she said "You are Miya Nobaru right?"Bookmark here

"Yes..." he replied "Do I know you?" At this point, he was startled.Bookmark here

"Nope, you don't. It's just that everyone in my home knows you, maybe even beyond the hill. You are the prodigy who discovered the way to use chantless magic after all."Bookmark here

'I'm famous?' thought Nobaru 'Ugh not again. I had to deal with this in my past life as well. Well no use thinking about it now.'Bookmark here

"So what can I do for you, umm..." he paused.Bookmark here

"Oh, I'm Kaeda." said the elf.Bookmark here

"Kaeda." he repeated "What can I do for you?"Bookmark here

"Teach me please." she said, "Teach me magic."Bookmark here

Nobaru was confused. He thought everyone in this world was supposed to learn magic or they can learn magic if they want to. He asked her about it and the response shocked him.Bookmark here

"Elves only learn healing magic. We are not supposed to be fighting on the frontlines. So we don't learn any offensive magic. Those who do learn it are shunned from society. Elves my age are terrified of that but they want to learn magic. This is the life I live."Bookmark here

"I see..." said Nobaru "Well then, I'll grant your request. But can you allow me to do something else?"Bookmark here

Kaeda tilted her head in confusion. "What is it?" she asked.Bookmark here

"What would you say if I changed the views of your community? Then you and the kids your age can learn magic without fear."Bookmark here

Kaeda leapt with joy. "You would do that for me?"Bookmark here

"Sure!" he replied "I don't want to see a cute girl like you with a sad face. I will always help my friends."Bookmark here

Nobaru realised what he said and turned red. Kaeda was red as well. "We are friends right?"Bookmark here

Kaeda looked at him, surprised. Then she smiled with happiness 'My very first friends huh?' she thought.Bookmark here

"Yeah we are." she replied "Come on then, I'll take you to my home, Edhil Hill."Bookmark here

Nobaru and Kaeda walked together. A few moments later, they reached a hill. It had a road made of stone. And on top, was what looked like a village.Bookmark here

--Bookmark here

A few more moments later, they reached the top. What awaited Nobaru was a place that looked like heavenBookmark here

It was a beautiful place with greenery, fresh colourful and beautiful flowers unlike the ones in Japan or any other place on Earth. There was a peaceful natural air surrounding the place. Nobaru was awestruck as he gazed at the majestic scenery.Bookmark here

'Japan was nothing like this.' he thought 'Kyoto is nothing compared to this hill.'Bookmark here

"Isn't it beautiful?' asked Kaeda.Bookmark here

Nobaru nodded "Yes. This place is the most natural and most beautiful place I have ever seen. It's like a natural sanctuary."Bookmark here

As Nobaru walked further on the hill, he could hear gasps from the other elves. Kids stopped playing and stared at him in awe. The elves just stopped in their tracks. It looked like time had just stopped. The only noises that could be heard were of the footprints of Nobaru and Kaeda.Bookmark here

"To do what you came here for," Kaeda started as they walked "you have to talk to the three elders; Sadao, Jun and Akihiro."Bookmark here

She led Nobaru into a large two storey office-like building. There was a guard on the front door.Bookmark here

"Oh, if it isn't Mr Miya Nobaru." he said while smiling "You are the boy who can do chantless magic right? What brings you here."Bookmark here

"Hello." said Nobaru "I would like to speak with the elders please."Bookmark here

"Why of course." said the guard "Right this way."Bookmark here

The trio went inside the building. He guided them to the place where the elders were. They went past long hallways and doors (which looked hard to fit in a building of the size.Bookmark here

"I'll wait outside." said Kaeda "Tell me how it goes."Bookmark here

"Alright." replied Nobaru "I'll be back soon."Bookmark here

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