Chapter 94:

Mental Breakdown (1)

My Demon Queen

"Sorry teacher Glib.. I'll notify you once everything is in place.. maybe it will be completed before recess. I'll inform you then.." I lamented. The update was still going on so I couldn't demonstrate my TALENT to her.Bookmark here

"Just be sure to inform me when the time comes.. I can't make any guesses when it comes to your TALENT," Teacher Glib placed a finger on the bridge between her glasses.Bookmark here

"Yeah. Sorry, and thanks."Bookmark here

So this is teacher Glib's true personality? Which kinda makes me wonder..Bookmark here

"Liliath, what exactly did you mean by teacher Glib testing us? That incident last week," walking in tandem with Liliath as we made our way out of the teacher's office, I asked.Bookmark here

"A secret?" Liliath smiled at me. Not really a sadistic one but more-or-less.Bookmark here

"Alright.."Bookmark here

I suppose I should just leave that buried in the dark. Maybe it's something I shouldn't touch on.. but this is a school right? Not some scary underworld battleground, right?Bookmark here

We continued walking down the passageway when Elyja, who was busy giving out orders to students to fix a bulletin board, noticed us.Bookmark here

"Ah, good morning you two. So? Have you made your decision yet Liliath?" Elyja gave us a warm smile.Bookmark here

"Morning…"Bookmark here

Liliath looked at me before saying, "Good morning. Would it be possible to have tea like last time, per continuation of the answer?"Bookmark here

I held back the urge to slap my forehead. I mean.. she is smart enough to take advantage of the situation to snag some tea but-- wouldn't saying yes or no suffice? She brought along her own tea bag after all..Bookmark here

"Sure," Elyja's smile broadened.Bookmark here

Hahaha. I'm so sorry to disappoint you but you'd probably not like the answer to her final verdict. Perhaps I should intervene.Bookmark here

I glanced at Liliath and sorta-- or in a way, transmitted my thoughts to her. Isn't it impolite? You aren't saying 'yes' though?Bookmark here

Liliath who saw through my thoughts pondered a little.Bookmark here

"President, I believe you already know the answer to the invitation, do you?"Bookmark here

"I wouldn't know unless you say it though?"Bookmark here

"I apologize, and nevermind the tea. To be frank, my answer would be to decline. I appreciate the invitation however, as my current self who lacks the necessary knowledge, I may not fit the role," Liliath heaved a sigh. More to do with the fact that she would miss out on tea than the fact she shamelessly asked for it.Bookmark here

"Knew it.." Elyja sulked, after a while she straightened her back and with a renewed smile, "You still want tea though right? Nile told me you're fairly tea savvy. "Bookmark here

Nile… ah. No wonder his name sounds so familiar, it's that guy who betrayed me. Damn.. and here he knows that Liliath likes tea-- say what? How?Bookmark here

"If that doesn't trouble you?" Liliath was definitely up for free tea.Bookmark here

Eh? Wait, Liliath knows Nile? Since when?Bookmark here

"It would be good to get to know you better-- at least."Bookmark here

"Um.. what has Nile got to do with this? Is he a stalker or something?"Bookmark here

Elyja looked at me than at Liliath with an odd 'hey-you-didn't-tell-him' kind of expression while Liliath merely smile and said:Bookmark here

"It's a secret."Bookmark here

"Right… a stalker it is.."Bookmark here

What the fuck is wrong with this school?Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

Noel had decided that he would opt out of this private time between Elyja and I.I was escorted to the discussion room during the first time we met.Bookmark here

To the corner of the room was a tea pot and tea cups. It seemed to me that having drinks in this discussion room was a custom to the users here.Bookmark here

Elyja had not been as prepared as previously, as such we had to wait as the tea brewed in a pot. It seemed the 'buckwheat' tea bag came in a large sachet the size of my palm which she pulled from under a cabinet.Bookmark here

"Can you wait here a bit, i'll go get some warm water.."Bookmark here

"Could this do?"Bookmark here

Atop my raised finger tip was a ball of water which I had heated to a suitable temperature to make tea. I had repeated this numerous times before to accommodate Wendy and Saria's share of tea during our gatherings. I would have not thought magic would come to be so convenient. It was a wonder why I had never encountered anyone from my world who tried such a convenient method of preparing their water.Bookmark here

"MAGIC!" Elyja squealed in amazement. "Oh my god, yes! It's not mana toxic right?"Bookmark here

"It's fine to use as is. The mana residue can be removed after the process of conversion."Bookmark here

"Then if you will please," Elyja, with an expectant gaze placed the teapot on the table.Bookmark here

It seemed Elyja was familiar with the problem brought about by mana generated materials. I filled it with warm water that had been safely treated and following suit, Elyja tossed the sachet into the pot before closing the lid.Bookmark here

"Can you show me some other magic? It's really the first time I'm seeing something like this. I haven't had the chance to meet anyone with a water creation TALENT. Then again, it's not like you depend on your TALENT to do magic.." Elyja spoke in enthusiasm.Bookmark here

The two observers who would usually oversee the situation were also here.Bookmark here

As such, I demonstrated a number of magic spells unrestrained, in a sense, it was a way to 'scare' them a little.Bookmark here

It seemed Elyja was fond of spells that demonstrated the change of shapes, namely those to do with swords and shields. I made sure to swing the sword spells in a way that almost grazed the two 'observer's' necks. Also included were questions regarding summoning magic-- which I didn't have the aptitude to. It was when she asked me about charm magic that something came to mind.Bookmark here

"Charm magic-- it does remind me of something. Could it be that you were involved with the girl named Rishell?" I asked, thinking that something was amiss. If my memories serve correct, it would be that Elyja possessed a TALENT to speak directly into said target's mind.Bookmark here

Elyja stiffened before lowering her head.Bookmark here

"Yes.. I'm sorry. I had no choice.."Bookmark here

"I suppose so. Though it's a wonder why she wanted Noel to such a degree.."Bookmark here

"Eh? She wanted Noel?! I thought she only needed him to join the art club?"Bookmark here

"I see no reason to resort to such lengths to persuade him, don't you agree?" Showing a troubled expression, I said.Bookmark here

It seemed even Elyja who hailed the title of student council President couldn't go against her demands. Her abilities were troublesome indeed. I have to discuss a countermeasure.Bookmark here

"Right.. What you said does make sense. Oh, so you and Noel are.. a couple?" Elyja stuttered with her words.Bookmark here

"On the outside it may seem so."Bookmark here

"So it's not?"Bookmark here

"That however did not mean an invitation to take Noel away from me."Bookmark here

Elyja gasped. With one hand covering her mouth and the other pointing at me.Bookmark here

"Tsundere!!"Bookmark here

"Suun dere?"Bookmark here

It sounded familiar. I remember seeing it mentioned somewhere in the 'manga' I've read in the past.Bookmark here

"Wow, a perfect tsundere. Noel must really be lucky to have someone like you. It's so fantasy-like," Elyja wiggled in a motion reminiscent of that of a pudding. I couldn't quite understand her gesture, though, it did make my cheeks flush. "Ah, the tea is done."Bookmark here

Pouring the delicious tea into each of our cups, I took a sip.Bookmark here

"Right? Where were we? Yes, I wanted to talk about whether or not you're joining the student council but you've declined. I can understand where you're getting at but I still think you have immense potential."Bookmark here

"Thank.. you?" Something didn't sit right with the way she allowed me off, "Though, if your judgement proves correct, why would you let me go? Out of curiosity it could be said that I have yet to grasp the culture of the people here."Bookmark here

As from what I know, it was a norm for royalty and nobel's alike to push forward various rewards or positions to recruit a talented individual capable of bringing benefit to the house. I find the culture of Noel's world much of a shock.Bookmark here

"It's one thing to just join but it's another to willingly join. Everybody has a different goal in mind so it's not like I can really force you to join. Or could it be because of your values?"Bookmark here

"Values?"Bookmark here

"Values, like perhaps from the world you came from, honor, dignity and achievement are more widespread. Unlike our world, not many people really care about those."Bookmark here

"Is that so? How peculiar.."Bookmark here

That does explain certain general culture responses I've come to witness in public. Then wouldn't it make controlling a nation difficult? From what I read, unlike the hierarchical ruling system of my world, Noel's world pertakes in what is known as a 'democratic' ruling system.Bookmark here

"So, what are your values? My top three are peace, relationships and organization."Bookmark here

"I haven't thought of that before.."Bookmark here

Rather, it would be better to simply say I would analyze the general values of the people more than I would my own?Bookmark here

"Hm.. it takes time to really dig into that. Maybe goals? Do you have any goals?"Bookmark here

"Goals.."Bookmark here

Yes. However, it would be best to dodge this question here wouldn't it?Bookmark here

"How about you, President?"Bookmark here

"Hahaha. Well, let's see… I guess it would be to maintain safety within the school compound? Who am I kidding, I'm not really sure what goals I have either," She let out a self-deprecating laugh, "I'm unfortunately not as ambitious as the old student council presidents. I don't think I'll be hosting large events, or any grandiose treasure hunts this year. The fact that I even landed this role was on a whim, you know? And it's not like I'm really aiming for something big. But maybe having a goal isn't all that important. I really just think about following a general principle in life."Bookmark here

I nodded, taking a sip of the smoky tea before continuing.Bookmark here

"That is-- You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours~"Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

Author's Notes: College started for me. IDK if I should be glad or sour.Bookmark here

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