Chapter 96:

Mental Breakdown (3)

My Demon Queen

Prune felt her entire being shudder. Her tail was stiff in the air, her ears twitched to this unsettling scene in front of her.Bookmark here

Liliath appeared in an unusual state, holding Noel in her embrace. It looked like a perfect scene between a couple at first glance but-- the aura exuded from Liliath-- not to mention the four twisted horns that grew from her head caused the air inside the classroom to fall heavy-- would make one think otherwise.Bookmark here

Prune could barely breathe..Bookmark here

Was the reason why Prune felt an uncanny sense of fear the first time she met Liliath? Liliath wasn't human. She was a demon.Bookmark here

As they locked eyes, Noel seemed to grow lax in her embrace, his eyes lost focus. He seemed to lose all consciousness and fell onto Liliath.Bookmark here

"I'll take care of you Noel.."Bookmark here

Were the last words Liliath said before a red light shone from underneath them. In the next moment, the room regained colour, the air no longer felt stifling and the two disappeared from the place entirely.Bookmark here

Left behind were small specks of red glitter swayed in the air before eroding into nothing.Bookmark here

Prune fell to her knees and so did every other student who couldn't bear the after effects.Bookmark here

Bloodlust.Bookmark here

It was then that teacher Glib arrived together with Elyja, Nile, Brusq and a few soldiers..Bookmark here

"N-What.." seeing the student fall into disarray, she couldn't help but voice her shock.Bookmark here

"Teacher, w-what happened?" Voux who first regained himself asked.Bookmark here

"Where's Noel?"Bookmark here

"Gone. T-they just disappear."Bookmark here

Glib cursed in her heart.Bookmark here

"Prune, you're the closest to the two right? Do you have any idea where they could be?"Bookmark here

Prune who couldn't think straight could only shake her head in denial.Bookmark here

Glib clicked her tongue.Bookmark here

Silence ensued until Wake spok.Bookmark here

"T-teacher! I know where N-Noel is!"Bookmark here

"Wake.. right, your TALENT. Please use your TALENT to cooperate with us,"Bookmark here

"Yes madam!"Bookmark here

Glib furrowed her brows at his words in annoyance. She wondered if she really looked that old, she wasn't married yet.Bookmark here

"Nile, Brusq, I'll leave it to you to notify the lieutenant,"Bookmark here

""Yes Ma'am!""Bookmark here

Wake went toward the window and pointed up at a specific high rise.Bookmark here

"There."Bookmark here

An apartment.Bookmark here

"Inside the building?" Glib asked.Bookmark here

"T-That's our apartment.." to which Prune replied.Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

In a dimly lit room-- her room, the morning sun leaking through the gaps of the curtains. The bloody scent of roses that hung in the air.Bookmark here

She straddled on top of Noel who laid on top of her messy bed. His lifeless eye reflected her own, a smile crept onto her face.Bookmark here

She snuggled close, pulling his chest close to her.Bookmark here

"Your mine Noel.. mine.. only mine.."Bookmark here

Running her fingers across his hair, the sides of his face down to his chin-- to his neck..Bookmark here

She unbuttoned his uniform one by one, gliding her hands across his chest. There were two dots of blood.Bookmark here

"I'm sorry, I'll fix this up right away Noel--"Bookmark here

Healing those marks caused by her horns, she then proceeded to lay on top of him, taking in ihsI scent. Her head was right beside his. With her tongue, she kissed his ears, her hot breath caressing his skin.Bookmark here

Perfect.. too perfect.Bookmark here

He was practically made for her.Bookmark here

That was what she thought-- his taste was intoxicating. Her mind swirled, her heart started beating faster and her pale skin turned a red heated shade.Bookmark here

"Noel.. You aren't going to betray me are you?"Bookmark here

Raising her body up, she held his chin with one hand, a worried expression on her face. She brought herself closer to him-- biting his lower lips before crawling her tongue inside.Bookmark here

Her saliva intertwined with his as she cuekd on his tongue. Her moans in between each desperate breath.Bookmark here

Pulling back a silver string connected their lips.Bookmark here

A delirious look on her face as she panted. She unbuttoned her shirt due to the heat, her two bountiful breasts exposed for Noel to see.Bookmark here

It was unfortunate he had a great resistance against her charm spell, he remained unconscious.Bookmark here

She would want him to participate in eating each other after all. But till his resistance falls, she would take the initiative.Bookmark here

"Right Noel?"Bookmark here

She kissed him again.Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

"Fuck!"Bookmark here

With my clothes torn, blood running down my arms and hands as I weaved through the forest of dense rose bushes. The sky was blood red, the horizon painted in an eerie purple. I didn't know where I was nor how I got here--Bookmark here

All I knew was that I needed to run.Bookmark here

Why run?Bookmark here

Because there are a few dozen chibI Liliaths hunting me down right this very second! MinI Liliaths, as in Liliaths that were about ten the size of my clenched fist, I think a cupid could be a good representation of her size-- Except the Liliaths had devil wings on their backs, not angel wings!Bookmark here

The moment I appeared in this space, the Liliaths tended to the roses without paying mind. It was when I bumped into one of them accidentally when I tried backing away.Bookmark here

The small Liliath I bumped into fell to the ground holding a black watering can. And the moment she saw me, her eyes turned into literal hearts and she started screaming out my name.Bookmark here

The other Liliaths heard the scream, dropped their work and gunned towards me.Bookmark here

And here I am, running to escape.Bookmark here

IT fucking HURTS!?Bookmark here

WHERE IN THE FUK AM I?Bookmark here

"ANYONE?! HELP!!!"Bookmark here

Hm? Maybe the Liliaths know something? I mean, there's no one else I could ask right? But hell no.. those girls look so thirsty, I feel like they would eat me up in seconds, which was obvious since the first Liliath I ever bumped into tried to french kiss me!Bookmark here

Wounds continued to accumulate and fatigue started to pile up. I felt a small hand tug on my hair and that sudden act caused me to trip.Bookmark here

I fell onto the rose bushes, I instinctively closed my eyes to protect myself. I would want the thornsBookmark here

FUCK IT HURTS?!Bookmark here

"""GET HIM!!!""" The Liliaths yelled in a cute voice and held me down on the floor. The rose bushes seemed to distort and disappear. The thorns that were digging into my flesh were no longer there and blood poured out of my wounds. There, I simply laid on the plain flat ground, belly first-- except the ground was made of pitch balck soil.Bookmark here

A dozen or so Liliath's held me down by sitting on me while the other half-dozen forcefully tied my hands to the back.Bookmark here


The Liliaths cheered joyously. Ah.. so cute.. fuck.Bookmark here

I couldn't do anything but resign myself to fate. I was dead tired and my body hurts like hell. So.. what the hell is going to happen from hereon?Bookmark here

"Who's going to play with him first?" One Liliath asked.Bookmark here

"How do we play?" Another one asked.Bookmark here

"I know! I know! We'll take turns kissing him one by one!"Bookmark here

"No no no. The rest of us would fall impatient if it takes too long however."Bookmark here

"How about we ravish him anyway we like?"Bookmark here

"""GREAT IDEA!!!"""Bookmark here

"NO!!! FUCK OFF!!!"Bookmark here

No damn way, I need to run. The hell is up with ravishing me?! What? No.. that's just wrong. My chastity is at risk here! I'm still underaged!!!Bookmark here

I squirmed, wiggling like a worm despite being tied up.Bookmark here

"Uhuhu, Noel is so cute."Bookmark here

"Look at him struggle!"Bookmark here

"It's so wonderful, try, try and try but only despair awaits."Bookmark here

"You can do it Noel! Keep pushing! Try to escape!"Bookmark here

Listening to their words, I couldn't help but shudder. Where exactly is this? Are these Liliaths actually a part of Liliath? How exactly was this all related?Bookmark here

The last thing I remembered before blacking out was Liliath embracing me. I remember looking into her eyes…Bookmark here

This is a charm spell?Bookmark here

One of the small Liliath cupped my face with both arms and kissed me. I tried my best to resist by twisting my head and body but every other Liliath had me tied down.Bookmark here

Her tongue entered my mouth.Bookmark here

The other Liliath's started caressing me in all sorts of ways, some tried to take off my clothing. There are others cheering ecstatically. This is crazy...Bookmark here

HEELLPP?!Bookmark here

My consciousness was fading, heat rushed to my head. My heart beat increased in pace. My sanity was obviously eroding into oblivions. I was sure to have lost myself mid way in the kiss.Bookmark here

'Ding. System Update Download Complete.'Bookmark here

'TALENT troubleshooting.'Bookmark here

'Initializing Emergency Quest.'Bookmark here

'Loading...'Bookmark here

I opened my eyes, the small cute Liliath still playing around with my mouth. Her alluring scent made me dizzy.Bookmark here

But in front of me was without a doubt the status window I've been hoping for..Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

Proceed to the story stage?Bookmark here

YES/NO..Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

I couldn't move my hands to accept it nor could I voice my answer. Whatever this may be.. it's my only hope. I need to accept it. I have to accept it. I MUST accept it. There's a lack of automatic response so I have to do it manually.Bookmark here

Damn it…Bookmark here

It's right in front of me, right in front of me FUCKING DAMMIT!Bookmark here

Someone..Bookmark here

The Liliath's around me started to lick my body.Bookmark here

STOP! STOP!Bookmark here

Shit. I need to do something about this myself!Bookmark here

I'm sorry Liliath..Bookmark here

I forcefully bit the tongue of the Liliath who was kissing me. She winced and backed off. With the shred of sanity I had left I shouted.Bookmark here

"YES!! ACCEPT IT!"Bookmark here

'Initializing. Story stage in effect.'Bookmark here

"""OH NO!!""" the Liliaths exclaimed.Bookmark here

And in the next moment, my consciousness faded.Bookmark here

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