Chapter 97:

New Goddess, Past Demon (1)

My Demon Queen

The next thing I knew, I woke up in a white space. White quartz pillars that seem to extend to the infinite sky, golden liquid flowing down from above and collected in the pool surrounding the pillars below.Bookmark here

I looked at myself, clothes tattered, blood everywhere but the wounds were gone.Bookmark here

"I-I'm safe.."Bookmark here

"Hello," she waved her hands.Bookmark here

"Or not.."Bookmark here

I raised my head to meet a goddess. Her cerulean blue hair shimmering in an iridescent lustre, and her eyes shining in a golden light held my eyes in place.. Bookmark here

The divinity that the voice contained was quite similar to that when Rishell used her TALENT, except that I wasn't being serenaded.Bookmark here

Huh.. I'm dead?Bookmark here

I tilted my head, still staring at the goddess dumbfounded.Bookmark here

She wasn't wearing any gaudy clothes, just one silk cloth draped around her. But that itself was beautiful enough to have me totally charmed. 10/10.Bookmark here

One of her shoulders was exposed, the slit of the cloth exposing a large portion of her thighs. A sight to behold.Bookmark here

And I should really take this shit seriously. What the hell is going on..Bookmark here

"I'm not dead right?" I frowned and tried to stand up. Looks like the pain is gone. My clothing was crazy disheveled though. And my belt.. hah.. luckily I wore a belt. The Liliaths back then probably didn't know how to unbuckle a belt. I would've never imagined that I would be thanking the inventor of the belt for saving my chaisty.Bookmark here

Fixing my clothes, I looked up at the goddess again. I realized she was standing on a wooden stool-- or gold? Ah… no wonder she's so tall-- she wasn't.Bookmark here

"Do you prefer short girls or tall girls creator-sama?" She pointed at herself.Bookmark here

The fuck is with this question?!Bookmark here

"I don't think I really pay that much attention to this detail-- why are you asking me this? And what's up with 'creator'? I'm not dead right?"Bookmark here

I'm pretty sure this isn't a transmigration development right?Bookmark here

She shook her head and showed me a motherly smile. Looks like I'm not dead-- maybe.Bookmark here

"You're alive and the world where your real body resides is currently in a time-stasis state to prevent yourself from being eaten up by Liliath," she clapped her hands.Bookmark here

"Really? Wow. Thanks," I heaved a sigh and sat on the floor. I was going to be eaten up by Liliath huh? So what exactly is going on to the real me now I wonder?Bookmark here

The goddess looked at me in wonder.Bookmark here

I realized I had made a mistake.. I shouldn't have sat back down. I saw something I shouldn't have so I averted my eyes. It seemed she wasn't wearing anything inside.. haha.. ahaha..Bookmark here

"Um.. could you.."Bookmark here

"It's alright creator-sama, my body was made for you in the first place s-so you can look at me without reserve.." She blushed and started fidgeting with her fingers.Bookmark here

Seriously? No!! I'm not planning a harem! I'm one hundred percent devoted to Liliath! Period.Bookmark here

"I-If creator-sama says so.."Bookmark here

Oh.. it's this 'you-can-read-my-mind' cliche huh? FUck. Her disappointed face pricks my heart.Bookmark here

"Yes, I can read your mind, but I have the option to choose not to," she spun her fingers.Bookmark here

Ah.. her expression brightened all of a sudden.. don't tell me it's because I thought of the pain I felt when I saw her disappointment? She's a sadist too? No way..Bookmark here

"Alright, whatever, I need to get straight to the point. Where is this? Who are you? What do you mean when you addressed me as a creator and what's this got to do with the story quest?Bookmark here

"Creator-sama sure seems calm.. on the outside.."Bookmark here

Yeah.. My mind is in a freaking mess.Bookmark here

"First of all, my name is-- none. Creator-sama is to bestow me with a name. Please? Before I move on to the other topics?"Bookmark here

"A name huh?"Bookmark here

Okay.. this sounds weird. Too weird.Bookmark here

Hold up. Let's get this straight. The system mentions a story stage in effect which means this goddess is probably one that governs an isekaI world of sorts.Bookmark here

The goddess noded in response to my thoughts.Bookmark here

So.. this cliche aint' really cliche at all?! I'm in a goddess' domain right now and here I am, and instead of getting sent to another world, I'm about to name the goddess responsible for kidnapping lucky souls?! The hell is up with this?Bookmark here

"I don't think kidnapping is the correct word for that?" the goddess who raised a finger to explain twitched.Bookmark here

"Hm.. I don't know if I should really be the one to name you though.."Bookmark here

"I know how crappy the naming sense of where you grew up is, but it isn't an excuse to dodge your responsibility of creating me."Bookmark here

"Creating you.. ughh.. are you sure I'm the person who created you?"Bookmark here

It's the system isn't it?Bookmark here

"No, it's your TALENT. I was created because of your TALENT. So the creator is still you."Bookmark here

"Huh?"Bookmark here

Manifestation into reality-- I manifested a goddess? What kind of logic is that?Bookmark here

"Something like that," she ran her hand through her hair. "So? A name please? It would make your life easier too."Bookmark here

"Y-your.. no.. my TALENT isn't going to force me into a harem r-right?"Bookmark here

I mean.. I had already saved enough points to pull a few gachas.. but I avoided that, absolutely.Bookmark here

"And such is the reason why your TALENT created me," she spun her finger in the air, " It's a counterbalance. Since you're not willing to pick up another girl your TALENT just had to force me onto you.. not that I dislike it," she fidgeted with an 'ehehe' like expression.Bookmark here

Cute.. but it's so fucking wrong!!Bookmark here

"Thank you for the compliment creator!" She saluted.Bookmark here

What the… no.. please.. no harem..Bookmark here

"Could you leave that till some other time and give me a name already? I need to start explaining," she placed her hands on her hips and bent down. Her gorgeous blue hair fell from her shoulders, creating an alluring look.Bookmark here

"Bleu."Bookmark here

Was the first thing that came to mind-- since her hair was blue. Yup.Bookmark here

"Bleu it is. From today my name will be Bleu, thank you for the name creator-sama," she smiled brightly. Jumping off the stool she took a seat on the floor just like me with her beautiful legs shifted to the side. It was a really feminine position.Bookmark here

Oh no.. I don't want to take responsibility for this.. it's not every male dream to build a harem you know?Bookmark here

"Yes I know, should I change your clothes?" Bleu pointed at my tattered uniform with blood stains.Bookmark here

Change my clothes.. uh..Bookmark here

"This should be alright.. for now.."Bookmark here

I wouldn't want her to see me naked now would i?Bookmark here

"I want to though," Bleu chuckled.Bookmark here

"Seriously.. no.."Bookmark here

Ughh.. I think I understand how funny and annoying it is to talk to someone who can read thoughts.Bookmark here

"Then I'll just fix it up a little instead," Bleu whipped up a wind around me and my clothes regenerated into their original form like nothing.Bookmark here

Oh nice.Bookmark here

"Thanks."Bookmark here

"My pleasure. Now, are you clear on why you're my creator? I feel that you already have a gist of the answer already."Bookmark here

"Sorta. Thanks for the explanation."Bookmark here

"Next would be this place, as you already know, it's my domain and yes, I am responsible for governing an alternate world. To be more specific, governing the gods that governs Liliath's world."Bookmark here

Heck confusing. So she was governing this world without a name all this time huh?Bookmark here

"The world was just created though?" Bleu poked her cheeks.Bookmark here

The world was just created?Bookmark here

"Yes, it was created when the story stage initialized."Bookmark here

"What?"Bookmark here

"Ther world never existed prior to that event is what I'm trying to say. In a sense, Liliath's memory of her world could be said as nothing but an illusion. But now, it has become reality."Bookmark here

W-WHAT?Bookmark here

So my TALENT created Liliath with a false history that never existed? And now her false history became reality? So..Bookmark here

"Please, you're not at fault here creator-sama. Just because Liliath had a bad past doesn't mean you were the person responsible for causing it."Bookmark here

"Yeah.. but still."Bookmark here

Ah.. so I'm the reason for Liliath's suffering huh? If she never existed she wouldn't have to go through whatever past she went through. Then again.. not everyone is alright with not existing, I wonder which one is Liliath? If it were me, I didn't really mind either choice. For others however-- due to their background and life experiences, some would prefer not to exist in the first place. But coming into existence wasn't a choice to begin with, it just happened.Bookmark here

"Now you have a gist of the general situation, should I begin showing you snippets of Liliath's past?"Bookmark here

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