Chapter 98:

New Goddess, Past Demon (2)

My Demon Queen

"So this is the start of the story?"Bookmark here

"Yup. And you'll be sent back to your body once this is over."Bookmark here

The world shifted-- or distorted. I wasn't too sure how to describe what I was seeing. But many ripples were formed in the process.Bookmark here

"And if you're wondering why you were seeing a bunch of devil Liliath's a moment prior, it was because of her charm spell. Your TALENT was hindering her magic by representing the effects by sending your consciousness to an alternately made-up plane that shouldn't exist in the first place."Bookmark here

"Haha.. how complicated. My TALENT is an unusual one alright.."Bookmark here

The next moment, Bleu and I appeared in a rather gaudy room. A chandelier hanging above us, the crystals dot the place with sparkles. French windows decorated the milky white walls, ornaments lining the edges with a japanese styled vibe to it.Bookmark here

Four people were standing around a single large bed, the fancy kind with the frilly curtains and stuff.Bookmark here

"I propose her execution my dear, she's too much of a dangerous existence. She was a cursed child the moment she was born!" the woman with blonde hair said.Bookmark here

"No..your majesty, please.." the other woman with purple hair said.Bookmark here

"She's my sister! You can't kill her!" says a 5-year old female child with gloss black hair.Bookmark here

The only guy in the room besides me, most probably the king-- large build with hair that had faded to a grey old shade. He bit his lips without saying a word.Bookmark here

"That over there is Liliath, when she was three years old. It was here when she started manifesting the traits of a demon lord."Bookmark here

"Say what.."Bookmark here

"You could walk closer to take a look. It's not like you could really interact with the things here."Bookmark here

Having Bleu's permission, I walked over to the bitch who demanded Liliath's execution and punched her-- but as expected. I punched air. Wonderful.Bookmark here

Liliath, a three year old with her petite body, the blanket in disarray, sleeping all alone on the bed. Sucking the thumb of one hand, hugging a pillow with her other. An adorable little curled up creature with four small horns on her head.Bookmark here

"Dear, whichever opinion you choose, I will accept it. I only thought of the option that would reduce the risk of danger," The blond haired queen said.Bookmark here

"So I'm guessing that's the queen and the on with the purple hair is Liliath's mom?"Bookmark here

"Yes. Marilyn is a concubine of the king, also Liliath's real mother while Georgia the Second is the official empress," pointing at each person with her thumb. "The King is named Akihito Toren, a descendant which carries the blood of the hero."Bookmark here

"Wow. So he's partially Japanese?"Bookmark here

Amazing. So this is really an isekaI world huh? Yikes, shit is about to get real. This first scene already talks about throwing Liliath to execution.Bookmark here

"This world could be said as one that is-- on the slightly darker side of the spectrum," Bleu said with a finger to her chin.Bookmark here

The world faded into monochrome and time stopped.Bookmark here

"Are you ready to proceed? I suggest you prepare yourself because it will only become worse from here after?" Bleu gestured with her hands.Bookmark here

"Before continuing.. Can I ask how Liliath is doing? The real Liliath that is.. what exactly is going on? After she made me unconscious.."Bookmark here

"I told you just now right? She's about to 'eat' you."Bookmark here

"You mean THAT 'eat'?"Bookmark here

Bleu nodded, twice.Bookmark here

Fuck? Really?Bookmark here

"And that's why you need to understand her story. I'm sure you'll be able to act accordingly once you understand why Liliath is the way she is. Sure, she may be innocent and crazy to some, but to begin with, she had a pretty bad past that made her that way," Bleu moved her fingers much like a metronome, "So don't panic when you wake up and just act accordingly."Bookmark here

"So what this is right now is a tutorial of sorts? There will be like a step-by-step guide to help Liliath regain herself right?"Bookmark here

I'm pretty sure mental breakdowns isn't something that can be cured in one day..Bookmark here

"Well.. there won't be a step-by-step guide unfortunately, you'll have to solve it by yourself. This story stage is merely a reference for you. Remember what your father said creator-sama? You have to face your fears."Bookmark here

Hahaha.. yeah. Bleu is like a mom huh?Bookmark here

"That is my role after all," she showed me a motherly smile.Bookmark here

"Can you call me Noel? Just Noel is fine.."Bookmark here

"Alright, Noel. Please prepare yourself, and when you're ready, let's continue with Liliath's past."Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

In the center of the garden was a beautiful marble fountain, water sprouting from the top, falling into the pool below. Red-white lotuses and lilly pads adorned the water's surface.Bookmark here

Liliath sat on the bench adjacent to it, Valentine, on one knee, holding a flower up to Liliath. Both wearing light but beautifully elegant dresses.Bookmark here

"Liliath-chan! Look! Look! Doesn't this flower smell really nice?" Valentine, Liliath's elder sister said gently.Bookmark here

Tracing her fingers, Liliath, 8-years old, her big beautiful crimson stared at the lily-like white flower, the stamen and filament shining like golden stalks of rye.Bookmark here

"Very beautiful, Ane-sama.." Liliath said with a bright smile before returning to her book.Bookmark here

Valentine made a troubled smile and tucked the flower behind Liliath's ear, caressing her purple hair. She sat down beside her.Bookmark here

"What are you reading?"Bookmark here

"Archives."Bookmark here

"Archives?"Bookmark here

Liliath nodded seriously, "Father borrowed me.."Bookmark here

Valentine could only sigh. Liliath was indeed very different from her other siblings. To put it into words-- Liliath was a genius. She naturally knew what her responsibilities were and would strive to improve herself. Every day, Liliath would spend the majority of her time occupied with reading books. If it weren't for her childishness, one would've thought that Liliath was an individual whose soul had been reincarnated into her very being.Bookmark here

At this period of time, Liliath was fairly indifferent. Setting boundaries between studying and family relationships. She rarely interacted with her other siblings.Bookmark here

"Don't you get bored reading all the time? There's a whole world to explore in reality, you know?" Valentine asked.Bookmark here

Liliath shook her head and with an innocent voice said.Bookmark here

"Survival first."Bookmark here

These two words cause Valentine to shudder. She felt remorse yet-- couldn't refute what Liliath had said. Clenching the hem of her dress, Valentine felt powerless to the situation. There was nothing she could do to help Liliath-- she had to help herself.Bookmark here

Lucky was Liliath's own sense of self, diligence and perseverance. If it weren't for these traits, Valentine didn't know if Liliath stood a chance to redeem herself.Bookmark here

After all-- Liliath was a demon lord-- an irrefutable fact. If word got out, pressured by the neighbouring territories and the capital kingdom, Toren kingdom's rule could fall on its head.Bookmark here

Liliath herself probably understood this fact albeit at the tender age of 8, thus was why she was working so hard to learn anything she could. Anything to help her gain an edge, not as a hobby-- but to survive. She instinctively knew she had to survive. A demon lord's instinct.Bookmark here

Valentine pulled her arms around Liliath and hugged her. Liliath indifferently turned to the next page. But she didn't forget to say:Bookmark here

"Thank you."Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

The responsibilities Valentine had to carry increased tremendously ever since her first appearance out in public at the age of 12. These past two years, as she grew, she had come to realize she COULD protect Liliath-- succession war. If she managed to become queen, she would amss the power to protect Liliath.Bookmark here

This became her goal-- and was the reason why the time she spent with Liliath grew ever the more scarce.Bookmark here

Liliath was alone in the library-- a corner of the library. The evening light peaking through the gaps of the shelves, an orb shining in the air. Alone, she read through book after book, assimilating any information she could use to protect herself.Bookmark here

She came to know one of the keys to her survival-- magic.Bookmark here

Realizing this point, Liliath poured her time and energy into mastering everything regarding magic.Bookmark here

"Liliath."Bookmark here

Liliath placed her hands on the scripture and raised her head. It was the king-- Akihito Toren. He had come to visit her.Bookmark here

"Father, what brings you here," Liliath smiled, her bold crimson eyes were like rubies. A trait of a demon lord.Bookmark here

Neither Akihito nor Marilyn had ruby-coloured eyes.Bookmark here

"I came to see how my beautiful daughter is doing. Come on now, dinner is just around the corner, how about you take a break?"Bookmark here

Akihito himself knew Liliath was abnormal-- an individual that could bring demise to the nation yet-- he chose to keep her. He chose to keep Liliath. She was his daughter, how could he just throw her away like that?Bookmark here

There were risks involved, this he knew. But he also knew that wasn't how someone with dignity should act. He will do his best to protect Liliath. He believed that she would one day become the key to solving this era's war with the demon king.Bookmark here

He ran his hand through her purple hair. She pouted, making the king laugh.Bookmark here

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