Chapter 99:

New Goddess, Past Demon (3)

My Demon Queen

When Liliath came to age-- 12 years old, her appearance to announce herself out to the public was denied. It was for a simple reason. It was dangerous. The moment people realize her identity as a demon lord candidate, the king's position will be shaken and so would Liliath's safety.Bookmark here

There can be a number of demon lords candidates at a time, the number of individuals varied from 5 to in some recorded cases 20 at a single time. Inaugurating Liliath to the public was no different than inviting these demon lords to infiltrate the castle. Only demon lord candidates could tell apart another demon lord candidate. Akihito didn't want to run the risk of having Liliath expose herself to any of these demon lords due to fear of her being influenced by the other party.Bookmark here

It was inevitable Liliath's existence would be kept a secret-- Liliath never joined any parties, social gatherings or any banquets. Nobles who knew of her found it suspicious, and those who had their backs turned against the king would send assassins to investigate the matter, hoping to reveal something to throw him down the throne.Bookmark here

However..Bookmark here

"From which noble house you came, distinguished sir?" Liliath had an ominous smile on her face.Bookmark here

She stepped on one of the assassin's back, further increasing the weight he felt at Liliath's gravity spell. Unable to bear the force, there was the sound of something cracking, then he spat blood. Dirtying the carpet of her own room.Bookmark here

"Demon.." he croaked before biting into the poison hidden behind his molar. The other assassins did the same. Frothing at the mouth, they all died.Bookmark here

"Too bad.." Liliath let loose a sigh. She unfortunately had no way to prevent the assassins from dying due to the fast reacting forbidden poison. Her healing magic was the weakest among her magic arsenal, but was still comparable to the high-priest in the church nevertheless.Bookmark here

The first few assassins that came after her suffered a fate worse than death because of Liliath's quick thinking, 'saving' the assassins before they died from the poison, then handing them to the authorities. The nobles who were involved burned themselves in the process.Bookmark here

"They probably learnt from their mistakes… it seems I would have to conjure up a contingency plan to deal with this appropriately."Bookmark here

The next few assiantions failed miserably as well, but the assassins managed to kill themselves off before Liliath could do anything. A testimony of the noble becoming smarter. It was unfortunate Liliath couldn't be of use to the kingdom by culling these disgraceful nobles.Bookmark here

"I should notify father."Bookmark here

Walking out of her room at the dead of night, she proceeded to her father's room. Bypassing the royal guards that protected the inner castle-- not aware that she had just brushed past them.Bookmark here

"As I've said before dear, she's incredibly dangerous. She may be obedient now, but how could you say the same for the future? A demon doesn't discriminate between individuals, as long as she remains, you are shackled by her will. What if she requests something from you one day? What if you fail to deliver that request? She could easily kill you!" the empress said anxiously.Bookmark here

Liliath walked towards the room. Light leaking from below the door, she leaned on the wall adjacent to it and continued to listen.Bookmark here

"Don't you understand the threat? Whose the person in charge here dear? You have to understand your position. You can't have the girl step on your head."Bookmark here

"So what do you suggest I do? I'm troubled here.. Liliath is also my daughter. I cannot just abandon her right? She had even succeeded in helping us bring down a few noble houses aiming at my necks," Akihito asked.Bookmark here

"Don't you see? She's owing you a debt!" the impressed exclaimed.Bookmark here

Liliath closed her eyes. She had heard this play out a number of times already, it could be said that she had grown used to these remarks. Then again, the empress never did anything to harm her, to which Liliath could only conclude as the empress venting her stress through bad-mouthing Liliath and served to remind the king of Liliath's nature.Bookmark here

There was indeed nothing wrong with the conclusion the empress came to. Liliath herself didn't know when she would betray the kingdom. To survive, she was willing to do this much at least.Bookmark here

"I think it would be best to tell father tomorrow."Bookmark here

And so, that night, Liliath slept in a bloody room.Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

Liliath continued to stay in the castle's inner courtyards. Frequenting the library and garden but never going anywhere else. She lived a very secluded life, monotonous, without any meaning.Bookmark here

She indulged in books-- namely stories of previous heroes defeating the likes of her-- the demon lord and their adventurers. She imagined herself being one of the demon lords.. but instead of one that brought demise, she would be one to bring peace.Bookmark here

Heroes summoned from other worlds didn't discriminate-- there were even records of peace being established with demon lords in the past-- but such occurrence was rare and would play out differently for each era. This cycle repeated every 100 years, in the time Liliath was alive, it could be said as the 13th recorded cycle of such an event. Of the 13th cycle. There had only been one instance of peace being established between demons, humans and demi-humans. And one instance where the demon lord had been defeated but the hero, who had become a demon lord himself wedded the female demon lord. Otherworlders were open-minded indeed.Bookmark here

Most of the time, it ended with the demon lord falling into despair. Except the round where peace was established.Bookmark here

Liliath wondered, why not choose peace? That was something she couldn't understand. If demon lords were willing to sacrifice anything for survival, why wage war when peace served a better outcome. Liliath couldn't understand.Bookmark here

And it was when Liliath became 13 did Liliath receive wind a demon lord had risen. It was obvious this male demon lord was finding a mate-- it was necessary for the demon lord to court another demon lord before concluding a contract between them. That was the only way to become a true demon lord.Bookmark here

Liliath herself didn't know why or for what purpose becoming a true demon lord served. However, she had an urge to do just that.Bookmark here

She came up with a plan. What she thought to be the perfect chance to bring peace to this era.Bookmark here

She would offer herself up as a mate, in return, conclude a peace treaty between the human kingdom and demon realm.Bookmark here

"You don't need to go that far Liliath," Marilyn, Liliath's mother, held Liliath in her arms.Bookmark here

"With this suggestion, we could not only bring peace, but also save the resources required to summon the heroes. My safety and livelihood can also be guaranteed."Bookmark here

"No Liliath. You don't even know the other demon lord's personality, I can't let my daughter be taken away just like that.. I want you to be happy."Bookmark here

"Liliath, I understand what you mean, this plan brings too much risk to the plate. If the demon lord doesn't agree with complying to a peace treaty, your life will be in danger.." Akihito said.Bookmark here

Liliath bit her lips.Bookmark here

"Please father.. mother.. I will make sure it succeeds.. I don't want to be a useless daughter to the family. It's a disgrace how I only brought burden upon the kingdom. I want to try, please."Bookmark here

"No Liliath, please listen to me.. it's dangerous, I won't allow it," Marilyn admonished.Bookmark here

"Liliath.. you're not burdening anyone. I can't allow this plan. I don't want you to become hurt if it doesn't work out.."Bookmark here

"Please.. I can defend myself. I've been preparing from birth till this moment," Liliath gently pushed her mom away, "I'll be fine. It would be better if I just died if I failed-- wouldn't it?"Bookmark here

The two remained silent.Bookmark here

"Even if you don't agree.. I've already made up my mind."Bookmark here

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