Chapter 100:

New Goddess, Past Demon (4)

My Demon Queen

They didn't agree. But Liliath wasn't going to back down with just that. Liliath escaped from the castle.Bookmark here

She set off to the demon realm, a corrupted territory off to the south of Toren Kingdom. It was the first time ever Liliath had set foot outside but it was natural to her, as if it belonged to her, everything.Bookmark here

Messing up here and there, exploring the in's and out's of the outside world, Liliath eventually managed to reach a village that was located at the border of that separated the demons territory from the kingdom.Bookmark here

From here on it would be on foot but-- Liliath learnt of the wings she possessed. It seemed she was the kind who had wings-- not every demon lord had them so she was considered lucky.Bookmark here

However, the existence of a road that connected this village to the demon lord's domain took her by surprise. It seemed that the demon lord had connections to people of this village.Bookmark here

Her journey had been a lonely one-- but just a little stretch more. She would finally meet another one of her kind. It seemed that the demon lord was still a candidate and still did not have a large influence amongst demonic creatures. Nevertheless, he had the capability to build a small nation with his influence.Bookmark here

Liliath was unsure if another demon lord candidate besides her had reached out to him here but she was unfazed. Her purpose was to explain an alternate option to survival-- peace.Bookmark here

Stepping into demon territory, she was surprised to find the nation teaming with various demi-humans, dwarves and demons working together. There were even human merchants among them. This explained how the village at the border flourished, and why Toren kingdom was hesitant to take actions against the demon lord.Bookmark here

Liliath had yet to see any record of demon lords ruling regions in such a well organized fashion. Moreover, this was the first instance where the demon lord cooperated with humans, demi-human and dwarves alike.Bookmark here

The demon lord ruling the nation found Liliath's arrival rather surprising, a warm reception was given to her as she was guided into the castle. The walls gleamed in a dark suppressing light.Bookmark here

"I will offer myself up on one condition," Liliath knelt on the red carpet that stretched to the throne.Bookmark here

"Oh? And what condition might that be?" Demon lord Javiel, sitting on his black throne with his hands supporting his body leaned to one side, asked. Beside him was a young woman dressed in an elegant spectre-white dress that seemed to fade into the air. Nine tails spouted from her back, creating an enchanting look.Bookmark here

"Make peace with the Toren kingdom."Bookmark here

"That's surprising."Bookmark here

A smile crept onto his face. Liliath shuddered. In fact, she thought Demon lord Javiel was rather good-looking. There was a lingering sense of attachment, like a magnet towards him. She could make do with being his wife-- Liliath's instinct told herself.Bookmark here

The air around him was one of dominance, and power. Someone who would do anything to protect those around him he deemed precious. Ruthless, unforgiving.Bookmark here

She however didn't know if what she felt was love or something else, this was the first time for her after all.Bookmark here

"Naive. But I'll think over your proposal. Shea, bring her to her room, she must be tired after coming all this way," he pressed his knuckles to his forehead. Every single movement of his contained a certain grace to it. It was quite difficult to think of him as a belligerent demon.Bookmark here

"I-I understand. Thank you for considering.."Bookmark here

"Oh?" Shea raised one her eyebrows, and with a smile locked arms with Liliath. "Looks like Javiel has taken a liking to you,"Bookmark here

And so Liliath was brought to a guest room. Though it wasn't fancy, it had the basic amenities in place. The bed was large enough to sleep on comfortably.Bookmark here

"I suggest you go wash yourself off, there's a hot spring in the inner courtyard, let's go!" Shea cheered.Bookmark here

Liliath got to know Shea. She was a beautiful fox demi-human. But not a normal one. She was a nine-tail. Her silver hair that had an orange shine at the fringes and her divine nine tails that put the beauty of diamonds to shame.Bookmark here

"You're so young.. how did you get here? Where are you from?" Shea took the initiative to wash Liliath hair. "You have incredibly beautiful purple hair Liliath."Bookmark here

"T-thank you.. I came from the inner courtyard of Toren kingdom.. also one of the unannounced princess, not inaugurated to the public."Bookmark here

Shea paused and stared with her eyes wide open.Bookmark here

Liliath tilted her head to meet her gaze, Shea smiled at her cute reaction.Bookmark here

"What a coincidence, you'll be a big help to Javiel's plan then?"Bookmark here

"Javiel-sama's plan?"Bookmark here

Shea leaned over and brought her mouth over to Liliath's ear and whispered.Bookmark here

"Though he may look that way, he's actually someone who wants world peace too," She smiled.Bookmark here

Liliath nodded, and then started explaining her story. Her identity, her purpose, why she came here and how she got here.Bookmark here

Apparently, demon lord Javiel was much of a harem king. Besides She's, he also had another woman by the name Locket, a dark elf. But she was currently busy leading a troop to clear out the northern territories from intelligent demons.Bookmark here

"That makes Liliath the third! Congratulations Javiel!" Shea shook his shoulders erratically.Bookmark here

To which Javile could only let out a troubled smile as he looked at the embarrassed Liliath.Bookmark here

"Liliath."Bookmark here

"Y-Yes?"Bookmark here

"How's the food? I'm sorry we don't have many options to present to your highness."Bookmark here

"It's wonderful Javiel-sama. The soup compliments the meat," Liliath wasn't too well versed in things like spinning her words, moreover, she was nervous and could only think of crude answers to his question.Bookmark here

"Stop bullying her."Bookmark here

"I'm not bullying her.." Javiel rolled his eyes at Shea. "Liliath, so you have any plans in mind to establish a peace treaty?"Bookmark here

Liliath fidgeted with the spoon in her hands before speaking, "I'll return to the kingdom and inform my parents of your vision, in short, I would be something of an envoy in my current position."Bookmark here

"T-that.. you travelled here on your own correct?" Javiel wasn't going to be too harsh to Liliath. Reason being she was only 13, and second was that she was one of a royal lineage, third was that she may very well become his fiance.Bookmark here

"Yes.."Bookmark here

"Look here Liliath, do you think you would be alright if you returned just like that? You didn't get your parent's consent did you?"Bookmark here

"Y-yes.. but I had to.."Bookmark here

"Look how brave Liliath is. You should learn from her. If she came all this way she should be fine going back right?" Shea gave Liliath a warm hug.Bookmark here

"Not quite.."Bookmark here

Liliath stayed at the demon lord's castle for another few days.Bookmark here

Javiel eventually decided that he would personally accompany Liliath back to the royal capital. Though he knew there was an underlying risk to it, he didn't want to just let Liliath go alone like that.Bookmark here

"I'll leave the place to you Carlbert,"Bookmark here

"Yes your highness," Calbert, one of the governing ministers appointed by Javiel, would serve as a temporary proxy of the nation.Bookmark here

"Be careful Javiel, and take care of Liliath! And take care too Liliath! I wish you the best!" Shea sent them off with a smile.Bookmark here

Liliath and Javiel set off, only the two of them. It was so they would be less conspicuous. The plan was to infiltrate the castle, giving Javiel the opportunity to discuss the matter with the king.Bookmark here

Javiel, naturally being the more experienced one, took care of Liiath along the journey. Teaching her the basics of camping and procuring food from the wild.Bookmark here

Liliath came without really eating anything besides the rationed items she brought, so to set up a camp and cook food hunted by them was truly a novel experience. Liliath got to explore the vast world, growing closer to Javiel as each day passed.Bookmark here

They eventually reached the royal capital as the evening caem. With hoods covering their faces they snuck into the castle. With Liliath's knowledge of various secret passages within the castle, they were able to make it to the king's office without much problem.Bookmark here

Javiel was to meet king Akihito alone but the moment that entered the room through the hidden passageway, what Akihito told Liliath shocked her.Bookmark here

"Good work Liliath."Bookmark here

A trap.Bookmark here

It was the start of betrayal.Bookmark here

"You BITCH! I TRUSTED YOU!" Coughing out blood, Javiel writhed on the floor, cursed chains wrapped around him, bloodlust pounded through the room. The collective mages were able to hide themselves long enough to finish the forbidden spell, incapacitating the demon lord.Bookmark here

"No.. why father!" Liliath was held down by an S-rank adventurer, a slave collar had been placed on her neck.Bookmark here

"It's for your own good. I command you, remain silent."Bookmark here

Liliath couldn't speak after that, tears streaming down her eyes as she watched demon lord Javiel continue to bleed out. Liliath didn't get the chance to see the aftermath and was put to house arrest in a dungeon where she would stay until her father 'solved' everything.Bookmark here

A special room had been prepared for Liliath. She was after all his daughter, Akihito didn't want her daughter to suffer in the first place, thus the cell she was in had been properly furnished with every amenity needed.Bookmark here

"Spare him please.. mother.." Liliath cried, seeing as her mother visited her.Bookmark here

Her slave collar had caused her to be unable to use magic, she couldn't fight let alone escape. She could only beg-- plea.Bookmark here

"I'm sorry," Marilyn could only hold Liliath in her embrace.Bookmark here

Even if Liliath wanted to kill her mother she couldn't. The slave collar wouldn't allow her to disobey. There were no loopholes, the stage had been set, and she walked right into the trap.Bookmark here

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