Chapter 101:

New Goddess, Past Demon (5)

My Demon Queen

For half a year, Liliath wept in the corner of the room. Even after tears had dried, she continued to sit there, burying his head in her knee. One of her signature poses she would make when she was embarrassed. I didn't think this would be where it originated from..Bookmark here

"Want popcorn?" Bleu held a paper bag to my face, the kind with white and red alternating strips.Bookmark here

"Seriously.. way to ruin the mood," I took a piece and tossed it into my mouth either way.Bookmark here

Fucking hell this 3D movie is immersive as heck. I don't need to wear any sort of 3D device nor do I need special headphones. The sound quality is beyond stereo and 4D since it's an accurate spatial replay of the scene.Bookmark here

That said.. It's also depressing as fuck.Bookmark here

A drama? What bullshit is this? To me, Liliath's past makes no absolute sense! It's not even logical.Bookmark here

In reality, many things should have gone wrong, things shouldn't have been so smooth sailing. Liliath should've noticed the tracking spell being placed on her before she escaped to Javiel's castle. Javiel should have also been less trusting of Liliath's proposal. Not to mention the trap set up to bind Javiel. How exactly could one hide from a demon lord's superior instincts?Bookmark here

The worst of all was the crappy twist in the end where Liliath's father just HAD to betray Liliath's expectations. I get all the political bullshit and fear of the peace treaty being broken but-- can't they at least sit down and have a proper discussion for fuck sake?Bookmark here

"That's just how dramas work don't they? If not it would just be a plain boring story" Blue chucked a popcorn into her mouth.Bookmark here

"Haahh.. you're right but still.."Bookmark here

There's a lot of missing portions to the recount. I got to see Liliath's world to an extent and I must say, despite the dullness of the mood, the world was incredibly colourful. The environment is vibrant, most leaves change to the appropriate colour shade depending on the season. Green and pink for spring, yellow and white for summer, red and orange for autumn, blue and white for winter. A lush world brimming with vitality.Bookmark here

And the Liliath's past merely showed a snippet of it since Liliath was holed up inside the castle for most of her life.Bookmark here

Speaking of which. I've realized a crucial point here. Sorry, not 'a', but multiple points. I should address it here.Bookmark here

"Bleu, does Liliath have minor autism or ADHD?"Bookmark here

If you compare Liliath and Javiel, things become clear. The way Liliath views and interacts with the world isn't normal, and I suspected it to be attributed to the fact that she's a demon lord but-- Javiel is as normal as one could be. He has a fucking harem for fuck sake.Bookmark here

Which leads me to the second point-- Liliath rejected me last time wasn't it? There's really no such thing as a special requisite to accept another person's feelings.Bookmark here

"Perhaps it's a mix of both. You're actually right, it might just be the case," Bleu bumped her fist into her palm.Bookmark here

"Now I really wonder if Liliath is just.. trying to force a favor onto me.."Bookmark here

From the way she acted. Javiel must have been her first love, and till this point it's unclear if she still holds any feelings for him. Liliath never talked about Javiel. She probably hinted at it once or twice at most but it was almost too subtle for one to catch unless they knew about her pastBookmark here

I was surprised to find that Javiel was actually a pretty good guy, contrary to my initial guesses. I guess I've really messed up judging a book by it's cover..Bookmark here

"Oh, prepare yourself Noel before you judge the book by the cover again, the next few will be the last bits of her history. But it's also one of the worst. How about you go have a rest before finishing it?" Bleu took a sip of her soda.Bookmark here

"Nevermind. Let's just get along with it.."Bookmark here

Hah.. I didn't think something this fake could actually be Liliath's past-- it's so unreal. I find it hard to believe honestly… but in the first place. I create this right? I had no control over it but I was the creator of it. I created the mess Liliath had to face, and the existence of thousands of lives that had to grovel through the imminent war. Salvery runs rampant and Liliath's world and there isn't anything even close to human rights.Bookmark here

"Noel, dont butter yourself in self sabotage. It's not going to help."Bookmark here

"I know.. couldn't help it.."Bookmark here

"Now isn't that a wonderful fit? Liliath is an S, you're an M."Bookmark here

"That's if Liliath is going to be with me in the end.."Bookmark here

"..." Blue narrowed her eyes but didn't say anything.Bookmark here

"You already know what I mean by that. Just continue with the story-- how long have I been here? Half a day now?"Bookmark here

"To be more accurate, not even a second has passed since you arrived here."Bookmark here

"In the real world that is.. Bleu?"Bookmark here

She held me in her embrace, the smell of butter and sugar from her hair.Bookmark here

"Hey. Life is a journey, embrace it. The hardships, the pain, the doubt. It's a mystery to why I even exist in the first place but one thing is for sure, my role is to guide you on this journey. You can do it Noel, don't give up. You can doubt yourself, hurt yourself, give up on others, give up on yourself. But remember that in the end when nothing matters anymore-- the only step left is to just move on."Bookmark here

"That's deep.."Bookmark here

That's a regurgitation of my personal philosophy slapped right across my face. WOw.Bookmark here

"Yes it is. Hopefully you'll be able to bear what's to come. I'm serious when I say the last few scenes are going to take a toll on you-- on the way you would view Liliath in the future."Bookmark here

"..."Bookmark here

Got it. I'm ready.Bookmark here

The sound of keys shuffling inside a keyhole could be heard. Liliath raised her head to peek at the direction with her red lifeless eyes.Bookmark here

The door opened and the person who appeared was Valentine.Bookmark here

"Liliath!" She rushed over weeping, holding Liliath in her arms.Bookmark here

Liliath remained indifferent.Bookmark here

"Demon Lord Javiel wants to see you."Bookmark here

"Ane-sama.. h-he's dead."Bookmark here

"He's not.. quick, I need you to follow me. The situation isn't safe," beckoning her eyes, Shea came into the room cautiously and broke the collar off Lilith's neck with a special magic tool-- she was free.Bookmark here

What? There's such a convenient time in the market? Wouldn't the slave industry sizzle into nothing at this rate?Bookmark here

"Shea?" Liliath who was still dazed looked at her confused. "Why? I betrayed you.."Bookmark here

Shea didn't answer and merely sent Valentine a glance with both of them nodding. Valentine carried Liliath on her shoulders, Shea guarding them while they made an escape. The stench of blood filled the room, the guards dead on the floor, some of their heads separated from the bodies with arrows stuck to their flanks.Bookmark here

"Why arrows? This is suspicious.." I tried to kick one of the corpses but my leg just went right through.Bookmark here

"You'll know soon enough. Come on, they're leaving us behind the dust," Blue implored, gesturing with her hand.Bookmark here

We followed Valentine and Shea out the dungeon-- the castle riddled with corpses took me by surprise. The fuck is this?Bookmark here

"To continue from this point on. Demon Lord Javiel didn't die, but was forced to become a slave to the kingdom. The treatment he got-- was less than satisfactory. Eventually, he managed to thrown off some guards and remove the slave collar as he made an escape with the aid of another demon lord."Bookmark here

"Male or female?"Bookmark here

"I didn't think you would be interested but to be honest, it's a pair. They swore loyalty to Demon Lord Javiel and didn't go on with the contract to become the true demon king and queen. The culture is that the first pair to make it becomes the leader among demon lords. They decided to leave that position to Javiel."Bookmark here

"There's some logic to that.."Bookmark here

He built a nation after all.. gotta commend him for that.Bookmark here

Liliath continued to be bobbed up and down Valentine's shoulders as they made their escape out of the capital. Shea had to behead a number of assailants and guards along the way, shrieks resounded through the not-anymore-silent night.Bookmark here

Breaching the wall, they made it to a carriage out of sight from normal view. It was at a spot in a deep secluded forest, the carriage stationed close to the lake that looked to be glittering under the moonlight.Bookmark here

Valentine place Liliath down on the floor as she caught her breath.Bookmark here

"Thank you Valentine. It must have been hard," Shea shot a sympathetic look towards her.Bookmark here

"Take care of her please, I'll deal with the corresponding effects as in the deal."Bookmark here

Demon Lord Javiel is.. why is he just standing there? I turned my head to the carriage to see Javiel with another person I don't recognize. Another demon lord? He has horns?Bookmark here

"The person beside him is Ruff, the other demon lord that helped him escape."Bookmark here

"I'm sorry for everything, I didn't mean to betray you all.. I-I just wanted to help," Liliath started to weep. And it stung my heart.Bookmark here

"It's alright now Liliath.. the demon lord you protect you.." Valentine bent down to console Liliath.Bookmark here

Click*Bookmark here

"Eh?"Bookmark here

"Fool."Bookmark here

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