Chapter 104:

[Intermission] Modern Testament: Genesis(?)

My Demon Queen

"Wheewh, good luck Noel.."Bookmark here

Bleu watched as Noel's figure faded away. Hopefully he'd be able to deal with Liliath appropriately.Bookmark here

"What should I do now.. "Bookmark here

Bleu, who was less than a day old since her creation, looked around her own domain. Warm white light that came from who knew where, lighting up the flat white world. Pillars and artificial sky streams adorned the space, gold glittering in the air. There was a thin ambient fog obstructing her from seeing the horizon line that didn't exist in the first place.Bookmark here

Until Noel comes for a visit, Bleu could only wait. And since she knew nothing about space time nor how her domain connects to Noel's world, there was no way to tell when Noel would appear again.Bookmark here

A lonely goddess standing in a vast infinite space.Bookmark here

"Let's go to sleep."Bookmark here

With a snap of her finger, a gorgeous open bedroom appeared. A fluffy circular silk white bed, half-translucent curtains that hung down from above, encapsulating the bed with an ethereal yet elegant vice. She rubbed her feet on the soft red rug, tracing her finger along the edges of the golden coloured plants that surrounded the space.Bookmark here

Parting the curtains, Bleu sank her knee onto the bed. One all fours, she crawled all the way to the centre where the pillow was placed. Snuggling up to the pillow she rolled around the bed much like a spoiled child with her legs flailing in the air.Bookmark here

"Haah," finally closing her eyelids, she let loose a satisfied sigh, "Good night."Bookmark here

Bookmark here

After a while Bleu opened her eyes again.Bookmark here

"But there is no night.."Bookmark here

A light bulb lit up in her head as she raised an index finger in the air.Bookmark here

"Let there be night!"Bookmark here

The world fell into eternal darkness.Bookmark here

"Too dark.. let there be stars," she waved her hand at the sky.Bookmark here

A universe appeared.Bookmark here

"I didn't say anything about making asteroids or planets but oh well. This is better at least. Good night."Bookmark here

And through the eternal night, Bleu slept like a dead baby for who knows how long.Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

Day 2.Bookmark here

"Let's play god!"Bookmark here

She had to prepare something for Noel's next arrival. So such is the conclusion she came to.Bookmark here

Since she was a GODDESS, she had to at least experience playing the role of a female god for once right? To create a similar world to the one Noel was living in.Bookmark here

After a well rested night, the first day she sought to continue where she left off-- the second day.Bookmark here

"One the first day, God created the stars and day-night cycle. I need to automate the latter," Bleu muttered as she referred to the Bible. "Basically saying GOD created the solar system and galaxy.. that's tough work-- wheewh."Bookmark here

Grabbing the glass of cold water off the surface of the little planet called Neptune, she downed the dangerously contaminated water of cosmic radiation, carbon monoxide and other various dangerous substances down her throat.Bookmark here

"I'll skip hanging stars individually, using randomized algorithms to generate artificial stars is better.. now for the second day-- is landscaping."Bookmark here

Bleu opened a rift to return to her domain.Bookmark here

"I command the sky and the sea to part!" Raising her arms to the front and shouting like a child who had become chunni, the world shook with a crazy earthquake that caused her to lose balance.Bookmark here

A minute later-- nothing happened.Bookmark here

"Owh. There is no sea, go figure."Bookmark here

After brushing off the golden dust that 'dirtied' her clothes-- a mere white cloth, she commanded.Bookmark here

"Let there be a SEA! UWAH!?"Bookmark here

The next moment Bleu fell into the water.Bookmark here

"HELLP!! HELLP!? I CAN'T SWIM?!"Bookmark here

The still, tranquil and still water was broken by Bleu's desperate struggle in her life and death battle. It was a wonder how she could breathe on Neptune.Bookmark here

Regaining herself by discovering the fact that she could breathe in water, she proceeded to create the sea mounts, volcanic structure and deep seas trenches. Of course, as a bonus, she didn't forget to add the ruins of Atlantis.Bookmark here

Day became night, Bleu slept after a long day of work-- on her bed-- located at the very depths of the ocean floor.Bookmark here

Day 3.Bookmark here

"Created the lands and shaped the mountains.. easy enough," Bleu referred to the Bible again, she struggled to read the contents due to how fragile the book had become after being soaked in water.Bookmark here

Flying over the sea, Bleu sculpted the earth and created a single large island with a large volcano in the middle.Bookmark here

"It's a bad idea to separate the land into different parts-- it makes it hard to traverse and modify."Bookmark here

Another reason was that she needed to add plants.Bookmark here

Aquatic plants, land plants. You name it, she's got it-- not. After creating over a hundred variations of plants, Bleu started to wonder how anyone could create more than a million different species in a day.Bookmark here

Dropping the plants here and there, the island and sea was finally populated with lush greenery. Though, it was but a drop in the bucket when compared to the 100% of the still unpopulated world that is an infinite domain. Bleu cried in vexation.Bookmark here

"At least I get to try my own creation," with tears still streaming down her eyes, she reached up to grab a golden apple on a tree to eat.Bookmark here

--Just to learn that the golden apple was made of pure gold and wasn't in the least edible in any way..Bookmark here

Day 4.Bookmark here

"Something is missing.." Flipping the bible upside down and reading it again, she then shifted her gaze to the moon in the night sky.Bookmark here

Day five was simply-- create a moon.Bookmark here

But there was something off about the moon she created compared to the one in Noel's world. It was too round-- too perfect.Bookmark here

Flipping the bible downside up, Bleu scanned the text again.Bookmark here

"It just says God created the moon so why is it different?!" Bleu couldn't understand.Bookmark here

Thinking deeply about the matter, Bleu decided to pull up an image of a real moon. Confirming the difference, Bleu clapped her hands and smiled in delight. She knew what she could do to 'fix' this now.Bookmark here

"I command you space rocks to RIP THE MOON TO SHREDS!!! MUAHAHAHAH!!"Bookmark here

A few hundreds of thousands of asteroids were sent crashing into the moon, creating a beautiful fire show.Bookmark here

Bleu had come to realize the missing thing on the moon-- craters. Lots and lots of them.Bookmark here

Day 5.Bookmark here

"I wanna die.. goddess can't die.. is this how God created the world.. how could god create a million species of fish in a day.. I don't understand.. have I gone senile? Or is there something wrong with this book?" Bleu clutched her own head as she wracked for an idea of a fish design. As of the moment, even with the aid of images from Google, she had only come up with less than a dozen fishs designs.Bookmark here

Bleu, who knew the pain of creating more than a thousand species of plants, vowed to never do such a thing again. But alas-- day six had forced her to eat her own words.Bookmark here

"There has to be a way.. wait. I GOT IT!"Bookmark here

The light bulb in her head blew up.Bookmark here

"I wont be so dumb this time! Why haven't I thought of this before! YEs! A Subordinate! I've created my first ever subordinate to do the work for me. MUahahaha!" Going insane after roatign her brain, Bleu cackled in a villainous manner as she sat on top of said subordinate.Bookmark here

A straw hat decorated her head as she drank a cup of ice cold orange juice to cool her mind.Bookmark here

What she created was a humongous serpent-- but it wasn't a snake. It was the legendary Leviathan of the sea-- except that it was rainbow coloured-- and that it had a unicorn horn-- and that instead of eating fish, it pukes fish-- fish of various rainbow colours.Bookmark here

Bleu got the idea when she saw a video of a unicorn puking rainbows. This incite her to do the same. Not only did the unicorn-cum-Leviathan save her time and effort, it also populated the sea with randomly generated fish of all sorts of colours.Bookmark here

Day Six.Bookmark here

"Let's test out Darwin's Theory of evolution. I command all able fishies to evolve into land creatures-- GO!"Bookmark here

A few hundreds of thousands of fish flopped on the beaches surrounding the island and-- died. A wondrous scene of genocide.Bookmark here

"Looks like it doesn't work," Bleu sulked, looking at her failure. Turning to the Leviathan who looked as if it was about to cry tears of blood, she gave a thumbs up, "No choice buddy, you have to repopulate the sea again, good luck."Bookmark here

The pitiful Leviathan had no choice but to puke out more 'rainbows' as Bleu pondered a method to populate the land with the least effort.Bookmark here

"In Liliath's world there are dungeons that automatically spawn creatures-- that'll work," nibbling on her finger, Bleu concluded so.Bookmark here

And so, the island was turned into a dungeon, and creatures like goblins, slides, orges, large centipedes and various disgusting bugs populated the island.Bookmark here

And so comes the end of day six.Bookmark here

Day 7.Bookmark here

"Best day ever.. rest is good, rest is God.." Bleu laid on the angled chair with sunglasses as she soaked in the warmth of the sun and the fruits of her effort.Bookmark here

She tilted her head to look at the villa built on the wall of the inlet-- her home in the future.Bookmark here

"Haah."Bookmark here

Day seven, the goddess rested.Bookmark here

Day 8.Bookmark here

Since Bleu herself would become the leader-- both the goddess and human of her own world, she was responsible for managing and stabilizing the situation.Bookmark here

She created a booth so that creatures could file their complaints.Bookmark here

"Gururururr," The goblin leader passed her a parchment to notify her of issues their village was facing.Bookmark here

"GURURURURU," The orge leader passed her a paper notifying her of the issue in their village.Bookmark here

"Kya, kya!" The griffon swooped down from the sky and pecked at Bleu for her attention.Bookmark here

"HISSSSS.." The large anaconda slithered around Bleu, pointing it's head towards the direction of it's nest.Bookmark here

"Bloop, bloop," a logic-defying fish was floating in the air.Bookmark here

With a twitching brow Bleu 'worked hard', even through the night.Bookmark here

Day 9.Bookmark here

A dungeon overflow occurred, the ecosystem went to shit.Bookmark here

Bleu 'worked really hard'.Bookmark here

Day 10.Bookmark here

The volcano erupted, an earthquake occurred and numerous parts of the island had to be fixed.Bookmark here

Bleu 'worked really really hard'.Bookmark here

Day 11.Bookmark here

Bleu was asked to attend a goblin pair's wedding ceremony—Bookmark here

"I HATE THIS!!!!"Bookmark here

Fumming, Bleu stomped her feet into the ground, a shockwave rippled out, destroying everything in its path. The world shook, the island sunk into the sea, the sea split into two.Bookmark here

"I WANT TO SLEEP!!!" with bags under her eyes, she yelled.Bookmark here

The space rumbled and everything collapsed.Bookmark here

Her domain returned to the original. A white space with pillars extending to the infinite sky, water pouring down from above, creating ripples in the small pool below.Bookmark here

Huffing, Bleu walked towards her bed and jumped onto the soft duvet.Bookmark here

"Haah.. original is best… I'm sure he doesn't mind.."Bookmark here

And so. It was decided that playing god wasn't for her.Bookmark here

"I suppose I'll play sleeping beauty until Noel returns instead."Bookmark here

Yawing, Bleu fell into a deep slumber.Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

Author's Notes: Did you know that even as the author, I have no idea if this series is going to end up in the harem route? I'm fighting against Noel having a harem but-- anything can happen. The characters move by themselves! It's just that unpredictable! I can at most control the some parts of the plot, but as far as character relationship goes-- it's too complex to plan-- so it just happens. My sister says this is creepy-- I do kind of agree.Bookmark here

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