Chapter 1:

The Start of a New World

The Rulers of Wreaths

Oh and class remember that you project it due next week. The bell then rings. YES, finally I can go home. Drew, can you come here real quickly? Yeah, what sup Mrs. Thompson? I know you do your projects last second so this time at least try to start it when you go home. You got it Mrs. Thompson, see you next week! Drew exits his classroom and sees his friend Alter waiting for him outside of his classroom. Bruh you took forever to say goodbye, you got a crush on her or something? Shut the fuck up retard lets hurry up and get home, and why you always waiting for me bro you gay? I see how it is bitch. Alter and Drew start on their way home. Let’s just head home, also I got a coupon for Brandy's Burgers, you onna be paying? Yeah sure man, but I paid last week. Shiiii- well I’ll pay for my half of the food since I broke as hell rn. Fine I will pay AGAIN but I guess that's why I got a job, to pay for you. Bruh I got a job but I spent it all on Brobrux. I guess that's reasonable, maybe you should get a financial adviser, oh wait those cost money something you don't have. OK JEEZSUS, I’LL JUST PAY YOU BACK. For all the times I paid for you or just this time? Fuck you. Drew says in a low voice “someone has anger issues.” Ok I see how it is bitch, AGAIN, I’ll just ask Cyrus to pay. They meet Cyrus at Brandy's Burgers and sit near the entrance as they wait for their receipt. $137.22! YOU GUYS ARE FATTIES. Okay we are splitting this three ways one for me one for Alter and one for you. About that I was thinking you could pay for me. Your fucking with me right? Well I'm kinda light on cash so. Fine we will split two ways. They pay for the food and exit the building but they see a car speeding and then hit a civilian with a child on the sidewalk and speed away. OH MY JOG WE HAVE TO GO HELP THEM. As much as I would love to, I'm busy this weekend. My mom wants me home right now. Yeah me too we will see you at school. Bullshit, fine I will do it by myself. Cyrus and Drew start walking home while Alter goes to help the women and the baby, Drew begins to feel guilty for not helping him. Maybe we should go back and help him. HELP HIM? He made us pay for him. I know but he's still our friend. A gold digger is more like it. He isn't he's just light on cash. Sure, but hes a bitch. Shut up Cryus you're a bitch too. Cyrus turns around and punches Drew in the face breaking his nose and he falls to the ground, and then Cyrus stomps his foot on his stomach and proceeds to say,”No one talks down to me, you understand that Dick sucking Drew?” I SAID DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME? In a strained voice Drew says,”Is that all you got retard?” Cyrus stomps his foot in his stomach again. You're pathetic. I may be pathetic but at least I'm not a waste of space. You just wanna die dont you? Cyrus picks up Drew and shoves him to the wall (his face towards the wall) and grabs his hair smashing his face in the wall multiple times leaving Drew a bloody mess and unconscious as Cyrus walks away. 20 minutes pass, Alter walks down the road to see Drew unconscious and goes to help him. That's what you get for not coming with me. Drew opens his eyes and chuckles. You can be a real bitch sometimes can you help me up? Yeah why not, you got your ass kicked. Alter helps him up and drops him off at his house. Also don't forget to do your project! Yeah I will see you later. DREW WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG AND WHY ARE YOU SO BLOODY?! Sorry mom I got into a fight it was a fair one. WHY ARE YOU GETTING INTO FIGHTS? I didn't start it he did but I'm fine I swear. No you're not, you are grounded. Are you serious? I'm grounded because I defended my friend fine. Don't you go to your room, we are gonna clean you up. Drew's mom cleans his face and when they finish Drew works on his project. I'm finally done, now I can talk to Alter. Mom I'm going outside. Okay be careful. I will. Drew meets Alter at his house and they start to walk down the street and are approaching a 4 way street. You know drew sometimes Cyrus can be a jerk. Sometimes? Yeah, he can be a cool guy. I guess you're right. Alter has his back turned to the road while he's talking to Drew (he's walking backwards) they start to cross the street and a few cars start to come. Alter you know your playing a dangerous game right now. Yeah I kn- ALTER MOVE! A car comes and comes and hits Alter and another in another lane hits him back a few cars collide near him and more are starting to pile up and Drew goes to help Alter He starts to drag alter and a guy with a suitcase comes to help but a semi truck filled with oil crashes in the pileup causing an explosion the suitcase breaks and a substance falls out onto Drew and alter (which are knocked down) due to the explosion car pieces fly out one killing the civilian who tried to help them and then half of a car lands on Alters legs and on Drew, a car seat flies out of a car and lands on Drews face knocking them both unconscious.Bookmark here

Golden Boy
Takahashi  Eien
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