Chapter 3:

Chapter Three

Weeb Boy meets Emo Girl in suburban Australia

Cid put some bread in the toaster and boiled the kettle while he checked his phone. He had three missed calls from Pat and a call from an unknown number. He dialled Pat, just to let him know he wasn't dead.
"Cid, What happened last night you and Gwen disappeared on us," Pat said
"Us, I take it that things with Serah went well then" Cid answered back
"They did no thanks to you two disappearing"
"I thought you'd approve, I snuck off with a beautiful girl got drunk and had a grand old time"
"Oh I approve, I just wish I hadn't had to explain your little disappearance to Serah or that you'd answered your phone at some point"
"I'm sorry about that, I had it on silent and there was a beautiful girl to who I was giving my full and undivided attention"
"Well we managed to get around to that point during our time together"
"Ooh tell me more"
"We ditched the party shortly after we realised you guys had left, We went back to my place had a drink, tried contacting you guys to get an idea of what you were up to, and after a few failed attempts we agreed to chalk it up to you guys being too busy to answer, then as you say we had a grand old time, She just left earlier after finally getting in touch with Gwen, I made plans to see her later this week,"
"Cool, yeah Gwen left a short while ago, left a sticky note on my chest with her number on it"
"Nice you going to call her"
"Right after I eat some solid food and have some coffee"
"All right, I'll talk to you later mate"
"Later mate"Bookmark here

Cid hung up his phone and continued making his breakfast. He sat in his reclining chair and ate toast with peanut butter while he drank his coffee and watched the news. He finished his breakfast and left his dishes by the sink. He sat back down in his chair, got out his phone and entered the number Gwen had given him into his phone. He then called Gwen.Bookmark here

"Hello, who is it?" She asked
"Your lover boy isn't it obvious" He joked
"I was wondering when you were going to call"
"I had to get some solid food as well as a cup of coffee and reply to a few missed calls"
"Ah, so you did see the calls from Patrick and Serah, I called Serah back after I got up this morning, she picked me up, we ate breakfast at our place talked about secret women's business, now I'm sitting at home enjoying my day off"
"I don't suppose I was the topic of secret women's business"
"You came up in a very positive way"
"I would hope so, I also have the day off if you want to hang out"
"Raincheck that, I wouldn't want to make it too easy would I"
"How about Tuesday dinner, you, me, food and a generous amount of alcohol"
"Tuesday it is I'm in"
"Great I'll see you then, I know a great Chinese place"
"See you then"
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Darion hung up the phone and reclined his chair back feeling very satisfied with himself. He had left a positive impression on Gwen the night before, they now had each other's numbers and He'd successfully organised a date, things were going great so far, now all he needed to do was not screw it up.Bookmark here

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