Chapter 4:

Chapter Four

Weeb Boy meets Emo Girl in suburban Australia

Tuesday rolled around, it was the night of Cid's date with Gwen.  Cid wore a pair of black pants and a black button-up short-sleeved shirt over which he wore a dark green coat, on his feet were a pair of black leather shoes. He checked his phone for the time it was 5:30 PM, He'd made the reservation at the Chinese restaurant for 7, so he had an hour and a half to pick up Gwen and get to the restaurant. He was right on timeBookmark here

He walked out of his room to see Pat sitting on his couch watching the football. Pat took a break from watching the football and looked Cid up and down.Bookmark here

"Nice look, a good choice not wearing a tie you look better without one" said Pat
"On that, we can agree" Cid replied
"I forget, why do you refuse to wear ties?"
"I am philosophically opposed to the idea, why does wearing a piece of fabric around my neck make me somehow more respectable than if I wore my shirt with an open collar, It serves no purpose other than being a convenient way for me to hang myself, which I don't see happening"
"Message recieved ties are stupid"
"The restaurant is B.Y.O so should I bring wine or beer?" asked Cid
"Both pack a couple bottles of wine and a six pack you should be good" Pat answeredBookmark here

Cid did as Pat advise and filled a cooler bag with a six pack of beer and two bottles of rose wine throwing in a couple of ice packs to keep everything cool.Bookmark here

"Don't you think you should have two different wines instead of two rose?" asked Pat
"I only have Rose because I like rose the most, besides if she doesn't like rose thats what the beers are for" Cid explained Bookmark here

Cid turned the lights off in the rest of the house and checked to make sure he had everything he needed, wallet phone and keys all present and accounted for. He was going to turn the light off in the lounge and saw that Pat was still sitting on the couch watching the footy.
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"Aren't you going to go home?" Cid asked
"Do you mind if I stay and watch the footy here, your TV is bigger" responded Pat
"Fine, just lock up and text me when you leave, goodnight Pat" Cid farewelledBookmark here

Cid carried his cooler bag outside and placed it in the back seat of his car. Cid's car was a green hatchback which he kept immaculately clean and well maintained.Bookmark here

Cid drove from his place to Gwen's. He got out of his car and went to knock on the door. Gwen answered wearing a black dress with long lacey sleeves and a hem that cut off just above the knees, on her feet she wore a pair of black knee boots, her face make up was bold with blood red lipstick and green eye shadow which matched her eyes. Cid was in shock at how beautiful she looked.Bookmark here

"Hey," He said 
"Hey, I'm ready to go" She replied
"Right, let's go"Bookmark here

Cid led her to his car, she got in the passengers seat and buckled up, Cid hopped in the drivers seat buckled up and drove them to the restaurant. They arrived at the restaurant hopped out of the car, Cid grabbed his cooler bag from the back seat and they went into the restaurant.Bookmark here

"How may I help you" said the Hostess
"Table for Cid" Cid answered
"Right this way" said the HostessBookmark here

She led Cid and Gwen to a table for two towards the back of the restaurant. Cid and Gwen sat down and Gwen began to look over the menu whilst they conversed.Bookmark here

"Would you like a glass of wine or a beer?" Cid asked
"What kind of wine?" Gwen asked in reply
"Rose" Cid answered
"Oh yes please I love a good Rose"
"Same here"Bookmark here

Cid began pouring them each a glass of wine using the glasses provided for the table.Bookmark here

"So how am I doing so far" Cid asked
"Not bad, but the night is young" Gwen answered
"And so are we" Cid added Bookmark here

Cid took a sip of his wine as did Gwen.
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"Good wine" Gwen commented
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"Yeah, I have a few bottles at home from a trip a while back where I passed the winery"
"Hmm, so whats good on the menu"
"I think I'll try the Honey chicken"
"Good choiceBookmark here

The waitress came up to their table ready to take their order. They ordered Spring rolls, Fried rice, Sweet and sour pork (Cid's Favourite) as well as Honey chicken, with the food ordered they were able to have a more in depth conversation.Bookmark here

"So i guess we play twenty questions" joked Gwen
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"I suppose, you first fire away" Cid responded
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"Any siblings?" She asked
"Two, one of each gender both older, you"
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"When's you birthday and whats your Zodiac sign"
"Thats two questions"
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"I know, but technically it would be only one question if I could remember what dates all the zodiac signs are"
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"Alright fair point, I was born on June 7th, I'm a Gemini, you"
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"I was born October 2nd I'm a Libra"Bookmark here

They kept playing twenty questions till their food arrived and they started to eat. They ate with gusto barely saying anything till they'd finally cleared their plates.
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"Damn, the food here is good" said Gwen
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"I know right" replied Cid
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Cid was surprised when he saw Gwens face suddenly turn to shock.
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"What is it?" he asked
"My ex-boyfriend is over there" she said subltley pointing towards a person on the other side of the restaurant
"Oh Shit" Cid mutteredBookmark here

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