Chapter 1:

Chapter 1

The Thief's Love Story

Yumico's P.O.VBookmark here

" YAHOO! " Yoshimune screamed as he passed me, running towards our BaseBookmark here

" Pfft.. What? " I giggled slightly, then noticed some noice in the corner. I pulled out my knife and yelledBookmark here

" Who's there?! " I asked while knowing no one will answerBookmark here

" I asked you! Who are you?! " I yelled again and start walking towards itBookmark here

When I near there, I heard the noice once again and looked at itBookmark here

" Wha? " I muttered when I see an unconscious man lying there. I decided to poke him, he groaned. Bookmark here

" Are you going to leave him there or what? " I was surprised by that and looked at my back to see Yoshiyuki, Yoshimune's big brother. Bookmark here

I shrugged since I don't know what to doBookmark here

" Bring him in. Let's have Yoru-san check him " He said and walked off, waving at me. I groaned and decided to put him in my backBookmark here

" Fracker shoot. Fracker. You're so lucky that our gang leader is nice. Shoothead. Who the frack would sleep there? " I muttered as I walked there. It's nice that I'm strong enough to carry him.Bookmark here

" Yow! Yow! Yumico is back! What trash is that?! " Yoshimune greeted me, pointing his finger in the man in my backBookmark here

" It's rude to point fingers you know " Yoru told him,putting his tools in the table, Yoshimune pouted while I put the man in the sofa. I streched my arms and I heard it crackedBookmark here

" Well? Aren't you gettin' cranky? Kikiki " Yomune cackled behind my back. I pouted at him and askedBookmark here

" How about you, Mr. Oldie? " He laughed out loud with his ' Kikiki ' and we laughed with himBookmark here

Yoshiyuki suddenly arrived with Refreshments in the tray he was holding, he setted that in the tableBookmark here

" Is he okay, Yoru-san? " He asked and sat down. Yoru nodded, while smilingBookmark here

" With a few broken bones here and there, though " Yoru stated, Yoshi sighed and nodded. Bookmark here

" Will we let him stay? " I asked them, while Yoshimune is making noises at the backgroundBookmark here

They all shruggedBookmark here

" Let's wait until he wake up " Yoshi suggested and stood up again, leaving the roomBookmark here

" Seriously.. That guy, overworking his self " Yoru muttered checking the man's vital once again Bookmark here

" Kikiki... This is going to be Interesting " Yomune cackled while Yoshimune.. Well, still making noises.Bookmark here

" Yumico, why don't you stay here first? I still have something to do, Yoshimune is noisy, Yoshiyuki has enough work and Yomune? He is busy too.. Okay? " Yoru stated while fixing his tools, he gave me a paper with the Reminders in itBookmark here

" I'll do a great job " I said, he patted my head while smiling. He invited Yoshimune and Yomune out of the room.Bookmark here

I sat down next to him and mutteredBookmark here

" Who the frack are you? " Bookmark here

" I'm Ash from Pallet Town " Bookmark here

_____________________Bookmark here

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