Chapter 6:

One Night In Southland...


I was holed up for the next few hours in the tent having the doctors tend to my fractured nose and bruised ribs. I'll be fine if I recover for a day or two. I did just that, lying in bed and reading a book about guns for more ideas on how to change my guns and gadgets. Sera walks in, looking a bit down. She sits on the bed. "Dopeman..." She says quietly. Bookmark here

"Yeah? You alright, Sera?" I asked, standing and holding my damaged ribs. Bookmark here

"I should be asking that question. You could've died today. Why do something that dangerous?" Bookmark here

"You already asked this. I wanted you three to get out." Bookmark here

"What about you? How would've you gotten out? Dumb luck?"
Bookmark here

"I call it a classic gambler's bluff but to each their own." I laugh a bit. She isn't amused. Bookmark here

"You're hurt, Dopeman. I can see-" Bookmark here

I raise my hand to stop her. "No... No. I didn't pay for a theory session. Sorry." Bookmark here

Sera stands after that. "Fine, that's fair. Could you pay for a drink tonight? Me and Fisher are going. Bookmark here

I ponder, scratching my stubble. I had no plans due to Tann not even being in Southland till tomorrow. I shrug, "Sure. Just know funny stuff yeah?" She nods and leaves, leaving me to my own devices. Bookmark here

Later that night, I start to walk around the Southland strip. Surprisingly, it's filled with brothels, casinos, and bars with actual booze. Alcohol is a rare thing to see since not a lot of people don't want to be dehydrated. I see my group in their more casual clothes, both dress like settlers with their ragged clothes. Sera hugs me and Fisher shakes my hand. I finally get a good look at the middle-aged driver. Long brown beard, dirty straight hair that's longer than Sera's even. We go into a bar with a club feel and we sit on a stool to drink. This is my first time drinking an alcoholic drink, so yay new experiences. Bookmark here

Two shots in and I was already feeling something. The music, the people chattering was starting to feel a little drowned out. I put my chin in my hand and called on Fisher. "Hey, I don't think I asked what made you come to Godless territory." Bookmark here

Fisher shrugged. "Well, I like money. Plus looking at Sera is always a benefit..." He looks at her. Sera rolls her eyes and turns to me. "This guy...I can never get rid of him." Bookmark here

Fishier winks at her. "What can I say, I like my women buff." Bookmark here

Four shots and we were all tipsy it seemed. Fisher fell asleep on the stool, so we went to the quiet booth in the back to talk. We were close, shoulder to shoulder. Bookmark here

"So," Sera starts. "You're Foolish Courier?" Bookmark here

"...Yeah. Why?" Bookmark here

"It shows you have a history of doing dumb things. blown up saloons, shooting up entire enemy bases, falling off high places for packages..." Bookmark here

"I get it," I groan out. "Is this going somewhere?" Bookmark here

"You keep risking your life for other people. Why? Bookmark here

"God...I just think I owe somebody something. I didn't exactly help anybody out in the old world. I did the opposite. If I die for somebody else to live, I finally can forgive myself." Bookmark here

Sera hugs me. She feels warm. "You need to forgive yourself. You think you have nothing to lose but...What if you lose me?" She asked. She looked me straight in the eyes. Bookmark here

I chuckle and get up, she could see my blush. "Come on, let's wake Fisher up." Bookmark here

Seems like he was already up, drunkenly arguing with some tall skinhead about the seat he was sleeping in. I step up. "What's the issue? Let's just drink fellas." Bookmark here

"This doesn't concern you, boy." The skinhead pushes me. Ok, he's on two strikes already. Bookmark here

"The hell was that for?!" Fisher pushed the skinhead back, he punched Fisher in retaliation. Strike three. I hop on the dude's back with a bottle in my hand and smash him over the head with it. He didn't like that, as we were making a mess. crashing into tables, walls, everything. Bookmark here

"Knock him out!!" Sera yells at me. Bookmark here

"CAN'T YOU SEE I'M TRYING?!" Bookmark here

I wasn't trying hard enough. We soon crash through the window and in the water boroughs. As I look at the sky, a crowd circling to laugh at me and the finally knocked out man, I say to myself one thing: Bookmark here

I'm never drinking again. Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

「 𝙎𝙠𝙤𝙧𝙜𝙚37 」
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