Chapter 0:

How did I get here?

Welcome to Evolution online: I got thrown into a death game as a classless player

What’s going on? How? How the hell did it come to this?Bookmark here

I ran through the cold hallways of an abandoned school. I clutched my left arm in an attempt to stop the blood trickling down from the injury, but that didn’t do anything to ease the pain. There was no one around. I could hear only the echoing giggle of the girl behind me and the sound of metal scraping the marble floor. Those sounds drew closer and closer way too quickly.Bookmark here

I’m going to be killed here, aren’t I? Dammit.Bookmark here

“Come out, come out, wherever you are!” Her voice was getting closer too.Bookmark here

Looking out the windows to my left, I could see the blood-red skies and pitch-black sun. Funny how something so dark could still illuminate the world. It always fascinated me. It was one of the many wonders of this world—this world?! What was this world I had been thrown into?Bookmark here

“I feel bad being the only one who’s having fun, so I’ll tell you something to make this little chase fun for the both of us.” The girl’s voice echoed from behind me. Bookmark here

Fun, she said? What part of this was fun? Bookmark here

She was still too far away for me to see her, but the sound of her footsteps certainly drew closer, and it seemed she had quickened her pace.Bookmark here

“The thing is…running away won’t help you if you still have that wound I inflicted.”Bookmark here

What did she just say?Bookmark here

“Surely, you should have noticed it by now—how I’m able to track you even though you’re faster than me.”Bookmark here

I looked down at my feet, and my eyes widened in terror. Why hadn’t I realized it sooner? My blood was leaving a trail for her to follow. It’s no use. If I keep running, I’ll eventually get tired, and she will catch up to me. Dammit. Bookmark here

“So just let me have your life!”Bookmark here

I noticed the reflection of a flash of silver through the corner of my eye and dodged sideways into an empty classroom before landing hard on my butt. A dagger flew past in the direction I had been headed, tearing through the air with the speed of a bullet. Luckily I had quick reflexes, or I would have already been dead. Bookmark here

“I…found…you.”Bookmark here

It happened so quickly. I only heard her voice, but I didn’t know when the blade of a dagger dug into my right shoulder. It came at me with lightning speed and sent me flying into the wall and pinned me there.Bookmark here

“Arghhhhhh!” The pain came instantaneously, and another dagger dug its way into my left shoulder, snapping my bones. White-hot pain seared through my body, and my blood sprayed in the air. Bookmark here

Standing in front of me with a devilish grin was a blonde little girl in a tiger onesie stained in blood—my blood. Five daggers floated at her side, and she held two more in her hands. Her bluish-silver irises glowed beautifully—I know that was a weird thing to think about when I was about to be killed by the person whose eyes I admired, but looking into them gave me a sense of peace. Was that one of her strange abilities?Bookmark here

“Mister…you look hurt. Is there anything I can do to ease the pain?” Her voice… It sounded so calming. I couldn’t feel the pain in my shoulders anymore, and my mind went foggy. My thoughts were a scattered mess—all I could think about was how calming her voice sounded, how beautifully her eyes glittered.Bookmark here

She dropped the knife in her right hand, and it levitated, floating around her with the others. She lifted her hand to my face and cupped my cheek, caressing it with her thumb. The warmth I felt was indescribable. Bookmark here

“Do you want me to end your life?”Bookmark here

What?!Bookmark here

My mind snapped back to reality, but I had no control over my body. My head nodded in response to her question. Bookmark here

Wait! No, I don’t want to die!Bookmark here

“Really? I can?”Bookmark here

My head nodded again, and I could clearly see the stars in her eyes as she grinned at me.Bookmark here

“Thank you for letting me do this. As a reward, I’ll make your death quick and painless.” She stepped away from me and snapped her fingers. The blades floating around her responded, and they all turned their tips to me.Bookmark here

No. Please wait! I don’t—I don’t…Bookmark here

“I don’t…want…to…die.” Those words slipped out of my mouth almost like a whisper. My vision turned wavy, slowly blurring. The darkness around me increased, and my legs and hands went numb as a chill ran through my entire body.Bookmark here

Is this how death is? It’s so peaceful, so quiet, so…cold.Bookmark here

How? How the hell did I get here?Bookmark here

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