Chapter 6:

Chapter 3 The Dawn of a Beast

Utopia Book 1: The First Journey and the Awakening (Volume 1: Green) *ON HOLD*

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It was dark. Mayu slept with a sweet, but faint heartbeat. She was a sleeping bird that was on the verge of awakening. Mayu began to blink her eyes and rubbed them, waking them up from her long sleep. Mayu sat up and stretched, her bones ached as she pulled her arms and legs. As Mayu got up off of the cold floor, she looked around and realized, that the area had changed.

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Warm winds blew throughout the cave in a midst of blew. The Lights of the twilight flowers bloomed into a beautiful radiance. Mayu had never seen something so beautiful. She looked up to see the walls had shaped into a thick round dome. It had to at least cover over four kilometers. Bookmark here

This was surely impossible, nothing could change this quickly, nothing could become so beautiful. Just how long had Mayu been asleep? Mayu looked down at her hands in shock to see the stone inside of them. Bookmark here

"Wait, when was I holding onto this ?" Mayu asked herself in question.
Mayu tried to remember how she had gotten there but nothing was coming back to her. It was all so blurry, images flashed back and forth within Mayu's head. Mayu knew she was forgetting something, but what? Bookmark here

Mayu paced around in a circle, trying to remember. Suddenly Rav came from out of nowhere and jumped into Mayu's fixed arms. Startling her as he jumped. Bookmark here

"Rav ! Where have you been?" Mayu asked him in question. Bookmark here

"Tick, tick! he said to her in response. Mayu sighed pulling Rav into her coat and began to walk.
"This doesn't make any sense! Did I sleepwalk? No way, I couldn't have, mom would have told me if I did." she said to herself in assurance.Bookmark here

As Mayu walked she noticed a small puddle that lay to the left of the path. Mayu saw something twinkle in its reflection. She walked over to it and stared down inside.Bookmark here

"No, way! Impossible?"Bookmark here

Mayu spun around in search of the bruises she might have gotten from the fall. When she looked at her hands and knees, not a bruise was found. Mayu tilted over and pulled the neck sleeve of her right shoulder down and peeked. There was no mark, Bookmark here

"This should be broken?!" Mayu said in awe,Bookmark here

Mayu began to stretch her right arm. She turned it in circles and stretched it behind her back, in an attempt to get a response, but nothing happened. In fact, her shoulder felt better than it was before. She was completely healed.Bookmark here

"But how? I'm sure I was hurt, I mean, I almost died!" Mayu said.Bookmark here

Mayu continued to spin around searching for any bruises. She even took off her socks and checked every toe. All ten of them! Finally, she had to accept the fact that there was not a scratch on her body. Though it was obvious that somebody helped her, but who?Bookmark here

Mayu turned back towards the path and continued to walk with her question in mind. Bookmark here

"Oh! I almost forgot," Mayu said cheerfully as she turned around slowly and faced the back path while cupping her mouth. Bookmark here

"Thank you!" Mayu yelled out into the cave, letting her voice echo throughout. She quickly turned and departed back on to her path. As Mayu came out through the dark something else caught her eye.Bookmark here

Mayu couldn't believe her eyes. Lights bloomed on every surface. The scattered and random patterns made the whole cave shine with brilliance. They all held their own unique color and glow. Some shined purple, and some shined blue, only a couple of them had the unique crimson glow that Mayu favored so deeply. Bookmark here

As Mayu stared in amazement she happened to notice that one glimmering light, shined differently than the others. It's colors changed from purple to blue, to green, to white, and to red. It simultaneously changed between these four colors in a nonstop pattern.Bookmark here

Mayu slowly walked over towards the wall. Her heart raced, as the soft patter of her feet drew nearer. Mayu, now stood face to face, with the cave wall. Mayu approached the wall and carefully placed her head on the cold surface,Bookmark here

"Ah! Cold!" Mayu yelled as she withdrew her head from the icy frame.Bookmark here

She tried again, but this time it was much slower. Mayu placed her head on the cold surface and closed her eyes. A deep silence befell her as the outside sounds began to shut out. The world around Mayu began to become still. As Mayu listened a silent thump ringed through her ears. It was soft and sweet like the melody of a soothing lullaby. As the thump slowly became louder, Mayu noticed that it wasn't beating without purpose, it was beating in a rhythm.
As Mayu focused more on the subject, she came up with a shocking thought... that the wall could be beating, in a heartbeat. Bookmark here

Mayu slowly raised her right hand and placed it on the center of the wall, and with the other, she placed it on the left side of her chest. Bookmark here

A sudden fear, rushed through Mayu as she stepped away from the wall in shock. For what she just learned, would change how she saw the world forever.
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"It's not beating to any heartbeat!" There beating to mine!" Mayu said in shock.Bookmark here

"But why?" Why mine?" Bookmark here

Mayu began to walk back when suddenly she stopped. The whole cave began to twinkle and flutter. The radiant lights were blinking rapidly as they switched between colors. Then suddenly, instead of blinking in a separate tantrum, they glowed together as one.Bookmark here

"Please! Tell me... Why am I here?!" Mayu yelled out.Bookmark here

There was no response. Mayu dropped to her knees in defeat. Tears started to fall down her face, for she truly felt lost.Bookmark here

Rav finally woke up from all the commotion.
He swiftly swirled his way out of Mayu's coat and jumped out facing her. When he saw her tears he quickly climbed up on top of Mayu's right shoulder and gave her a little nibble on the cheek. This was his way of cheering Mayu upBookmark here

"Oh! Rav" Mayu said cheerfully as she pulled him into a big hug. Bookmark here

Rav squirmed as he tried to squeeze out of Mayu's warm loving arms. Bookmark here

"Rav, you're really cute you know!" Mayu said, praising Rav, at the same time tickling him on the nose with her index finger. Bookmark here

"Thanks, Rav!"Bookmark here

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