Chapter 1:

No Breakfast Today

World War Neko

It's hard to be a cat in this world.

World War Three began in what seemed like a normal day. My minion was sleeping in his bed after a long night of working at whatever it was he was working at. From a distance it looked like a metal version of himself: two legs, two hands, and a head that resembled his own but with two ears sticking on the top. I always knew from conversations with the rest of the overlords in our district that slaves tend to develop an overfatuation with their masters, but this felt like going a bit too far. There is a reason felines rule this world and Kitsune failed to seek my approval before drawing this monstrosity.

I left my royal chamber on top of his clothes chamber and approached to check on his breathing. Kuro, the overlord next door, once told me that one of her previous minions had ceazed moving in her sleep and no amount of punishment was enough to wake her up. We cats are not known for caring about our slaves more than the amount required to make sure that they function enough to feed us. Kitsune breathing was heavy and smelled of beer, but I had to make sure. I approached his nose and tingled him with my fur.

'Neko', he whispered, 'is it morning already?'

It is morning, slave, and your master is hungry. If only I could speak your primitive language. Overlords could understand the language of humans, but humans seemed to lack the needed cognitive abilities to understand ours. That's what you get for enslaving a lesser species. This is the reason we let them name us whatever name they choose. My minion was not only stupid but unimaginative as well. He named me, Neko. At least he is bright enough to know what I like to eat.

Kitsune left his bed and started his morning ritual which always ended with the most important task of all: food in my plate. He stretched his hands and yawned; he went straight to the balcony door and slid the curtains aside; he watched the sun rise in the horizon and...

The glow came right after the loudest noise I've ever heard. The last thing I remember was Kitsune grabbing me by the belly and running for the door.

And that's when my story, the story no overlord should ever experience, really began.

World War Neko

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