Chapter 12:

_Omake 1_

The Fallen Diadem

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Xon stepped into the bath. The warm water wrapped around his aching feet, soaking his dirty scales and finally giving them some relief. His head rolled back and the sound he made was something only a dragonkin could. “Uwuewuewueeee~”Bookmark here

Every part of him ached and was filthy from dismantling the earth dragon, but he could only put his feet into the bath. The owner had been very clear about that, and bribing him simply for access before the soldiers had already pushed the man’s helpfulness. But, the clay pool, heated from below by a fire and kept at a perfect temperature, was missing water. A huge amount had spilled over the sides from too many people crowding into it at once. Sitting on the rim, he couldn’t really get his feet all the way in.Bookmark here

“Xon!” Mayor Cassius’ voice nearly made the dragonkin leap out of the pool altogether, but he wasn’t the owner. He wasn’t coming to yell at him for sitting on the seat like any human. The mayor just slid in beside him, his hairy belly floating up at the surface as the two of them splashed a bit of the water out. “Are you still with that good-for-nothing Charles?” the mayor asked as he started scrubbing himself with a towel.Bookmark here

Xon fidgetted, knowing full well what was wicking off his body and into the bath water that Mayor Cassius was now using to clean his face. “It’s best to find your chief when he’s young,” Xon said. “Charles will mature… eventually.”Bookmark here

“He needs to settle down with a girl if he’s going to do that. But he’s got way too big of a chip on his shoulder,” Mayor Cassius said before dipping his head below the surface of the filthy water. He breached the surface with it streaming out of his wispy grey hair and his not-so-bushy moustache while gallons of the stuff was spilling across the floor around them.Bookmark here

“I think Neeka would have something to say about that,” the dragonkin said as he eyed the new gap between the water level and the edge of the bath. With the rotund mayor sitting normally, there was room for him to slide down a bit more and get his chest into the heat. It was exactly what he had been told to not do, but the owner would never know as long as he didn’t spill anymore. The mayor had been the one to overflow the bath anyways, he was just taking advantage of the situation.Bookmark here

The door to the bath flew open and again a shock went through his system. Half a dozen men piled in, tossing their clothes aside. They were soldiers, laughing and joking and one by one they hopped in with Xon and the mayor. He slipped into the middle, sinking all the way to his nose and suddenly he was wrapped up in warm bliss. His mind faded into a meditative trance as he felt all his muscles begin to relax. Bookmark here

It was everything he had been dreaming of. “Uwuewuewueeee~”Bookmark here

“Xon! You fat lizard! Get out here!” the bath owner screamed.Bookmark here

He jumped to his feet, realizing the bath water didn’t even reach his waist anymore and nearly all of it was on the floor soaking the men’s clothes. Two armored knights jumped in, swords drawn and looking at him. They were going to arrest him.Bookmark here

“I’m sorry!” he cried out and tried to scramble out of the emptied bath.Bookmark here

“Get him!” one of the knights shouted as he fell on the floor and tried to snatch up his clothes.Bookmark here

He desperately tried to apologize for submerging himself in the bath. He tried to explain that he knew he had been told to only put his feet in the water and had ignored that. He tried promising that he would go and fetch all the water that was needed to fill it back up.Bookmark here

Strangely, the knights didn’t seem to care about that. They were just confused by his plight. Bookmark here

And they didn’t even let him get his pants.Bookmark here

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