Chapter 0:

Prologue: Luna Wurlheid

Inferns Fire, Egis Desire

"Master ___!!"

Why do I keep having this dream...

"Master ___! Please, get away from here!"

Ugh, I'm starting to get sick of this.

"Master, please, you can't handle them on your own. We'll do our best to distract them. While we're at it, please make your escape."

This is different... this feels nostalgic... no, not nostalgic, like deja vu. Like I've been here before...


His eyes open that same instant. He could feel the cold sweat on his forehead and back.

I've been having that same dream since I've turned 14. It pisses me off. It makes me feel so powerless... like I can't protect those who are precious to me.

"But, I don't even know these people though" he whispered to himself.

The dream appeared to him every so often, almost as if it's a premonition or something from the past. It's a dream he can't seem to escape, and today, it went on for a lot longer than it usually did...

Regardless, it doesn't bother me as much as I would have thought.

"I wonder if this is normal... maybe I should ask Dad about this." he sighed. "This is getting kinda ridiculous" he added while yawning.

"Oi! Waaaaaake, uuuuuup! " A girl, his little sister jumps into his bed and headbutts him in the stomach.
"What the fuck!" He yells out, clutching the same place where her head made contact.

"Hey now." rises a soothing voice from the kitchen, "Haven't I told you not to use that type of language? What's going to happen if your sister starts acting as brutish as you?"

"Ugh, my bad" he mutters, avoiding contact with his little sister.

"Wahahaha, you got in trouble!" the little girl laughed

"You seriously piss me off" he growled as he threw a pillow at her. She dodges with ease.

"Nice try, hahahaha" she yells, giggling as she runs out of the room.

He crawls out of bed, and heads to the bathroom to refresh himself.

"Breakfast is ready, so please hurry." echoes the same voice from before, this was their mother.

"Yeah, just give me a minute "

As he entered the dining area, he spotted his little sister, Nila, sitting next to their mother. Her cheeks were full and she was chewing vigorously, while humming a cute little tune.

You can be really cute sometimes huh... as long as you're occupied with something other than annoying me.

She's a half dark elf, half dragonkin. The elf genes are from their mother, and the dragonkin from their fathers side. She's 10 years old, with chocolate brown skin, purple eyes, long ears and a cute dragons tail. She's yet to develop her fangs, but it looks like elf blood is the dominant in her body.

Their mother, Cecilia Wurlheid is a former knight in the Milus forest kingdom. She has long ears, characteristic of elves, chocolate brown skin, soft features, with sharp purple eyes.

She was known as Cecilia of the Wind. By her namesake, you'd think that she was gifted in Ventus magic. This isn't it at all. She's an subterran magic caster, with insane reflexes, flexibility and speed, making her seem to become part of the wind. In her home kingdom, she was a hero who was known for her incomparable strength and beauty.

Sit down would you?" she beckoned. "Your father made breakfast."

Ah, I see now. Why Nila's cheeks are so full. Its because our father happens to be an amazing cook!

"Well well, I see that you're up Luna. And so is my cute little Nila. Please, go ahead and indulge yourselves" says a husky, rugged voice.

This is Largen Wurlheid. Their father. A descendant of the dragons, also known as Dragonkin. He has a rugged beard, sharp steel gray eyes, and dark red scales from the base of his neck to his tail, all on bronze tanned skin.  He also has horns as characteristic of his kind, but prefers to keep them hidden via concealment magic.

He's an adventurer. Those individuals who travel the world and discovered dungeons while fighting monsters that terrorised civilisation.

He's known as Battle Overlord Largen. A gifted magic user and warrior who is loved by mana and the elements. While it is possibly due to his dragonic blood, there are very few who could say that they could fight him and survive.

These were the parents of the two halfling children who had been eating breakfast amongst them. Their eldest, Luna, is a 17 year old dark elf dragonkin hybrid. The son of Largen and Cecilia Wurlheid. The older brother to Nila Wurlheid. He has sharp grey eyes, short pointy ears, two fangs, and the same type of scale pattern as his father. And also like his father, he has a set of short black horns, almost like a dark halo just above his ears. However like his little sister, his skin colour was chocolate brown. He was born in Gawrick kingdom. The current home for the Wurlheid family.

Luna stuffed his face with the eggs, sausage, vegetables and mini bread loaf. Not far from where he had been sitting, a familiar yet rare scene had started playing out.

"I know i always say it but the food you cook is amazing my love. You always make it taste so much better than I do." Cecilia stated, clinging on to her husband.

"I only want the best for you and our children, my love, but don't sell yourself short. You're an amazing cook yourself." Largen replied with a smile.

"You've truly made me a happy woman."

There they go again. Another pain in the ass I have to deal with every morning.

"Ewwwww" screams Nila, watching her parents get intimate not far from where the siblings had been eating.

"Excuse me, but I'm actually trying to eat here" Luna mutters, while shoving another fork full of sausage into his mouth.

"I'm sorry my boy, but don't worry, this should be you one day, hehehe"  Largen replies with a hearty laugh.

If only you knew old man...

Luna thought as the faces of Kiwa and Fult flashed through his head...

Wait, why did Fults face show up too...?

Anyway, clearly these two are more in love than they let on. But that's alright. I love them both. If it wasn't for that love, I wouldn't be here otherwise. Luna continued in silence. Bookmark here

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