Chapter 1:

A morning in Cladestile City

Inferns Fire, Egis Desire

Gawrick kingdom. Land of the demi-humans. All manner of humanoid live here, together in peace and harmony. This is the country Luna Wurlheid, was born in. Bookmark here

This city was also the same place where Luna was recieving education most countries would only bestow amongst nobles. The students who lived in Cladestile are trained in Magic, combat, survival, history and all manner of information, in order to further unite the Carberia continent. Bookmark here

The city of Cladestile is known as the magic capital of the whole continent. This is where masters of all types of magic craft come to hone or learn their skills. It is a near circular town, the centre being the marketing district for all kinds of products. The north outer area is where the nobles reside, headed by the royal household. The south outer area being the residency of current top mages and scholars, including instructors and their families. Bookmark here

There is also boarding for those who work under the various Smithies adventurers and students, scattered throughout the West area. The Knights and soldiers and their families also live there.
Luna and his family live in the East area, an area dedicated to wealthy merchants, retired adventurers and other wealthy individuals who aren't Nobility. Bookmark here

The inner districts consist mainly of the Adventurer Guild, various inns, the Merchants guild, assorted government buildings,  blacksmiths and repair shops and a commode of others. Bookmark here

The most visible landmark though, would be The Gawrick Palace, which continues to be the symbol of the highest ranking nobles. Bookmark here

Home of the Gawrick monarchy, symbolised by the Red and Gold Lion Insignia, significant of a monarchy that rules, but takes pride in taking care of it's people. This palace brought 17 generations of Gawricks, all pursuing the path to strength, equality and prosperity for it's people. The current king, Reginald Van Lionel Gawrick the 4th, has been on the throne for little more than 10 years and the kingdom as a whole continues to prosper. Bookmark here

This kingdom is one of the few kingdoms that boast a rare instance of having no poverty stricken individuals. A great example of this would be the city Cladestile. Bookmark here

In the city, there is virtually no crime. There is a surrounding wall that provides almost absolute invulnerability to attacks. Many orphans, of which there are virtually none, are taken into orphanages and are taught basic life skills and are guaranteed work or apprenticeship. The streets are paved, maintained and have magic lamps that light up during the night. Bookmark here

While the city Cladestile is by far the most important; as it is the state capital, the other towns, cities and villages of the country also have immense prosperity. This kingdom is the living embodiment of 「We continue to work until every mouth is fed」. Bookmark here

The city has 2 dedicated facilities for education. There is another facility for further magical research, used by the mages who live only to further their pursuit of magical knowledge. Bookmark here

The two educational facilities, The Cladestile Enrichment Academy which is located near the South eastern district, and the Cladestile Academy of Magic Arts, located near the north eastern district are sponsored by the Gawrick family, surrounding nobles and other well off individuals. Bookmark here

The Cladestile enrichment academy is where they teach literature and arithmetic to the youth. They also teach the basics of magic, herbology and cooking. Lunas younger sister Nila goes to this school. Bookmark here

She's a blossoming magician and herbologist, two fields she's been taking to extremely well. This was something Luna took pride in as a brother who while doesn't want to admit it, dotes on his sister more than he lets on. Bookmark here

The Cladestile academy of Magic Arts, is where Luna is educated. Here they teach the advanced classes of magic, language, battle arts and magic arts to adolescents and young adults. They begin at the age of 14 and study a total of 4 or more years dependant on your chosen career path. Bookmark here

Incidentally, in both combat and magic, Luna appears to be part of the upper echelons. This though is something he credits to his genes, a person who doesn't realise their own talent over their latent abilities. His biased view is due to the fact that his parents, while now semi-retired, are still amongst the strongest beings in the country. Bookmark here

Today Luna had decided to walk Nila to her classes because he had some spare time. After he had dropped her off he headed down to his own classes in a different district. Bookmark here

"I'm really starting to wonder if I'm the weird one in this family. They're all so damned chummy with each other and happy. Is it teenage inhibitions? It probably is. That said, anyone who can indure being in such a family is pretty fucking tough, especially mentally. I didn't even get to ask the old man about the dreams..." Luna mutters. Bookmark here

After walking along for around 5 minutes, Luna was suddenly attacked from behind by a slightly shorter individual. Bookmark here

"Lunaaa! I've missed you so much!" shouted a feminine yet boyishly charming voice, jumping to hug him from behind.
Bookmark here

"It's only been 4 days. It can't be helped that your family is part of a merchant guild." Luna stated, dodging to the side in a small swift movement. Bookmark here

"Aw man, why did you have to go and dodge meeee." the voice said, skipping slightly as to avoid falling. Bookmark here

"Well... we're in public. Also, you're a dude. So back up a bit." Bookmark here

This boy he is currently talking to, is Fult Henser. He's a catboy, and a childhood friend of Lunas. Its been said that say he's a boy, because he uses the male facilities, and addresses himself as such when he's not around Luna, but nobody other than Luna and his parents aren't exactly sure. Even Luna had difficulty telling when they were younger, considering him a girl at the time.
As they grew, Fult had become more feminine, almost to the point of having petite womanly features. For a boy, he's unnecessarily cute. Everything he wears is boyish with a touch of femininity to it. The only defining outward feature from girls he has is his extremely flat washboard chest. Bookmark here

Today he was wearing a short sleeved shirt, short shorts with suspenders, knee high socks and ankle high boots, unzipped and folded backwards. So he was showing a rather decedent amounts of skin. Bookmark here

"Ugh... look, do you always have to dress like that?" Luna said with a slight blush, trying not to look at Fult directly. Bookmark here

"Why, don't you like it? I thought it was pretty cute" Fult remarked, sticking his tongue out. Bookmark here

Oh my god... you know what, fuck it. I guess I'll go along with it for now. I want to see him blush. Bookmark here

"Yeah, it's cute. In fact, it's too cute. I wouldn't want someone taking you away from me now." Luna replied, Looking into Fults eyes rather seriously. Bookmark here

"I-is that so, w-well i guess I should stay pretty close, don't you think?" He replied, as he links my right elbow to his left with a big smile, looking nonplussed. Bookmark here

"Bold today aren't we? I wonder what brought on this assertive attitude out of our cute little Fult." Luna said jokingly. Bookmark here

"I told you, I haven't seen you in a while right? So this should be fine" Fult replied as he giggled. Bookmark here

"I guess this is fine " Luna replied, and continued walking down the street, not bothered by his friend on his arm.Bookmark here

They continued down the main street, headed for their destination,still linked elbow to elbow, for another 15 minutes. As they appeared to be a rather lovey-dovey couple, they got started at and cooed at without end. Bookmark here

"I've heard all manners of "how cute" "well I'll be" and so on and so forth. I'd like to think I've gotten used to it right now." Luna muttered so that Fult couldn't hear. Bookmark here

"Is that young love I see" chuckled an old wolf man. Bookmark here

"Such cute little love birds" chirped a harpie shop owner. "Why don't you come on over and I'll give you lovers a little snack." Bookmark here

Isn't she the potion shop owner...? Luna thought. Bookmark here

"Ah, well... we are in a bit of a rush" walking as he pointed to the school gates with his free arm. Bookmark here

"Well i see dearies, off you go you two" she chirped with a gentle smile on her face Bookmark here

"You didn't deny that we are love birds" Fult mutters, while blushing. Bookmark here

"Do you want us to be?" Luna asked, sarcastically. Bookmark here

"Well if you say it like that, I might just-" Bookmark here

"This is why i can't just leave the two of you alone with your own devices. Fult, always trying to one up me, even at morning intimacy with what's mine?" a voice belonging to a woman stated, who then proceeded to grab the free arm Luna had.Bookmark here

"Good morning to you too Kiwa, I should be saying the same thing about you, clinging on to me so early in the morning." Luna smiled, realising both his arms were now occupied. Bookmark here

This ample bodied lioness on his left, Kiwa, is a student Luna has fought multiple times in this academy. She's supposedly the highest ranked in their age group, only after Luna. She's nobility, born from the Gawrick family, the ruling head of the this kingdom. Bookmark here

"I cant help it, I told you that I want you. And I don't mind if he... she? Whatever it is comes along." She smirks, staring at Fult. Bookmark here

"I also don't mind sharing" says Fult, grinning from ear to ear, staring back. Bookmark here

"I don't know when this obsession with me started, I don't really mind it either, but now really isn't the place you two" Luna remarked, entering the school gates. Bookmark here

"I say that, but I remember clearly." Luna continued to himself
After his narrow victory against her, she's been after him, claiming that I'm her destined one and wanting to have his child. She seemed to be relying more on her base instincts than her judgement as a woman. Bookmark here

"I mean, you're a princess. Who even still does that "oh my destined one" bullshit nowadays? I won't deny that the attention feels good but isn't a political marriage in your future?" Luna said to himself quietly. Bookmark here

"I can still hear you, and frankly it changes nothing" Kiwa replied. Bookmark here

"Damn those receptive ears of yours." Bookmark here

"Hey, flirt with me too" Fult added. Bookmark here

"There he goes again" a male student remarked.Bookmark here

"He's with the idol and the dark idol of the school so early in the morning. " Bookmark here

"As expected, you can feel the strength of the Wurlheid family from here, it's radiant!" Bookmark here

"Okay, now they're over exaggerating. I'm not radiant at all. And I'm not as strong as my parents. THEY'RE the strong ones. I just happened to inherit that strength." Bookmark here

"You're still on about that?" Fult added with a slight head tilt. Bookmark here

"What do you mean?"Bookmark here

"The boy means you're plenty strong yourself without claiming its your parents power. That's how you managed to beat most of us into submission." Kiwa said, also dumbfounded by Lunas thought process.Bookmark here

As Luna was occupied by that thought, he realised that they were now the centre of attention. Bookmark here

"Ugh, please don't come this way" Luna muttered, as he saw a student a year his senior head in their direction. Bookmark here

"Pretty proactive so early in the morning Luna" the student laughed. "I sure wish I was in your position" he remarked as he patted Luna on his back. Bookmark here

"I'm not sure if it's really enviable, seeing as I got both the strongest with the sword and strongest with magic right next to me. Regardless, good morning Prez. Where's the secretary? I figured she'd be with you." Bookmark here

"Ah, she's off on her own again, something about making the president fall in love with her or something... I wonder which president she's talking about" he pondered, scratching his head. Bookmark here

"Dense as ever Mr President" claims Kiwa, as she let's go of Lunas arm and pinches the student she called president on the cheek. Bookmark here

"You think? I mean, there's all kinds of presidents right?" replied the president, ever oblivious. Bookmark here

"There's only one I know in this school", says Fult, "and he's really making it hard on poor Layla" he continued. Bookmark here

Layla is the student council secretary. She's a forest elf with a rather beautiful and slim body. She takes care of their wild haired oblivious genius of a president. Bookmark here

That genius by the way is President Tendil Dorent . It should be assumed, but he is the student council president. His father knows Lunas father, and they've known each other since they were toddlers. He's been like an older brother to Luna, but he's as dense as a brick when it comes to the opposite gender. Bookmark here

"Anyway, can we get to class now? It's getting late. I don't want to keep Mr Fefnir waiting. I'm not ready for that type of chewing out today." Luna says while moving towards the main building. Bookmark here

"Oh yes, today is the Magic aptitude and proficiency test isn't it? Are you ready Luna? I heard you have boundless potential but haven't found your element yet" Tendil says as he walks beside their group. Bookmark here

"Oh yeah... so it's Mr Entis first then... I guess that's cool..." Luna replies with a distant look. Bookmark here

"I'm kind of interested in which element i should try out if I'm honest." Bookmark here

"Indeed, we can't have my darling not know what magic he can conjure up" replied Kiwa. Bookmark here

"You mean Our Darling, right Kiwa?" replied Fult, with his tail standing on end. Bookmark here

"Popular as ever indeed" smiles Tendil.Bookmark here

"Let's just friggin go to class please" Luna sighed as they enter the building.
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