Chapter 6:

A Guide to Convincing Stubborn Old Men To Do What You Want

Mages and Dragons in a New Land? They Obviously Haven't Seen a Modern War Man

Nobaru then entered the room.
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The elders were seated in three chairs behind a table. It looked like Nobaru was going to be interviewed.Bookmark here

"Mr Miya," said one of them, "I'm Jun. The one on the left is Akihiro and the one on the right is Sadao. We have been expecting you."Bookmark here

"You have?" asked Nobaru. He was nervous but otherwise fine. "And Nobaru is fine."Bookmark here

"Yes, Nobaru my boy," said Akihiro "We see and know everything."Bookmark here

"Well then, please fulfil my request." said Nobaru "Let the elves here learn magic. I have heard that you disapprove of elves learning anything but healing. I am only here to convince you, not argue. So please forgive me if I end up angering you."Bookmark here

"Your aura is...different." said Jun "A great destiny awaits you, child."Bookmark here

"My...aura?" asked Nobaru, confused.Bookmark here

"Yes." replied Akihiro "We can sense your Spiritual Colour, the aura of your life force. And yours is different from the rest."Bookmark here

Then he asked a question that shocked Nobaru. "Are you...reincarnated?"Bookmark here

'How!' thought Nobaru 'No one has figured that out.'Bookmark here

"How do you know?" he asked.Bookmark here

"So my guesses were correct," said Jun "he is a reincarnate."Bookmark here

"It appears so." said Akihiro "Reincarnates have a unique white coloured aura. They are legendary beings, considered godlike. You are the first one since the hero. You have a white-coloured aura with a red on top."Bookmark here

"I see," said Nobaru. "My sister Eri can also sense this 'aura'."Bookmark here

"Oh there is another?" said Jun "Well your kind can sense auras very well. I'm surprised that you can't."Bookmark here

"What do you mean, your kind?" asked Nobaru.Bookmark here

"Jun!" shouted Akihiro. Jun realised what he had said "I am sorry. He has said too much. You will face it yourself. We are willing to listen to your request."Bookmark here

"Understood," said Nobaru. He repeated his request and asked to let the young elves learn magic. He told them that many young elves want to learn it. He said he disapproved of elves being healers only and it would be a tactical disadvantage in wars as well. As soon as the three elders heard that. The one who was silent this whole time, Sadao spoke.Bookmark here

"The fact that elves can't practice magic has been one of our laws for centuries. We cannot change it unless you convince us. And besides, what do you know about war?! The mages are currently in a war with the dragons. Elves, being good healers are required. If we send them out in the front lines-"Bookmark here

Nobaru tried to control his anger. He kept his cool. "I have fought many wars in my past life, as the general of my country's army. I do know about war. I understand that you are cautious but allowing the elves to practice magic will help them to defend themselves during an attack. The opposition will come at the healers first you know. If they are attacked and die, you will still lose healers."Bookmark here

"You make a fair point then..." said Sadao "Extremely sorry for getting angry like that. All who agree to this boy's request say aye"Bookmark here

"AYE!" said all the elders in unison.Bookmark here

"And you had mentioned a war. Between mages and dragons. What is that all about?"Bookmark here

"So it all started," started Sadao "ten years ago. A mage infiltrated Draco, the land of dragons and massacred dragons directly under the dragon lord Vespek. This made the dragons angry...and one thing led to another. The mages and dragons are still at it as we speak."Bookmark here

"I see," said Nobaru. He knew what such a large scale war would do. "This war...would wreak havoc on the whole world. Dragons and Mages. Two very powerful sides clashing. Wars are truly a result of negativity and lead to a cycle of hate."Bookmark here

He thought of the times he had in this new life. He had a family now, a master who was like a big brother. He just made his first friend. Letting this war go on would mean losing it all...Bookmark here

He thought about his past life. He didn't want to lose everything again.Bookmark here

Then moments later, Nobaru made up his mind.Bookmark here

"I wish to stop this war."Bookmark here

The room was silent, not a single sound. The silence lasted for moments. Then, Jun broke the silence. "We all want to end this. But both sides are stubborn. But you! Since it’s you, you may be able to prevent this. The End of Days."Bookmark here

"What do you mean?" asked Nobaru, utterly confused.Bookmark here

"You will know soon." said Jun "The point is, that we will be with you, Nobaru. We will announce the fact that elves can practice magic at ease to the community at this instant."Bookmark here

Nobaru was glad. He thanked them and left the building. Bookmark here

'They are hiding things from me...' he thought 'It looked like it.'Bookmark here

"Since it’s you, you may be able to prevent this. The End of Days."
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"What do they mean by 'since it's me?" he muttered.Bookmark here

The guard outside regarded Nobaru with a smile and he smiled back. He went looking for Kaeda as he was thinking about the talk.
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He found her moments later. But...She was on the floor, getting hit by rocks. She was bleeding profusely. There were two kids, laughing as they threw those rocks the size of their fists. Kaeda was not crying. She was enraged. She looked sad, lonely even, but she tried not to show it. She was trying to stand, to escape. But the waves of rocks kept coming.Bookmark here

A big kid laughed and threw a huge rock at Kaeda who had just managed to stand. Nobaru ran towards the group.Bookmark here

"MUD WALL!" he shouted.Bookmark here

The stone hit the mud wall hard but hardly created a dent. Nobaru ran towards Kaeda and tried to heal her. But many stones hit her head and chest. Nobaru could heal the less serious wounds but didn't know what to do about the rest. That was when he saw Eri. She came running towards Nobaru because of the commotion.Bookmark here

"Nobaru," she said, "what happened here. There is blood on you. Are you alright?"Bookmark here

"Yeah thanks." said Nobaru "Can you heal her? I can't heal the wounds on some parts. And I have to take care of these two kids too."Bookmark here

Nobaru glared at the kids who attacked Kaeda.Bookmark here

"BIND!" he said. At an instant, the two were immobilized. Then he shouted.Bookmark here


One of the kids showed visible fear. The other showed anger.Bookmark here

"Get lost little kid!" he said "This has nothing to do with you! What will you get defending a weakling like her? You have a problem with hurting this-"Bookmark here

"Yeah, I do!" shouted Nobaru.Bookmark here

"Why do you care?" he asked "She is weak, alone and friendless. She can't even do basic spells because she is weak."Bookmark here

"Get your facts straight before you spit them out because you are wrong!" said Nobaru "She isn't weak. While you threw stones at her. She didn't cry and tried to stand up to escape instead of lying there. And she isn't friendless or alone. Because I am her friend. You are supposed to be 'strong' right? Then why harass the weak instead of guiding them to be strong? In my eyes, YOU ARE WEAK!"Bookmark here

Nobaru released the spell and the kids ran away in shame.Bookmark here

He then went towards Kaeda.Bookmark here

"You alright?" he asked "GOD'S HAND!" he said and healed the few scratches on her face and body with a flash of green light.Bookmark here

"You alright now?" he asked, extending his hand. Kaeda nodded wearily and took his hand. She couldn't stand straight so Eri offered support along with Nobaru. The three of them walked down the hill. There was total silence except for the sound of the wind, the rustling of the leaves and the chirping of the birds. Once they reached the bottom, Kaeda hugged them, eyes full of tears.Bookmark here

"Thank you both." she said "For helping me back there. No other person would've done what you both did because of my weakness. But you... Do you really think I am strong?"Bookmark here

"Yes." replied Nobaru "You have a lot of mana. A lot of potential. Your strong will was shown when you faced those bullies without tears, even though you were battered and bruised."Bookmark here

"You have a strong aura, Kaeda." said Eri "When I was running over to you, I sensed your immensely strong aura. And standing up for each other is what friends do. My brother's friends are also mine." Eri smiled warmly.Bookmark here

"Thank you both..." she said, wiping her tears.Bookmark here

"Sure!" said Nobaru "You want to learn magic right? Well, through my request, the elders have agreed to let elves pursue magic without any fear of being shunned or disliked for it. So let's meet on the hill where we first met?"Bookmark here

Kaeda smiled with gratitude "Thank you so much. I can't wait!"Bookmark here

"See you there then," said Nobaru as the three of them parted ways.Bookmark here

Back in her house, Kaeda received news about the elders' announcement. She told her parents about Nobaru and what he did for her. They were happy when they found out that he would be teaching her magic and also because she made friends.Bookmark here

Kaeda's mind was full of thoughts. She was thinking about Nobaru and stayed up at night, thinking while looking at the sky.Bookmark here

It appears that Nobaru isn't the only one who experienced the holy feeling of love that day.Bookmark here

Days passed as Nobaru and Kaeda trained together, talked and had great times together. Eri also joined the group and loved to spend her time talking and laughing together.Bookmark here

Nobaru started teaching her magic with the chant first.Bookmark here

"It is important that you practice magic with the chant first." he said to her once, when she asked him why she wasn't learning chantless magic from the start " Chantless magic needs imagery. My master Tamura Akio said that these chants help to get the imagery. So once you are familiar with magic with the chant, I'll teach you the chantless version.”Bookmark here

Kaeda nodded in agreement.Bookmark here

She learned all kinds of powerful spells from Nobaru. But she grasped Fire Magic the easiest. Her poweress in Fire Magic was more than your average magician. She reached Advanced in Fire Magic, Intermediate in Water, Earth, Light and Wind Magic and Basic in Light Magic soon.Bookmark here

Concerning chantless magic. Kaeda had great imagery and could do chantless magic on par with a normal Intermediate class magician in a few weeks. Nobaru realised that his judgement was correct, that she was indeed a good, strong person.Bookmark here

And like that, five months passed in the blink of an eye.Bookmark here

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