Chapter 8:

The Girl With The White Hair


Dani.Bookmark here

Dani Hikari.Bookmark here

I can't forget that name. How could I forget it? She saved my life. Bookmark here

I was in San Francisco for a long time. I lived with just my mother. I hated her. She would treat me like was worthless. I couldn't find a job and she resented me for it. I was fifteen when she lost her son while she was pregnant. I tried my best to help her, I truly did. I'd clean, cook, sacrifice my grades in school to take her places after that. She'd still yell at me. Beat me over the smallest things. At sixteen, I moved out. Bookmark here

I was homeless for about a month. I made friends with a few of the homeless and other people down on their luck. I started helping, fixing our little community up, and protecting it as well. I was surviving, not living, however. I needed work. I just want to know where my next meal was coming from. Some shady dude wanted me to sell some weed to some college kids as a favor for my efforts around the homeless camps. I made money, for the first time. It was $130. It felt so good. Soon, I was a mainstay, selling weed to a few kids and oldheads to get me a lower-end apartment on the shady side of town. It was nothing new, of course. Bookmark here

Something always goes wrong. It's the story of my life. There were more weed dealers out. There was compitition. I was gonna lose my house, I had to step things up a notch. I remember one of my plugs named Sam. I called him over one day in June. Bookmark here

"Yo, what's the word?" Sam said, once stepped into my den. Bookmark here

I look out the window, determined. "Yeah. I'ma sell crack now. I need people." Bookmark here

"Woah woah, crack? You know what happens if we get pinched with crack, dawg?"Bookmark here

"Same thing with weed: Jail. You know the risks regardless, bro. I ain't snitchin' and I put that on everything I love. I just need help pushing it."Bookmark here

Sam sighs. "Fine. But don't say I ain't warn you." Bookmark here

A few months later, I was balling. High-end apartment, chains, and the women. I had it all. All I had to do is ruin the community with what I sold. I would walk around the old parks I used to play in. All I saw were baseheads and bums smoking up. Dopeman got rich off these fool's backs, simple as that. That sent me into a deep depression. I was smoking a cigarette one night, leaning against the rails on the Golden Gate Bridge. I was thinking about jumping, actually. There was gonna be another Dopeman.Bookmark here

"Hey." I hear a woman say behind me. Bookmark here

"What's your name?" She asked me. She had white hair. "I'm Dani Hikari."Bookmark here

I was slightly surprised at the question."D-Dopeman. The streets call me the Dopeman."Bookmark here

"I'm not asking what the streets call you. What's your actual name?"Bookmark here

I told her my name. I can't remember.Bookmark here

"Oh! I like that name. I'm calling you that from now on, ok?"Bookmark here

I nodded and started smiling. Why was my heart beating so fast?Bookmark here

Oh yeah. Bookmark here

The girl with the white hair had stolen my heart. Bookmark here

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