Chapter 5:

Chapter 2 The Smile

Utopia Book 1: The First Journey and the Awakening (Volume 1: Green) *ON HOLD*

Mayu walked up to the nearest wall and set the rock on a large stone, that had broken loose from the pack, and waited. Mayu knew it had been three days since the stone glowed, and hoped that it would not prove her to be a lier to her new friend. It was the second time that she had brought the rock back to the place where she had found it, Mayu knew that her friend would be impressed because the first time was nothing like Mayu had ever experienced.

"Lilly come on! What are you waiting for?" Mayu said as she ran into the darkness of the cave, Bookmark here

"Slow down Mayu! You're running too fast! My tiny leg's can't keep up, and how are you even running that fast? You have tiny legs too!" Lilly said as she dropped her hands into her knees and panted. Lilly got up quickly and ran after Mayu. Bookmark here

As she turned the corner she couldn't believe her eyes. The entire cave was lit by the purple light of the glowshrooms. The crimson flowers twinkled and flickered as the butterflies and looming-pixies danced around with Mayu. Bookmark here

"Mayu! How are you doing this? Lilly asked as she stared at Mayu and witnessed the beautiful event happening before her. Mayu twirled towards Lilly and faced her with a bright smile, Bookmark here

"Look Lilly! Look!" Mayu said with cheer and put her hands in front of Lilly. Slowly Mayu opened up her hands and inside of them was a strange glowing stone. It was nothing like Lilly had ever seen before. Bookmark here

"So that's what's causing all of this ruckus huh!" Lilly said in astonishment to the little pebble. Bookmark here

"Yep! Isn't it wonderful! Everything is just so beautiful!" Mayu said in awe as she spun around and faced Lilly with a smile.

Bookmark here

Mayu was about to give up in frustration when suddenly the ground trembled, and the walls bulged. The winds blew and swiftly passed through Mayu's hair, and in a final encore, the winds roared, forcing the rocks to the ground. The winds blew so hard that the squirrel clung to Mayu's hair as if wanting to crawl inside her head. In the aftershock, rocks tumbled from the nearby cliff and crashed into the embankment below.Bookmark here

 The clashing of rocks on rocks was almost as deafening as the silence that followed. Mayu quickly grabbed her rock which was now glowing brighter than she had ever seen, Bookmark here

"Something's different." Mayu said to herself as she stared at the rock with pinched eyes. This wasn't the feeling that Mayu felt before, It was more peaceful the first time, but this time it was different. Everything that Mayu felt was full of anger, fear, and sadness, but there was one feeling that Mayu could not figure out.Bookmark here

It was as if a storm that had thought to be ended came back with treacherous winds, that were powerful enough to destroy an entire city. Mayu took the stone and stuffed it deep into her pocket. Mayu decided to cover up the feeling that she felt and ignored it, she didn't want her new friend to know that something was bothering her.
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The squirrel was now at her feet bobbing up and down and squealing frantically. Mayu knew she had to calm him down.

Bookmark here

"Wow, that was amazing," Mayu whispered as she looked down at Rav and smiled." Bookmark here

I'm so glad you got to share that with me, but you must never speak of it to anyone! It's now our secret."Bookmark here

She realized she was talking to the squirrel as if it were a person and decided to give it a nickname. She pondered about it for a second and figured Tic might be a good name, but when she called him by that title, he looked away disapprovingly. Bookmark here

"So Tic isn't the name huh," Mayu said with amusement in her voice and searched her memory for another name that they could both agree. Mayu thought of it as an easy challenge and succeeded with determination, Bookmark here

"I know, Rav! How about Rav?" He perked up and started bouncing up and down, and Mayu knew it was the name for him. Bookmark here

"All right then it's settled, we shall call you Rav."Bookmark here

Fearing that someone might have heard the commotion from the rock display, Mayu decided it was time for them to vacate the area. She signaled for Rav to climb onto her shoulder and he quickly abandoned the pine cone he had taken an interest in and obeyed.

Bookmark here

The light from within the cave was beginning to fade, and Mayu knew they only had about a quarter of an hour before darkness passed them. She knew that soon the glowshrooms would glow and illuminate the cave. Bookmark here

She grabbed Rav, stuffed him into the side pouch of her jacket and started to run. When Mayu turned the corner she seemed to realize that the road out seemed farther away than she remembered, but besides that interesting fact, she continued to tell Rav, Bookmark here

"One more corner and then we can walk,". Bookmark here

The more corners they turned the longer it seemed to take before long Mayu realized that every time they turned a corner they just seemed to end up back in the same place. "You've got to be kidding me!" Mayu yelled out in frustration hearing her own voice echoing throughout the cave. Mayu stopped and looked around. Bookmark here

"What the heck is going on?" Mayu said as she scratched her head in confusion. She looked at everything that was around her and noticed the small glowing lights that illuminated the cave, Bookmark here

"Oh no! The Glowshrooms! Is it really night already?" Mayu said in question and amazement. Bookmark here

Mayu continued to ponder around until suddenly she heard a splash to the far North of the cave. Mayu turned around with a quick reaction and stared into the darkness, but when she looked the only thing she could see was the purple light of the glowshrooms.
Bookmark here

"Hey, Rav did you hear something?" Mayu asked him in question. Bookmark here

"Muk, Muk?" Rav chirped as he poked out his head and tilted his head to the side with cluelessness. Bookmark here

"Must be my imagination then," Mayu said fulfilled. Bookmark here

Rav was about to put his head back inside Mayu's coat when suddenly he began to squeal, Bookmark here

"Rav what's the matter?" Mayu asked in fright but had no time to hear his answer. Bookmark here

Mayu saw something flash in the corner of her eye. Before Mayu could actually make sense of what was going on she felt a large burly figure smash into her wiry frame knocking her into the bush that lined the path. She groaned and could here Rav squealing in his high-pitched warning. Mayu tried to process what was happening. Mayu slowly turned over, her back facing the bush and looked up, trying to find the thing that bumped into her. Bookmark here

She swore the shadowy figure was just there, but everything was moving so fast. She knew enough to understand that this was no prank or joke and response her flight and fight instincts took over. Mayu had to find a way to get away from her attacker. She kicked, scratched and screamed but the man was much too powerful. Rav had escaped and was still screaming from a few yards away. Seeing that Mayu needed help he decided to take action, Rav charged at the attacker bit him on the nose and scratched him in the eye. Bookmark here

"You stupid pest!" the man screamed in annoyance as Rav continued to ramble along in his face. Bookmark here

He barely escaped as the attacker loosened his grip on Mayu and took a swipe at Rav, hitting himself in the face. Bookmark here

This opportunity was Mayu's chance to escape from her enemies. She grabbed Rav by the tail and ran as fast as her frightened legs could carry them. It took Mayu a second to recognize that they were heading back to the ruins, but they had no choice. It was either to face capture or to run into the darkness of the ruins. Bookmark here

Mayu heard a voice yell out in frustration, Bookmark here

"They're getting away, go after them!" Mayu's heart raced, and her legs ran faster as it became apparent that there were more of them against her and Rav. They had to hide until morning or until a search party was sent out to look for them, well, if they came for them, after all the only other person that knew about this place was Lilly. Bookmark here

Mayu had to do something because their time was running out. Soon those two goons would find them. Bookmark here

"It's gotta be close, it's gotta be close! Mayu said in a worried tone, Mayu saw two paths and stopped in front of them. Looking to the ground she found two pebbles, Bookmark here

"These should do!" Mayu said as she picked up two small pebbles and threw one them into the right cave. The sound was hollow and did not echo very far. Mayu than took the second rock and threw it into the left cave, an echo went on for at least ten seconds, Bookmark here

"Aha! This is it!" Mayu said in excitement as she ran into the left cave. When Mayu exited the cave a small whole laid in front of her, Bookmark here

"I know just the perfect place!" Mayu said as she started to crawl into the small hole. Bookmark here

"This will lead us into the deeper parts of the ruins, there, no one will find us!" Mayu whispered as she continued to crawl into the darkness. Bookmark here

The stone floor was wet and sticky, it had a cold surface that was round and bumpy like the shells of baby sea turtles, Bookmark here

"Ah man! It's so dark, I can barely see where we're heading!" Mayu complained. Mayu could still hear the faint sounds of feet clamping in the dark. Bookmark here

She thought of using her rock as a light to guide the way, after all, it is still glowing as bright as ever. Mayu slid her hand down into her pocket and felt the warm light of the stone. She began to pull it up, slowly with extreme caution. As her hand reached the tip of the pocket sleeve Mayu quickly let loose of her grip and dropped it back into her pocket. Bookmark here

"That would be a bad idea," Mayu whispered as she continued on her dark path. Bookmark here

They soon made it to the mouth of the cave which was just to the right of the ruins. Mayu knew that the cave's opening was just big enough to let herself through but not her attackers, so it was a safe hiding place. Mayu and Rav would go deep into the cave and wait for her rescuers to show up. Bookmark here

"Okay, let's go," Mayu said as she began to move into the cave, she barely managed to squeeze through, scraping her arms and face as she wiggled her entire 5"2' frame further into her hiding place. Bookmark here

She crawled in about two meters before the cave opened up. It was pitch dark. Water drops echoed throughout the entire cave and as if by instinct, Rav remained as quiet as a mouse tucked away safely in Mayu's pouch. She patted and caressed the bag, providing Rav comfort. Mayu started to feel Rav shaking inside her pouch; she had to do something, so she whispered,Bookmark here

"Don't worry Rav, will be in the light soon, and besides, were together aren't we? There's nothing to be afraid of," Mayu whispered as she caressed the side of her pouch.Bookmark here

Rav settled and began to relax more comfortably. Mayu crawled around on all fours searching for a comfortable place to rest for the night. It was eerily quiet which she thought was a good thing. A sweet scent of water drops moved throughout the cave; the silence that bewitched the entire cave probably meant that her attackers were long gone, or perhaps, waiting for her to give away her hiding place. Bookmark here

Mayu's knees began to burn and ache from crawling around on the rough surface of the caves' floor. It was utterly small but high enough for her to stand, Mayu herself wondered how she even fit inside. She decided it was better to stand up so she could give her knees and hands a break. Mayu put her hands on her knees and pushed herself off of the cave floor. Bookmark here

Mayu was able to stand up comfortably, and this was a huge relief. She thought of sitting back down but changed her mind. Against her better judgment, Mayu advanced deeper into the cave, Bookmark here

"It couldn't hurt to go, just a little bit farther," Mayu whispered to herself as she put one foot in front of the other. Bookmark here

As Mayu wandered deeper into the cave, she thought she noticed a faint image, move down deeper into the cavern. Worried that someone might have seen them, though impossible as it was, Mayu quickly followed them, gradually and carefully.

Bookmark here

"This is Impossible," Mayu thought. Those guys were way too big to fit inside this cave, besides only someone her size could possibly fit inside. Bookmark here

Mayu looked around and there was nothing there but the sound of bats, and the sudden drops of water from the hanging stalagmites. The light from the cracks and the crevices of the cave provided Mayu with light and guidance. Bookmark here

"There's no one here, but you and me Rav. Those big brutes couldn't have possibly-" Mayu hesitated as sounds of laughter echoed throughout the cave. Bookmark here

It was the sweet laughter of a little child, but something was strange, there was nobody there. Wherever Mayu tended to look, there was not a thing to be found, just the echo of there voice and the dark cave walls that surrounded the interior of the cave. Bookmark here

"Am I hallucinating?" Mayu said as she rubbed her eyes and checked again.Bookmark here

Mayu decided to continue on her path and wandered deeper into the cave. Rav had been hearing all the commotion and wondered just what in the world was Mayu talking about. Rav began to shift around in Mayu's jacket and happened to notice that the stone Mayu had shown him began to glow, he rushed out of her pocket in an attempt to tell her what was going on, but by then it was too late.Bookmark here

Mayu had not gone more than ten feet when suddenly she struck her head on what must have been a hanging stalactite. Her head throbbed, and Mayu found herself panicking. She stumbled and felt herself falling down into a cavern. Mayu landed on her back with a thud and felt a sharp pain go through her right shoulder. Bookmark here

She twisted and turned as she hit two ledges on her way down. Mayu cried out in pain, as the burns and scrapes that covered her body began to burn and ooze with blood. Mayu began to move her left hand slowly towards her right shoulder, Bookmark here

"Ah!" she yelled and pulled her hand back in pain. The pain was making it hard for Mayu to focus, how far had she'd fallen? Four feet? Maybe six? It started to become harder and harder for Mayu to think. Mayu began to lose her vision as her eyes began to blur from the intense dizziness, but then out of nowhere a white figure began to move towards Mayu. It stood above Mayu and looked down at her, Mayu tried to back away but grunted in pain as her deep wounds stopped her from even moving an inch. It was all becoming blurry and Mayu still couldn't concentrate on what exactly was going on. Mayu could no longer focus.Bookmark here

As she lay flat on the solid ground the white figure got down on both knees and began to reach out its right hand towards Mayu. Mayu couldn't understand what was happening, she was afraid and scared, she couldn't move, her body wasn't letting her. A hopeless feeling rushed over Mayu as the figure drew closer, but was it all for nothing.

Bookmark here

The hand of the blurry figure suddenly began to stroke Mayu on her forehead. Mayu didn't know why she did, but it was all she could do in a moment like this. With one eye Mayu peeked up at the blurry figure. Bookmark here

It resembled that of a small young girl, but Mayu didn't trust what she saw, for she believed that she still could be hallucinating. Yet, she couldn't help but feel a similar feeling of comfort towards the girl, Bookmark here

"what was causing this feeling? Why did she seem so familiar?" Mayu thought to herself. Mayu began to feel a huge wait on her shoulders. Her eyelids felt heavy and soar.

Bookmark here

Giving up to these feelings, Mayu forced herself to look up one last time, and what she beheld was the gentle smile of the little girls face. Without any energy left Mayu dropped her head down expecting to heat the hard rock ground of the whole, but unexpectedly she landed on the soft cushion of the girl's lap. Bookmark here

Mayu couldn't stay awake any longer, everything was becoming dark, her eyes began to shut slowly and before she knew it she had already fallen asleep. A tear slipped down Mayu's face for she knew she was helpless and all alone. Mayu's body began to turn cold as the little girl's touch began to fade away, and in seconds Mayu's hands fell limp to the ground as her life finally vanished. Bookmark here

The figure slowly stood up and turned towards the light that glowed from Mayu's pocket, she reached her hand inside and took the object not expecting for what followed.

Bookmark here

Holding onto it was a small animal. Lifting the stone up to her eyes, she smiled gently and removed the animal from the stone. With care she softly placed the small animal beside Mayu side. Taking Mayu's cold hands she placed the stone between them. She then took them and placed them between her breast. In sudden response the stone began to glow a water like blue. The colour within it swirled into small spirals, changing into a dark purple spark that illuminated the stones centre. Bookmark here

The figure smiled once more and slowly faded away into the darkness.Bookmark here

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