Chapter 9:

Clean House


Over the next week, I was recovering, tinkering, and hanging out with my friends. Over the week I've gotten a letter from Harper. I've made a bit of a home in the barn to keep Serena company. I sat with my lady horse and started reading. Bookmark here

"Hey! I was wondering if you're even still alive down there. I've heard rumors that a certain Dopeman blew up half a building to get rid of some raiders. I really wish you wouldn't do dumb stuff like that. You got people who need you! Like me! How else can I suppose to tell the legend of Dopeman if Dopeman dies?! So, If you could write me back you can! If not, you better say something when you get back!

-Harper."Bookmark here

Serena nudges me a bit, huffing out. Bookmark here

I stand and pet her. "You're right, I should write her back." Bookmark here

I then set the paper on the hay-littered desk and started writing.Bookmark here

"Yo! I'm alive, don't worry. I'm happy you even thought to write back. I appreciate it a lot. You know me, I always want to see people safe, but I'll try to be safe. I promise I'll come back to town and tell you everything. I got a lot of stories. Enough about me. I hope you're safe. I hope you're doing the good work you've been doing already. Keep safe!Bookmark here

Your favorite fool,
Dopeman."Bookmark here

After taking my mail to a post office, I ride Serena to the Miller Corps camp to get my information from Tann. I dismount, seeing Fisher smoke while the other soldiers get ready. "Morning, Fisher," I say as I lean next to him.Bookmark here

"Hey, Dopeman. Today's the day eh?" Bookmark here

"Guess it is. You know what to do?"Bookmark here

"Not a clue," Fisher flicks the cig away while shrugging. "I was told that just follow what you say."Bookmark here

"Speaking of, where's Sera?"
Bookmark here

Fisher points to one of the many wagons. "She's getting her ammo stocked up." Bookmark here

I nod, and say my goodbyes I head into the tent. I see Kyle, drinking his water and getting his sets of paper. "Dopeman. I knew you'd make the right choice."Bookmark here

I sit in one of the open chairs and scoff. "Yeah, yeah I understand. You got the information for me?"Bookmark here

Kyle sets the map and other notes down. "Usurp Heaven will take place over many days. Starting today, we'll make camp right here in the unmarked village. We'll be calling it Mother Base for the time being. It'll be in striking distance of our foe, Tribe Trastorno." The Major opens another folder of a few pictures of men around a house. It's been restored somewhat. I can assume by these raiders. "These are our raiders. These tribesmen plan to disrupt our attempt of order and some form of normalcy on the west coast. Your mission is to take your team and free this house. There are rumors of slaves and drug mules in here. I need that house gone. They benefit from this house, so the house needs to go."Bookmark here

After looking at the information for a bit, I simply nod and leave. Strange he didn't tell me to free anyone. I'll just do the freeing myself then. In a few hours, We make camp at Mother Base. By then it was night. It looked to be some sort of desert village, with the low, poorly built buildings. Me, Sera, and Fisher stepped off the wagon. "We need a team name," Fisher says as we get on our individual horses to ride over at the Trastorno slave house. I nod. "Team Dopeman, easy."Bookmark here

Sera scoffs. "Of course you want the team to be named after yourself. I say we should be team gunslinger!" Bookmark here

Fisher shakes his head. "Nah, I think we should be team badass! Like, I think that's a good way to how good we are!"Bookmark here

"If you're five yeah," Sera utters.Bookmark here

"Oh, I'll show you what's five-"Bookmark here

"Enough, children!" I interrupt. I stop when I reach the top of a hill. I overlook the house, taking out a broken piece of binoculars to look at the house. "Eight dudes. Not an army but nothing I can handle. I want you two to watch for backup when I charge in, yeah?"Bookmark here

Sera shakes her head. "Wait no-"Bookmark here

"Great! Good luck team!" I slide down the hill, loading my new shells in. I call them Devil's Kiss (or fire shells). After loading all five in I run up and pop the two in the head with my pistol. I kick the door in as my team shoots the second door. I see two in the kitchen.  I make sure they cook well with my DK slugs. I soon get my shoulders grabbed and my head shoved through a window. I kick the dude in the stomach and aimed my shotgun, but he was quick. I get disarmed and pinned to the ground. He wraps his hands around my neck, choking me. I was feeling my air escaping me, I struggled to find anything. I hear footsteps, It's Sera. She pulls out her six-shooter and fires one at his neck. I kick him off and finish him with my own pistol, struggling to breathe. Bookmark here

After freeing the slaves and junkies, Fisher set fire to the house. Sera was patching my bloody face nearby. I was studying the giant ball of light. "Thank you," I say. Sera shakes her head and smiles. "Team Foolish." She replied with. 
Bookmark here

"Why team foolish?"Bookmark here

"Because we're foolish enough to follow you, Dopeman." Bookmark here

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