Chapter 1:

Running Into You

Running Into Your Love Comedy

Winter. Winter is a season of balance, where the smallest hiccups can lead to the worst consequences, because God knows I hate being stuck in bed with a fever, staying still instead of breathing fresh air.Bookmark here

It was years ago when I picked up this habit of running. I run wherever, whenever I can, including on a day like this.Bookmark here

Running through quiet streets filled with family homes, not a soul seems to be in sight this afternoon. The wind is cold, the skies are covered, and even without the wind the temperature is freezing.Bookmark here

I eventually find myself in the park where I used to play growing up. Distant days where things were simpler, where I wasn’t concerned with so many things that crossed my mind.Bookmark here

The park was deserted, even if this was school after hours, not even the rowdiest of kids would like to come out and play in the Siberian Tundra.Bookmark here

“I should ask Katashi-kun to run with me one of these days…” I took a deep sigh as I watched the empty park. There was something sad about this loneliness.Bookmark here

Even if I’m drenched in sweat, I'll take a break here. The cold wind makes me feel like I’m stuck in a refrigerator, while my sweat freezes over. Bookmark here

I sit on the swings and look at the grey sky. Isn’t that some kind of shape I’m seeing among those clouds? I’m not insane, right?Bookmark here

My eyes on maximum capacity, staring at the clouds trying to make out the shapes of the things I believe I can see.Bookmark here

While I’m squinting my eyes attempting to zoom into the clouds, a faint sound of someone sitting reaches my ear, while I’m lost staring at the skies. The wind blows a sweet smell that washes away the smell of sweat I’m accustomed to.Bookmark here

I lower my head and face the direction of the perfume, confused.Bookmark here

My previously squinted eyes are now wide open. My heart, even if the cardio I had done ended minutes ago, felt like it had never stopped beating.Bookmark here

A serene figure of a girl, whose dark, slightly blueish hair seems undisturbed by the wet weather, blows in the wind like fine threads of silk. Bookmark here

A lock of hair blocks her view, and she pushes it away with her right hand. Bookmark here

She’s holding up a pen.Bookmark here

Realizing this, I look away from her face and realize she’s wearing the uniform from my same high school, and in her legs lay a small notebook with writings I can’t read from this distance.Bookmark here

I’m a sweaty man wearing athletic attire, while this S-class beauty sits next to me and doesn’t say a word… Bookmark here

The girl stays quiet, and writes more in her notebook.Bookmark here

I try to look away, but can’t bring my eyes away from her. She doesn’t seem to notice me.Bookmark here

“Her chest is adequately sized, not too big, but there’s definitely something there… She’s very slim too, isn’t she?” I ramble on to myself.Bookmark here

Ugh, keep it together!Bookmark here

“S-Tier, S-Tier, Supreme Tier, ” My head doesn’t stop repeating the thought. This is awkward.Bookmark here

Screw it, I’m giving it a shot.Bookmark here

“That uniform… is from Shonan High School, right?” I ask, in a confident tone.Bookmark here

The girl jumps up, but doesn’t get up from the swing, quickly closing her notebook as she turns to me.

Bookmark here

“Y-yes…” she mumbles softly, still looking visibly disturbedBookmark here

“Oh, cool, I go there too. What class are you in?” I ask.Bookmark here

“2-B,” she responds.Bookmark here

These monosyllabic responses are getting the best of me already. And she’s the one that sat next to me without saying a word!Bookmark here

“Ahh, I’m from 1-B, but we’re in the same year! Also, what are you writing there?”Bookmark here

“It’s nothing,” she replies in a still low tone.Bookmark here

“Can I take a look?”Bookmark here

“No, it’s a secret.” Bookmark here

Secret…Bookmark here

For some reason, we both sit there undisturbed. That’s probably the strangest interaction I’ve had in my entire life.Bookmark here

Actually, I might look like some kind of creep if I sit here longer. I’ll take my leave now and won’t think about this again.Bookmark here

Who am I kidding, I probably will.Bookmark here

I get up and take a single step forward, before I’m interrupted.Bookmark here

“Excuse me,” her voice suddenly goes up in pitch, sounding different from the monotone responses she was just giving.Bookmark here

“Hm?”Bookmark here

“Why are you here?”Bookmark here

I’m puzzled.Bookmark here

“What do you mean?”Bookmark here

“Why did you come out here on a day like this?”Bookmark here

“I like this park, and I like running.”Bookmark here

“Will you come tomorrow, too?” her tone dropped again, and her eyes averted themselves from me.Bookmark here

What? Why is this random person being so cute? Wait, why is she asking this? I’m going to die from an overdose of this. Not that I dislike it.Bookmark here

“Uhm…”Bookmark here

“Pleaaase,” she drags out the “a” in a tone that could only be described as cute, covering her mouth with her notebook. Her eyes glare at me, even I can feel she wants me to say yes.Bookmark here

Wait, did her character type switch in under a millisecond, or is that me?Bookmark here

Either way, both are cute as hell.Bookmark here

“Fine” I nearly lose my composure saying this.Bookmark here

“I’ll see you later then,” her tone returns to her serious mode. Bookmark here

Did she do that cute thing just to get me to say yes? What kind of person is this?Bookmark here

Before my questioning goes further, I stateBookmark here

“Yeah, later.”Bookmark here

I turn my back to her one last time and head towards the exit of the park walking, before resuming to jog heading home. And in a window’s reflection I see myself passing through, but I stopped to pay attention to one little detail. I have the dumbest, biggest grin on my face.Bookmark here

What did I agree to do just now? to come back tomorrow?Bookmark here

What did I just run into?Bookmark here

Golden Boy
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