Chapter 0:

I Hate Isekais

Isekai Ga Kirai Desu [I Hate Isekais]

I feel that I'm on the verge of my life coming to an end. What is happening? It feels very comfortable though.Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

I open my eyes to the beautiful blue sky. I'm sitting on a cloud and it looks like I'm not alone. A woman sits in front of me with short snow blue hair, a pink bow, and a chain attached to it. Her outfit is very surprising for this era, a blue-purple kimono with a pink, flowery ribbon. It also looks like she has a sun on her right shoulder and a moon on her left, along with that, clouds on her left sleeve and stars on her right. She isn't wearing shoes, she just has some semi-transparent white stockings on. The thing I surprisingly noticed last was her cat ears but she didn't seem to have a cat tail. Bookmark here

She catches me in her eye after I stared at her for about 15 seconds, still half-asleep and very confused. It seems like I'm in my normal fit, scruffy brown hair, a white tee, and some scuffed jeans.Bookmark here

"Oh! Hello! I see you are awake! How was our sleep darling?" she asks me.
At this point, I can't even seem to mumble a word. I only seem to say "Wh-."
"I can see you are very confused, darling, let me bring it to you gently," she says.
"Wh-" is still the only word I can seem to mutter.
She lets out a breath as if she has been practicing this introduction.
"I'm Heavenly, you died while in your sleep so you showed up here! With me!"
Those words wake me up. I finally come to my senses.
"Hold on- I'm dead?!"
Her mood is a mix of "Happy to finally meet you," and "I feel bad I have to be the one to tell you this."
"I'm afraid so, currently you are in Heaven! I'm here to comfort you!"
I...died...I don't know how to react to this at first but I just keep thinking of how beautiful she is. Her angelic aura keeps throwing me off.
"Of course you think I'm beautiful, darling, I'm your concept of a dream girl! I like your taste very much!"
I stall from these bouncing thoughts. Did she just read my mind?
"Well of course I can darling, you're in Heaven and I'm a part of your mind so it makes sense, doesn't it?"
"Ok, I get it, just try not to mess around a lot in my head. I have some stuff in there-"
"Oh? Like your "Homework" folder? Yes, I must admit that is very weird as well, especially the part with L-" 
"I get it! Let's just do both of us a favor and stay out of there!"
She smirks a bit. I'm still pondering in my head a few other pieces I have yet to figure out.Bookmark here

"Hey, Heavenly, how did I die?"
Her face becomes a sudden shock, I assume she thought I knew.
"Well, you died after suffocating in your pillow while asleep, that's a terribly weird way to go out, I hope you're alright, darling."
"Oh no, I'm not going to be ridiculed about this, right? I've seen this played out before in some anime."

She giggles. Seems like everything she does is cute. I'm definitely going to enjoy this for a long while if I'm here for eternity. Maybe I can finally finish Sailor Moon here? Maybe I can watch Darling in the Franxx with a different ending? All the possibilities fill my mind.
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"Don't get ahead of yourself, darling, I need to tell you something..."
Oh no. Here comes the bad news.
"Go on..."
"You see, since you didn't do much in your life, you can't stay here much longer."
"Wait what?! You're going to send me away?!"
"Don't worry darling! I have an offer for you! You see there is this fantasy wor-"
"Oh, I get where this is going, I'm going to be Isekai'd to some fantasy world where I need to save the world from some OP boss of some sorts, is that correct?"
I've seen a few animes about this topic, I liked them but I can never see myself in that situation, but at this point, I don't think I really have a choice.
"Yup! With that, you can redeem your qualities and stay here as long as you want!"
"Man..."Bookmark here

She walks up to me and gives me a kiss. She holds onto my hands.
"Don't worry, I'll be waiting here for you," she whispers.Bookmark here

I slowly vanish away in the air, all I can think to myself is:Bookmark here

"I Hate Isekais..."Bookmark here

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