Chapter 2:

If There Is A Place Called Safe Place In Hell, Then It's Not Hell

The Netherworld : Awakening

This is bad, no, this is the worst, my life is going to end. Seriously, am I going to become a vessel for some demon king? Is this seriously the end for me. Damn it, what should I do?
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"You don't have to do anything."

I looked toward Satori. The expression he had was of an innocent person.Bookmark here

I almost forgot that he is a demon when I saw that expression.

"What do you mean?"Bookmark here

He gently placed his right hand on my shoulder and leaned towards my face.

Maybe he is not that bad. He is not the kind of demon I thought he was.Bookmark here

"Because we will be the one's doing everything."

And then appeared his evil grin as he said those words.Bookmark here

"Ha-ha-ha. Just look at your face, sorry for giving you hope for a moment there."

He is laughing at me, and not just him, but the rest of the demons are also accompanying him in this social work.Bookmark here

"What is that? Are you---are you crying. Ha-ha-ha, you are so pathetic. Humans sure are 

interesting. I can't deny that fact."Bookmark here

This place is now filled with nothing but laughter. And they are laughing at me.

"N-No, I am not...sniff...crying. It's just, something went inside my eyes."Bookmark here

I am crying, and I wanted them to stop, but then again, they are 'Demons'.

"No, you are crying."Bookmark here

"Yes, you are crying."

"So pathetic."Bookmark here

I gave those three a death glare.

"Huh? Did you say something?"Bookmark here

Upon seeing this new scary face of mine they chickened out.

"No, nothing."Bookmark here


"Yes, we did say something. You got a prob...St-stop I am so-sorry so stop strang---."Bookmark here


"He is dead. He killed him."Bookmark here

I strangled him because he was making fun of me, and he wasn't scary at all compared to the evil aura satori is giving.

"What did you do? You stupid maggot."Bookmark here

"I couldn't hear you. Mind saying that again?"

After taking down one demon, I am feeling a bit motivated. Still, I am not going to brawl with the rest. So I am just putting up a brave front.Bookmark here

"Ahem! Stop every one of you. I know we have a lot of time in our hands, but I am not going to waste my precious time here, so take him to Demon King because I want to bid farewell to you pathetic creatures as soon as possible."

"Don't you have any pride as a demon?"Bookmark here

I directed this question toward those four--no, those three (One is already down, lying 

unconscious). Because Satori didn't only mean me, but those four as well. Bookmark here

They answered it instantly without even thinking once. While the one with the axe was just watching.Bookmark here


"Not at all."Bookmark here

Yeah, I forgot for a moment that they are morons.

"Take him to Demon King and..."Bookmark here

But before he could finish saying what he was saying, someone interrupts him in between.

"Hold on a minute!"Bookmark here

Another demon made it's appearance, but this one is female. She has lion-like hair. At first glance, you can mistake her for some lion. She have face was that of a human. Damn, is she really a demon?

"What are you doing here, Luemon? Do you not know? When summoning a human for a vessel, female demons aren't allowed in the summoning chamber? Or, do you think you are special?"
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"Stop acting so high and mighty. You yourself aren't someone special."

They both are giving death glare to each other. It sure is intense here all of a sudden. It's giving me spine chill just looking at them. Bookmark here

While they are giving each other a death glare, the rest of the demons started to evacuate in a hurry as if they might die if they remained here.

"Wait, where are you all going? Aren't you suppose to stop them?"Bookmark here


"We have nothing to do with them."Bookmark here

They started to move out. But, their one member was still lying unconscious. Knowing what kind of demons they are, I should just ask their boss.

"Hey, aren't you the boss then---"Bookmark here

Before I could even finish saying it, the scene in front of me made me clear on a thing, and that is 'they are morons first and demons last'.

"I will murder you. Let me go first. Hey, stop hitting me. I am your boss just lis...listen to me."Bookmark here

"If you are the boss, then let us go first."

"yes, he is right. Let us go first."Bookmark here

Ignore them. That's what my mind was telling me.

Then suddenly a thought came to my mind. Maybe I can use this chance to run away. Satori is busy dealing with that lion-like demon. Yes, maybe I can use this chance to run away and find some safe place to hide.Bookmark here

"If there was such thing called a safe place in Hell then this wouldn't be Hell."

Yes, if there was such thing called a safe place in Hell then this wouldn't be Hell. What's wrong with me? How can I forget something so trivial?Bookmark here

"So, is he the other vessel who is going to be the replacement for the previous vessel?"Bookmark here

"Yes. And our last chance."

Satori says it in an irritated tone.Bookmark here

"Nice to meet you. I am Luemon, and you?"

Huh? Did I hear that right? Did she...Bookmark here

"Yes, you heard her correctly. Don't be surprised. That's how she is?"

"Oh! Nice to meet you. My name is Yukio Ichiro."Bookmark here

We both shook the hands of each other.

"Don't worry. You will be alright."Bookmark here

Ah! Finally, someone who is a normal demon---no, maybe an abnormal demon. But that's great.

"That is after you become a vessel for the Demon King."Bookmark here

No, I am wrong, she is a normal demon, and I hate that.

"Huh? Are you crying?"Bookmark here

"No, something went inside my eyes."

"Doesn't look like that?"Bookmark here

"Okay! leaving that aside, let's take him to Demon King."

She says it energetically.Bookmark here

"Stop ordering me."

Look like my becoming a vessel is inevitable.Bookmark here

"Yes, it is inevitable."

Seriously him. Can't he stop reading my mind for a moment?Bookmark here

"Okay, we are leaving. Satori teleport us to the main hall."

"As I said, stop giving me orders."Bookmark here

Before my very own eyes, everything started to turn black. It became dark ,but I can easily see Satori and Luemon, So demons can also teleport. 

That's one of the powers I always wanted. It's pretty convenient.Bookmark here

After a moment, the darkness started to fade away. Then a view came into my eyes. We teleported to some large hall.Bookmark here

It seriously is big. A little distance away from us, there was a colossal gate giving the final boss room vibe. There are two guards outside the gates, each wearing metal armor. Two small horns are poking out from their helmets.

"Okay, let's go."Bookmark here

We walked forward and stopped few steps before the gate. Upon seeing Satori, guards 

started opening the gate.Bookmark here

As the gates started opening slowly my heart started beating fast. And after a moment, I tried to make a run for my life. Even knowing that my survival rate is 0% in this situation.Bookmark here

"I can't take this. I don't want to die. I am leaving here."

"Hey, where the hell do you think you are going. Stop right there. Both of you catch him."Bookmark here

After his order, both the guards rushed toward me, whereas Satori had a shocking expression on his face. It is because the gate was half-opened, and maybe the Demon King saw me making a run for my life. Satori had his head facing toward the room where the Demon King is, maybe. 

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Well, I don't need to bother myself thinking whether the Demon king is inside or not, because in few moments, I will find that out anyway.
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Yes, I got caught by the guards. There is no way I can outrun Demon guards. Look like this is the end, Satori was looking at me with total anger, whereas Luemon was controlling herself. 

controlling herself from laughing.Bookmark here

Sorry.Bookmark here

"No, a simple sorry will not satisfy me."

He is saying that while maintaining his composure but he couldn't maintain it any longer.Bookmark here

"And why the hell are you just thinking that and not saying it. And what's with that tone never heard a sorry like that. Are you seriously sorry or..."

Satori isn't done shouting at me, but a sound stopped him from saying anything further.Bookmark here

ThudBookmark here

It came from inside that room. Yes, from the Demon King's room. Satori, upon hearing that sound cleared his throat a bit nervously, after that we walked inside the Demon King's room.

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It is seriously intense in here almost making me feel that I am going to be crushed by this intensity any moment now.
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Demon King is sitting on a throne, looking straight down toward us. 

His eyes focused on us. I am scared to my bones just by being in Demon King's presence.  Bookmark here

I might piss my pants any moment now.
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....................................................*************************...................................................Bookmark here

"Ha-ha-ha."Bookmark here

"Stop laughing at me, you impudent being. How dare you to embarrass me in front of Demon King?"Bookmark here

What? I wasn't trying to be impudent, it's just how anyone would react in a situation like this.

"stop, just stop it. Stop saying things in your mind and say them. Just because I am a mind-reading demon, that doesn't mean you can use this to communicate with me."Bookmark here

Huh? Why not you can read minds, that saves me a lot of talking. And if you think I am impudent now then what are you going to call what is going to happen next.

"Wait, what was that last part? Can you repeat that?"Bookmark here


"Say it. What you are planning to do next? Please, don't try to embarrass me any further."Bookmark here

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"At least say that you dumb."Bookmark here

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