Chapter 2:

Catch the Wind

Running Into Your Love Comedy

The athletics club.

“Ready, Set, Go!”

The sounds of loud footsteps follow, as the interval between each becomes smaller as they pick up the pace.

“Next ones!”

Currently we’re doing sprints to increase our blood capacity. For me at least, it’s useful to jog faster. It makes the heart stronger.

“Ready, Set, Go!” I set off without delay, taking long steps first as I take off.

For some reason, my eyes don’t look at the field, but the clouds above me instead. The weather hasn’t gotten a lot better, huh?

Broken clouds, the sky is not completely covered, and there’s still a lot of wind. I must’ve ran sixty meters out of the hundred already, I can see the end line.

I can feel my heart pumping hard as I reach my top speed.

A gust of wind comes in, and with it does a familiar smell. A sweet smell I know, yeah, it’s the smell from...

“What was it, again?”

“Did I not catch her name?” My mind ponders and loses its focus.

“Makes the heart stronger,” that thought comes back to mind.

One of my footsteps lands short and towards the middle, making it impossible to correct my mistake, abruptly ending my sprint, sending me into the air.


Before I know it, I extend my arms just as I’m about to reach the floor.

I admire the looks of the rapidly approximating dirt, before closing my eyes in preparation for the fall.

A painful crash follows, as I nearly fall flat on my face.

“Owch… Damn it,” My very first protest as I open my eyes once again to analyze my now precarious situation.

I see my mates stop running and turn back, running towards me instead.

“Takaoka! Are you okay!?” Katashi asks me, as he reaches out his arm to pick me up.

“Yeah,” I grab his arm and stand up again.

“Did something happen?”

“I thought I smelled something,” I reply, with full confidence, as I scan my surroundings, hoping to see her.

“You smelled something?”


A brief pause.

“And that caused you to fall?”

I can feel all 4 of the people surrounding me looking puzzled.

“...Yes, I lost my focus.” I am not lying about this.

“And what did you smell?” Katashi's intonation marks to me that he thinks I just consumed something before coming to club activities.

“Can’t say”

“Why?” he tilts his head to the side a little, even more visibly confused


“Secret?” his head moves forward, like that’ll get him any closer to the answer.

Secret it is indeed, my friend.

“Are you really okay?”

“Yeah, absolutely,” I say, before pulling back my sleeves to reveal the scrapes I had just acquired.

“Maybe not that okay.” Katashi adds as he starts laughing.

“Takaoka!” The coach's middle aged man’s voice calls me out from behind.

“Lemme see that,” I turn towards him, who’s by now standing next to me.

“Everyone else start packin’ up! Class is over!” He grabs my arms, and starts inspecting the scrapes

“This is nothin’, go get yourself patched up and go home.”


I head inside the school.


By the time I’m out of the infirmary it seems everyone has gone home.

As I get my shoes on I ask myself what her name was again. I leave the tiny locker open as my mind tries to inexplicably dig deeper into yesterday’s memories, but truth be told, there’s not much to it.

“So that’s one uncomfortable question I have to ask,” I quietly say to myself.

The sun starts to hide behind the horizon as I make my way towards the park. I’ve switched out of my gym clothes, but no amount of deodorant can get rid of the smell I’m carrying again.

I get next to the park’s entrance, but before entering I comb my hair with my hands.

“I’ve got to look good,” I think to myself. Wait, why am I doing this again?

She’s sitting in the swings, slowly going back and forth as she writes something on that same small notebook from yesterday.

I walk towards her, thinking she probably won’t notice me again. To avoid looking at her for too long, I distract myself with the orange clouds that fight against the dark blue sky.

But when my eyes inevitably return to look at her, she’s already looking at me.

Arashi Sensei