Chapter 1:

Chapter 1 Life begins

My new life in a death game from another world.

A person wakes up and he finds himself lost in the middle of nowhere with nothing but wilderness all around him and its also nighttime where its heavily raining and thunderstorms are happening loudly and relentlessly. He finds himself suddenly attacked out nowhere by a small green like creature from the shadows but he manages to dodge them. Suddenly more green creatures come out of nowhere and start to purse the man as well and attack him from all different directions.Bookmark here

Man:???? What's going on!!! he says in a frantic tone as he sees goblins are now chasing after him relentlessly and with non stop attacks. As he runs he almost trips on a branch and there’s a brief flashback of someone tripping and there’s a truck coming through in a road.Bookmark here

He continues to run as fast as possible, and more and more goblins show up shooting arrows at him in all directions. Bookmark here

Man: It should be safe in there!! He spots a cave that’s a few miles away and he enters the cave thinking he lost the goblins trying to attack him as they lose sight of him but the Goblins do find a way by purposefully slowing down their attacks and stop chasing him only to sneak up on him in the shadows.Bookmark here

Mean while goblins are lurking around in the shadows hiding and making as little noise as they possibly could make.  Suddenly one of the goblins decides to sneak up on him and try deliever a painful blow but the man once again barely dodges and the blade ends up hitting his face.Bookmark here

Man: What are these things!!!? After being scared in the face from a near death encounter from a sudden ambush attack while he enters a cave where he thinks he’s safe.Bookmark here

As he runs he finds a dead end and as soon as the goblins close in on him but suddenly a rockslide happens when one of the goblins accidentally shoots the nearby rotting branch that eventually falls down and the impact creates a large landslide of rocks. The man then wakes up again, and climbs his way out of the rubble and suddenly he sees a bright glow from a distance. He walks slowly to the sword as it glows more brighter by each step. He then reaches the stone the sword is being held in. The sword then glows in power and its rust eventually sheds away.Bookmark here

Man: A sword? But what would something like that be doing in a place like this? He slowly grabs the sword and it comes out with ease despite it looking like it was stuck beyond getting out.Bookmark here

Man: I can use this to take care of whatever those things are. (After pulling out the sword and he soon hears something. A whole group of goblins suddenly start to appear and are relentlessly are attacking him from all corners but like it was a second instinct handles all of them with ease.Bookmark here

Man: They were easier than they actually have looked. I should get out of this place and figure out what am I really doing here. The man says as he regains his composure from the sudden ambush.Bookmark here

After leaving the cave he then notices a group of bandits trying to take down a traveling merchant. And the man then comes by and quickly dispatch them with only just one slash all at the same time). Bookmark here

Woman: Thanks I could have handled it myself but the assistance is much appreciated. Bookmark here

Hainley: No problem and its pretty weak for a group of thugs like them to just pick on one person alone. Bookmark here

Woman: I’m Emilia whats your name?Bookmark here

The man unsure and confused, immediately tries to think of a name to say to the person he just rescuedBookmark here

Hainley: Hainley that’s my name. He says it in a confident but slightly unsure toneBookmark here

Emilia: Right then, now it looks like you and I have been only just recently been stuck on this place. Don’t know how we got here but if we just go in rushing enemies all day long we wouldn’t be getting through anywhere. Bookmark here

Hainley: Wait a minute what makes you say we’re friends all of the sudden? Bookmark here

Emilia: Playing cocky can only get you so far and if you can tell, this place isn’t exactly safe travels all alone. Bookmark here

Hainley: No kidding I just woke up with a bunch of ugly little green things tailing me around. But they seemed to be the easy ones like those thugs there. Bookmark here

Emilia: Yeah but I doubt they are the only locales around this place. Bookmark here

Hainley: You seem to know your way around this kind of place huh? Bookmark here

Emilia: Only a little I've just arrived here myself a few hours ago. But yet I've feel like I almost know this place from the back of my hand. Bookmark here

Hainley: Well I've just arrived only a few moments ago actually but I don’t know how I ended up here. Bookmark here

Emilia: Likewise, and it looks like we’re going to have to find a way to really survive here, as every few minutes it seems, death is always lurking around the corner. Bookmark here

Hainley: Sure just let me do all the action while you do the talking after all. Being so epic as I am in combat there’s no way I could really be stopped at doing anything. Bookmark here

Emilia: Well get ready because I get the feeling there’s going to be more action coming ahead anytime soon. Bookmark here

The skies are clearing but there is still a haunting dark grey sky and the weather doesn’t get any warmer either.Bookmark here

Hussain Maknoon
Takahashi  Eien
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