Chapter 0:

Prologue: Creator's Terrifying Creation

Deity Dweller Part One(On Hiatus)

Man: *yawns* damn....nothing really happens around here....*drinks some tea* ah that was good....*looks outside* hmmmm...*sees people walking around* *yawns then looks at sheets of unfinished experiments* hmmmmm...*gets one and looks at it* hmmm I wonder...*evil expression on my face* *walks inside lab and closes door behind* *starts getting ready* I wonder what would happen if I finished this work...hmm time to start...Bookmark here

*a few years later*Bookmark here

 *the rooftop of the building would fly out then creepy looking monsters would come out*Bookmark here

 Man: *laughs maniacally* YESSS FINALLY MY BOREDOM....IS FINALLY CURED...HAHAHAHAHABookmark here

 *genocide and mass destruction would occur* Man: *laughs while people are dying and buildings are collapsing*Bookmark here

 *a deity beast would speak* Bookmark here

Speakable Deity Beast: Master...what is your name?....Bookmark here

Man: my name? me...Creator....*Chapter Ends*Bookmark here

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