Chapter 11:

Boy's Night Out


Well, That went just great. I rode in back in frustration, mostly anger. After a bit, Kyle speaks up. "I can tell you're upset. I didn't exactly know it was a place of worship. On the off chance, if it was I was still prepared to destroy it." Bookmark here

I scoffed as we reached Mother Base. "You lose your morals as soon an order is placed?" I asked. Bookmark here

Kyle pitched his horse next to mine. "You know I can't deny orders. I'm a soldier. I'm not useful thinking about the people I killed. Do you?" Bookmark here

I stop and look back. "No. Hell, I can't talk much can't I? I still try to have some reason for it all. Not just because some faceless figure said so."Bookmark here

Kyle placed a hand on my shoulder. "You don't think I hate that too?" He then walks away back to his tent. Bookmark here

Over the next week or so Team Foolish was shelved for preparation of the first big push into Godless territory. In that time, I made a new gadget: The extendable blade. I placed it on my left forearm, set to spring out if I squeeze my hand at any time. The blade would extend out at the top, meaning I'd get that extra damage when I punch. Also, Sera comes to my tent. We talk. She sometimes stays the night. Bookmark here

It was night, and we lay together as usual. We always have our space, but we're shoulder to shoulder this time. The same shoulders as the night in Southland...Bookmark here

"Hey, Dopeman?" She speaks up, breaking the silence.Bookmark here

I was half tired, yawning out. "Yeah?"Bookmark here

"Do you think I'm pretty?"Bookmark here

"Yeah, of course. You're fine, Sera."Bookmark here

"Then you find me attractive?" She sits up, placing a hand on my chest.  Bookmark here

My heart beats faster. "Sera... Where is this coming from?"Bookmark here

"Dopeman," She blushes.Bookmark here

"Sera?" I do the same. Bookmark here

She moves back to where she was before, falling asleep eventually. I do the same. Bookmark here

What a woman.Bookmark here

After that... Wonderful night, I wanted to spend my day with Serena. I sat outside, reading a book about a crazy yandere killer with her. Bookmark here

"See! I knew he'd kill him next!" I yell while reading chapter four. Bookmark here

Serena neighs in an argumentative fashion.Bookmark here

"You didn't say that! You said he'd kill the other nerd!"Bookmark here

Another neigh, it's rather aggressive. Bookmark here

As I was gonna continue my point, Kyle steps in the side of the tent. "We're you..." Bookmark here

"Talking to my horse? Yes."Bookmark here

Tann stares at me. Bookmark here

I stare at him back. Bookmark here

"...Anyways. You, me, and Fisher are doing a stakeout. Sera will be doing a special op with the scout team." 
Bookmark here

I nod and stand up, starting to walk with the Major.  Bookmark here

One ride later, and we make camp over at the small area that overlooks a fortress. Bookmark here

"This," Kyle points at the fort of sand. "This is Fort Janson. Formerly a fort used for training young recruits. Now, a place of debauchery and anarchy." Bookmark here

Fisher stands and looks over. "Why are we here, eh? I'm sure we're not gonna wait till they're weak or something. This looks to be a major hub for them."Bookmark here

"It is. We've been hitting small hotspots for the last week. Hospitals, churches, villages."Bookmark here

"That's part one? You've been hitting places of worship and shelter?" I asked with a hint of annoyance.Bookmark here

"It ruins their morale. This is not a fortress, It's now a major place of worship. The scouting reports say it holds the most precious thing of the Trastorno religion. What that thing is, we'll have to wait and see for the thing to come out. Once we see it, We shoot a flare and watch the fireworks."Bookmark here

Fisher perks up. "Fireworks?" Bookmark here

Kyle smiles. Scary. Bookmark here

Me and Fisher sit together, while Tann lies down and looks at the night sky. Bookmark here

"So," I look over to Fisher. "You and that one woman..."Bookmark here

He laughs. "Yeah. Of course. She was a monster. She was choking, hitting..."Bookmark here

"Jeez, you alright?"Bookmark here

Fisher nods and smiles. "I was in heaven."Bookmark here

Kyle sits up. "Don't get my soldiers pregnant." Bookmark here

I swipe the air. "Come on, Major. Lighten up. Who was your first?"Bookmark here

"Why would I say? Conversation?"Bookmark here

"Yes. So get that stick out your butt and talk to us."Bookmark here

Tann sighs and hugs his knees. "When I was a recruit. It was a woman named Nat. She invited me to the showers."
Bookmark here

Fisher laughs, moving next to Tann. "That story sucked, ya know."Bookmark here

"How? I said what happened."Bookmark here

I move closer as well. "Where's the setup? The atmosphere? Have you ever even talked to anybody who's not a soldier?"Bookmark here

"No. I haven't had the need to."Bookmark here

"Now you do."Bookmark here

We talk about guy things for the rest of the night. Sorry, Boys only!Bookmark here

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Ant Daddy
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