Chapter 8:

The First Day: The Second Test

Mages and Dragons in a New Land? They Obviously Haven't Seen a Modern War Man

After the truck-loads of applause and compliments, they along with the rest of the students were led back to the gym for the next test. The next test, according to Mr Ige, will check the power levels of each of the students. This is to find out what magic the person has most affinity with, that is, can use most effortlessly.Bookmark here

The group was taken to a part of the gym which was full of golems, the smallest being at least 7 feet tall. A woman stood next to a golem almost 10 feet tall. She had a wide grin on her face. Her eyes were gold, with a shade of dark orange and her hair blonde with red streaks.Bookmark here

"Hello everyone!" she said, waving cheerfully "Hope your first test went well. I'm Tabata Natsumi, the teacher for the advanced class. I'm one of the teachers who would be supervising you guys for this test."Bookmark here

"One of them?" asked someone from the back, a dwarf.Bookmark here

"Yep." she replied "There are Mr Oki and Mr Uyeda, the teachers of the intermediate and advanced classes. And speak of the devil. Here they are!"Bookmark here

Two grown men were walking toward the group. One was short with jet black hair and eyes. The man looked down while fidgeting with his hand as he walked. His hair was long in the front and pushed to the left, so it covered one of his eyes. The hair was short on the back.Bookmark here

The other man was six feet tall with an abnormally strong build (abnormal because not even bodybuilders on Earth had that sort of powerful build). His hair was dyed white, in the form of a mullet. He was dressed in a black suit and had a stern look on his face.Bookmark here

"A-are these the applicants?" asked the short man, still fidgeting with anxiety.Bookmark here

"Yes, Mr Uyeda," said Natsumi.Bookmark here

"They look weak!" said the other man"It seems this generation isn't well built."Bookmark here

"You little..." started Hugo but Kaeda stopped him from progressing.Bookmark here

"Looks like you are a feisty one." said the man, grinning "Let's see what you got, kid."Bookmark here

"H-Hello everyone," said the man named Uyeda "I'm Uyeda Akihiko and this is Oki Mamoru. Don't mind him, kid. He's just....strict, would be the word. Told him at least a hundred times not to provoke the students. B-but he doesn't listen. We three will be supervising you guys."Bookmark here

"So," said Natsumi, "now that the introductions are done, let me explain how this test is going to work. You all will be lined up in the order you finished the race before. We will ask you guys to fire five spells of your choice of the five types on those..."Bookmark here

Natsumi pointed towards the golems. Each ranged from seven feet tall to at least fifteen to twenty feet tall. They were made from Earth Magic. The same spell that Akio used when Nobaru was undergoing his tutoring. But to make ones this large means that the person who did it has more mana than Akio does. Each of the golems also had a giant board made of a red crystal stuck to the torso.Bookmark here

"So the boards on their torsos will analyse the power level of the magician that casts the spells after we give the command." said Natsumi "So, hope you all understand what I have said right now. Let me know who is first. Wait didn't I tell you? Anyone from the top four can come first!"Bookmark here

Hugo stepped forward. Mr Oki's comment about the applicants being weak must've really got to him because he was rarin' to go. Natsumi smiled as she looked at him.Bookmark here

"You're Hugo from the Forest of Night right?" she asked. Hugo nodded. "Are you ready?"Bookmark here

Hugo gave the thumbs up.Bookmark here

"Let's see some fire magic first!"Bookmark here

Hugo closed his eyes. He focused his mana into his hands and began his chant.Bookmark here

Dari nyala api nerakaBookmark here

Dari jiwa-jiwa terkutukBookmark here

Sakit dan dosa merekaBookmark here

Tusuk seperti jarum pada anda.Bookmark here

Needles of Damnation!Bookmark here

At an instant, hundreds of glowing, burning needles shot out of his palm. Hugo used his amazing eyesight to check for vitals in the golem. He then imagined the needles hitting those vital points of the golem. The needles responded to his will and did exactly that. One penetrated deep into the golem's knee. Another hit its chest. Many hit the crystal but did no damage. Moments later, the golem collapsed, leaving the torso with the crystal intact showing a single number on it.Bookmark here

9750Bookmark here

Everyone started clapping for him. Those claps turned into a huge round of applause.Bookmark here

"Unbelievable!" exclaimed Natsumi "His power is over 9000. No one is this powerful at the start. The norm is at 4000-5000."Bookmark here

Hugo fired 4 other spells. He fired spells like Sea God's Wrath and Abyssal Breath. He got 10000 power with his Dark magic so it was decided that he was most used to Dark Magic.Bookmark here

Well, he was from the Forest of Night. They have mastery over Dark Magic so it's expected of them. Everyone, no matter what tribe of beasts they are, had to master Dark Magic by the age of seven. They had to go through harsh training to reach the level. No one could compare to the beasts in terms of Dark Magic mastery. And the werewolves were at the top in that regard.Bookmark here

"The magic you have most affinity with will be taught in the gym," stated Akihiko.Bookmark here

Next was Kaeda. She had always been good at Fire Magic and believed that it was the one for her. Even at the time, she learned chantless magic from Nobaru, she grasped the element the easiest.Bookmark here

As she took a deep breath and closed her eyes, she thought of the most powerful spell she had ever learned. She had read stories of the Land of Dragons, Draco, with volcanos and flames everywhere as hot as the sun. She wanted to make this spell as powerful as those flames. So she focused all of her mana. It flowed slowly but surely through her, slowly increasing its speed and range. Her body felt hot, her temperature going up. A hot wind blew in the gym as the others looked at her in awe.Bookmark here

She tried to control it and keep it to an extent. The effects of the spell were getting to her. Once she was sure she was ready, she opened her eyes.Bookmark here

The usual caramel orange eyes were replaced with a red colour.Bookmark here

The rest just noticed that she wasn't chantingBookmark here

Nobaru just smiled.Bookmark here

"Anything wron-" started Natsumi. But she stopped after what she saw. Kaeda exhaled for the last time and uttered one single word.Bookmark here

HellflameBookmark here

The golem shined bright red as a magic circle formed under it. Everyone gasped in awe as a geyser of flames shot up from the circle. Kaeda controlled it effortlessly in order to not burn off the ceiling. She kept it going until the golem was burned to a crisp. Only a single shard of the crystal was left, the size of an adult man's palm. The crystal showed the number 12000.Bookmark here

Kaeda's eyes returned to normalBookmark here

"Y-you..." started Oki "H-how did you-" Then he saw Kaeda confident gaze staring towards Nobaru and then back at him.Bookmark here

"Looks like the time spent on training paid off huh...Nobaru," she said.Bookmark here

Nobaru smiled with contentment and awe. She was more powerful than he thought he was.Bookmark here

"Yeah." he said, "But it ain't over yet!"Bookmark here

Everyone was startled when they heard Nobaru's name. They looked at him then back at her. Even the teachers started at the pair.Bookmark here

"Was this kid why you could..." started Oki.Bookmark here

Kaeda nodded. Everyone was surprised and expected shit to go down when he would arrive. After a few more spells, Kaeda's intuition was proved correct as it was decided that she had the most affinity with Fire Magic.Bookmark here

Eri decided to step forward next. She thought of all the things her brother did for her as she did.Bookmark here

Even though she couldn't do chantless magic as her brother could. Even though she was blind. Even though she received a power to sense auras, a power that her brother didn't have. Nobaru never showed a hint of envy, rage or disapproval.Bookmark here

He looked after her, taught her everything he knew, even showed her the attic. She had made up her mind to be of some use to him. To devote her strengths to help him. Even if Nobaru wouldn't approve of using her like this, she didn't care.Bookmark here

With this on her mind, she closed her eyes and looked through her memories. Through her studies in the attic, she had learned an obscure, old type of magic, Ancient Magic. It required immense control over mana and no chant. It had been lost through the ages after the citizens of the past died off. The "immense control over mana" part was what made it one of the hardest spells to study.Bookmark here

Healing magic improved her mana control and let it reach high levels.Bookmark here

She was able to study Ancient Magic because of this.Bookmark here

So as she closed her eyes and took a deep breath, She focused on the rhythm of her heartbeat, her breathing, her aura, her mana, the memory of the spell. She also thought about Nobaru, it gave her drive. She swiftly controlled her mana as it flowed through her very being.Bookmark here

Moments later, a bright light glowed from her body.Bookmark here

She had become one with mana.Bookmark here

A single word resounded through the entire gym.Bookmark here

LigeraBookmark here

Her eyes glowed white at an instant. Her illuminated body was filled with a white flame. She directed it towards the golem. It burned in the white flame which was slowly expanding into an orb. Soon it surrounded the golem and it disintegrated in the sphere.Bookmark here

As the light disappeared, Eri returned to her normal state with a serious look on her face. Everyone's faces registered shock and disbelief. Even Nobaru was confused.Bookmark here

'What happened to Eri?' he thought 'She is OP!'Bookmark here

He walked towards Eri with a serious expression. Their eyes met. Then suddenly, he grinned and patted her head.Bookmark here

"Now THAT'S what I'm talking about!" he said "THAT WAS EPIC!"Bookmark here

"Where did you learn that?' asked Natsumi and Nobaru in unison.Bookmark here

"Nobaru," she said, confused. "Haven't you looked through all the books in the attic?"Bookmark here

"No I have not," said Nobaru.Bookmark here

"That explains it," said Eri. She then proceeded to explain about her studies in the attic and how she found out about Ancient Magic. She asked Ren to read to her what was in the books to which Ren happily agreed. Bookmark here

She explained that it needed extreme mana control and she took some time learning it.Bookmark here

"Guess the long-distance healing could be helpful in this way too," she concluded.Bookmark here

"Long-distance healing?" asked Oki, confused.Bookmark here

"Yes sir." she replied "I can heal wounds from a distance by spreading my mana around. Although I need to work on my range."Bookmark here

"Incredible!" said Natsumi.Bookmark here

"First chantless and ancient magic. now this?" said Akihiko "You guys are something."Bookmark here

"The Magic Council would love to hear this," said Oki. "I'll tell them about this later."Bookmark here

Eri fired a few more spells and it was decided that she would learn Light Magic since there were no practitioners of Ancient Magic (no one that anyone was aware of)Bookmark here

Nobaru was the last one of the four to step forward. He watched Eri fire off that amazing spell and decided to give it his all. Well, he was planning to do that from the start anyways.Bookmark here

The crowd's eyes were on him. Since practically everyone was aware of him and his name was mentioned many times by others, everyone was excited to see his power.Bookmark here

It was one of those people who came to him.Bookmark here

It was none other than Oki Mamoru.Bookmark here

"Let's try the biggest one here." he said, pointing to a golem in the far end of the gym "That's fine with you right, considering your strength." Oki was grinning when he said thisBookmark here

"Hey..." said Akihiko "Just because he can do chantless magic doesn't mean he can-"Bookmark here

"He's gonna be alright!" said Oki "Let the kid show us."Bookmark here

Nobaru went towards the golem. It was as large as one of those titans in Greek Mythology. At least 12 feet tall. It was strongly built and touched the ceiling.Bookmark here

"Alright." said Nobaru "Here I go!"Bookmark here

"Fire the strongest spell at it!" said Oki.Bookmark here

Nobaru nodded. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He imagined a bright flash of blinding, white light enveloping the golem. He concentrated on that image as he made his mana flow through him. He opened his pitch-black eyes and with a calm but serious expression, he unleashed the most powerful spell he knew.Bookmark here

Decimation FlashBookmark here

A large dome of light formed, encasing the golem in it. The golem was slowly losing its shape. It was literally getting devoured by the light and within seconds, the flash of light disappeared, leaving only the crystal on the floor (at most half of it). It displayed the number 15000 on it.Bookmark here

"WHAT?!" shouted Oki "This kid is that strong?" He ran to Nobaru as he collapsed to the ground. Oki patted him on the back, grinning.Bookmark here

"I apologise." he said "You were AMAZING! You are as strong as Ms Tabata over there. Can you still go on?"Bookmark here

Nobaru regained his strength and nodded. He stood up and smiled.Bookmark here

"I can go on." he said "It ain't over yet right?"Bookmark here

Nobaru could fire other spells after that. He had a lot of mana but he was physically exhausted. He managed to maintain the same strength as the Decimation Flash. In the end, it was decided that he would learn Light Magic just like Eri would.Bookmark here

Nobaru in the end felt a chill in his body. His body felt ice cold as if he was in the mountains. He shuddered and felt dizzy.Bookmark here

'What is happening to me?' he thoughtBookmark here

Nobaru's body felt like it was being dragged down. He felt as if the ground itself swallowed him whole.Bookmark here

He collapsedBookmark here

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