Chapter 0:

An Average Life...

To Fight In Another world

The brightly shining sun was cast above the old town where crowds of people were heading to school or work. A young fifteen-year-old boy is wearing a white shirt with a button-up black coat and blacks slacks in this crowd. As he rushed through the public, not noticing the cold breeze that made his fluffy black hair blew through the air and made the crowd shiver and hug themself for warmth, for he was too worried. As the fluffy hair boy runs to a campus that seems multiply youth are going into, his only thought was why he was late.Bookmark here

'Damnit, I knew watching that movie late in the night would make me wake up late for the first day of high school.'Bookmark here

The fluffy black-haired boy was his only thought as he finally made it to the school's front, where a steel gate is standing right in front of him. He was about to cross the steel gate until a tall lengthy boy wearing the same uniform as him, and a pig-tailed hair girl wearing a white t-shirt with a blazer and a pleated skirt stopped him.Bookmark here

"Thank god you made it in time. I swear you oversleep every time we go back to school, Jaden," directly said by the tall lengthy boy with the pig-tailed girl nodding to his statement.Bookmark here

"I swear I got a good reason why I'm late, Mitch, trust me."Bookmark here

 "Sure, you do."Bookmark here

"Come on, man, when did I ever get let you down."Bookmark here

"Okay...okay, so what happen last night that was so important for you to oversleep for our first day of school?"Bookmark here

When Mitch question Jaden his face paled to answer it to the point, he started to shutter. Waiting for his response to seem he's worth a punishment, Mitch and the pig-tailed girl glared at him until he finally talked.Bookmark here

" ya, I was feeling fearful for our new Scho..."Before he could finish his lie, he was stopped by the pig-tailed girl. She interrupted him and retorted back.Bookmark here

"Jaden stopped there; we all know you stayed up late to watched the new Lizard v.s. Monkey IV: Revenge of Snakey."Bookmark here

"How...just how do you know that, Nila?"Bookmark here

"Did you really forgot you send a group message on what channel and what time it was airing on?"Bookmark here

When Nila said about the group chat that Jaden forgot he texted about the movie, he got red in embarrassment and looked down on the ground. He only wanted to bury his head in the ground for this stupid moment but instead looked up at Mitch and realized he had a scary smirk that made him a delinquent about to terrorized an innocent child. Jaden, with a worried look and, said."Sorry about lying, so everything is good, right, guys...guys?"Bookmark here

"Not too fast; we do want retribution for you lying and having us almost late to class." brought up by Mitch and immediately brought up what they want."It's pretty simple we want you to go and gets our snacks for lunch," Mitch happily degreed, to which Nila nodded in enjoyment.Bookmark here

"Wait...are you insane? You know how crazy the lines get around that time!?!"Bookmark here

"Too bad too sad, Jaden. Maybe next time, don't lie."Bookmark here

"Tch...fine, I will do it but don't expect me to carry your ass for our school work," Jaden says that with a smug look to Mitch. Mitch looked at him as if he just killed his own dog with nothing but his own fist.Bookmark here

"Let talked about this, Jaden."Bookmark here

"I don't know, man, you know with my punishment being too highly and all."Bookmark here

When Jaden said that, Nila irrupted their little splat and brought up middle school and told him, "Oh ya, what about that time you made me asked out Tim, you know for me not bring the brownies I promise," when she said that Jaden and Mitch stopped arguing. They all looked at each other and just laughed, remembering all the stupid punishment they did to each other. Then, after the long remising of the past, they all shared. Finally, Nila looked up to the school's clock tower in front of the campus and realized classes are about to start and scream to the trio." Whosever last to class has to buy the winners after-school lunch," she screams as with a smirk since she has a head start from the trio.Bookmark here

"Cheater!!!" both boys scream while they started to run to class and to catching up to Nila.Bookmark here

Fourth Class POV: JadenBookmark here

Even though I couldn't beat Nila, I beat Mitch for the first class, so I got free food for after school in return. Too bad we're in class, and it is not after school. I'm starving for not eating this morning, and running here to make the class for the first day is the my punishment. Let's hope I could make the school cafeteria before the lines are forms, and all I have to do is run as quickly as the teacher releases us. While the teacher was talking about the homework, I got a folded piece of paper from my left side where Mitch is sitting. Questioning what's on the piece of paper, I open it only to find a note left by Mitch only to say in all capitalized letters.Bookmark here

TRUCESBookmark here

I looked at him with dull eyes as he was looking away from me. Seeing he just trying to running away from his punishment for losing don't give me wrong Nila, Mitch, and I would sometimes call a truce and canceled the punishment, but for today, I'm hungry, and ill be damn if I don't get my free food. So I give his paper note to see his face frown on what I put on it.Bookmark here

TRUCEBookmark here

                    NOBookmark here

To put it, I know I'm fucked, but at least it is not my own money to get snacks for Nila and Mitch, and all I have to do is to beat the traffic. While I wait for the bell to ring and our teacher to dismiss us, Mitch continues to try to negotiate with me to cancel the punishments, but I just looked at him with a smug smile and laughed, which got him stopped since he knew it would be pointless and sulk in his own misery. Finally, after a couple of minutes for what feels like hours because Mitch was trying to stop me from getting free food and the teacher talking about the assignment, the bell ringed. Of course, we waited till she releases us, and thank god she did it right away. As such, I ran so fast that seems like a small tornado came down the hall. Only to make it to the cafeteria, I remember how big it is and clean, which is surprising compared to my last school cafeteria, which had trash all over the place and looked barely clean. After taking in the view, I went up to where the school store only to be shocked to see a line already from and went to it with a sour look I put upon myself. Finally, make it to the front and asked for some brownies and fruit snacks, which the student cashier gave me some cashback and therefore went to my phone to see if Nila or Mitch sent me a text to where our new spot will be. Even though we went to this school for an interview to get in, we couldn't find a good spot for us to hang. Let us hope today is the day we find that special spot where we will hang for the last four years for our youth. When I checked my phone, I found a message sent by Nila saying to go to the front of the school in which I started to run over to the area. Finally, I made it to the front of the school and looked for them, only to see Mitch and Nila waving at me as I ran to them. While I give them the snacks, and they give me back the money I spent for those same snacks, we sat on a bench right next to the steel fence shaded by it. As we see all the other students walking around, Mitch decides to break the silence.Bookmark here

"Hereford starts our new lifestyle, not as middle schoolers but...HIGH SCHOOLER!!!"Bookmark here

I was shocked to see him scream that from his lung, but Nila and I agreed with him, but I was also feeling snarky, so I decided to tell him, "So your cheering for harder work for the future to come since you know where in high school."Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Nila looked at me first and snickering then after, Mitch looked annoyed but smiled and told me, "These, my boy is the day we grow and maybe find a girl you know, or would you rather be single." I just looked at him and looked away, annoyed but smiled. As we finished our snacks and food, we started to go ahead to our classroom as the bell ring.Bookmark here

After-School 3rd person POVBookmark here

With nothing else important at school for the trio, they eat at their favorite place and cheapest for Mitch Molly's Big Hops. In return, Jaden looked at the menu hungry like a wolf on the prowl, and Nila looking at the dessert menu for her since she was not that hungry, and as for the poor Mitch, he decides on the cheapest meal knowing his pocket will hurt. As the meal was coming in, Jaden looked at Mitch and asked him.Bookmark here

"You know what to do for History right," he asked since he knows how his friend has issues with history, how he has a math issue, and how somehow Mitch could pass easily. Mitch replied.Bookmark here

"Don't worry, and I got it. Do you need help," he replied which Jaden nodded then after Nila brought up her science class.Bookmark here

"Do you guys need help with any science homework we got?" both boys look at each other and nodded and spoke up loudly.Bookmark here

"Please help us!!!" Which has Nila smile, knowing she has the power over them for right now."Okay, we could do a study session this weekend," she replied. Around this time, the food came in, and they all happily munch. While the trio left the restaurant to head to their crossroads to say goodbye to each other.Bookmark here

They stopped at the crossroad only to look at each other, looking as if they were about cry. Nila looked at each other and said, "We will never break this group right after all we've been together since the beginning of middle school, right?" Both boys look at each other again, and both looked at her as if she grew another head when Mitch brings up why she brought this upBookmark here

"That's kinda out of nowhere, don't you think," ask Jaden, only to look at her with confusion. This was when Nila brought up what she heard.Bookmark here

"Friendship often gets rift part in high schools because they have different personalities or matures differently." When she said that, Jaden and Mitch looked at her and smiled at each other when they both said at the same timeBookmark here

"of course, not were together until the end of the day." with that being said by both boys, calm Nila down as they all laughed. After they laugh, the trio went their separate ways.Bookmark here

Jaden POV homeBookmark here

I finally made it to my house, where I see my mom. Right, when I got in, I got greeted by my mom.Bookmark here

"Honey, how's been your night with your friends." my mom asks, to which I respond.Bookmark here

"It was fun we went out to eat, and this weekend we're going to do a study session," I said, smiling at my mom which in return nods happily but told me sternly."Okay, but make sure you guys do studying knowing the past." I laughed, remembering how Mitch and Nila and I use to say we study but snuck out and play at the park or go to the stores to hang out. Then, after promising my mom I will study, my little sister came in.Bookmark here

"Brother, how's been your day."I patted her head and nodded, grateful that our relationship didn't get strange over year for being 3 years different. Don't get me wrong. We argued there and there like a normal sibling as I remember last time was for who was going clean the kitchen, but we stilled has each other backs.Bookmark here

"It was a good day, but I am tired for being my first day back, "I replied to her as I yawned which. In return, I looked at my mom and my sister and said, "Goodnight," only for them to replied it back. As I walked to my room, I only thought how grateful I'm having a great family and friends who care for me and vice versa. As I lay down, nodding away, only thinking to myself how I hope they will never disappear.Bookmark here

Too bad I didn't realize this will be the last day I will see them for a long, long time as I fall into a deep sleep.Bookmark here

Takahashi  Eien
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