Chapter 9:


Mages and Dragons in a New Land? They Obviously Haven't Seen a Modern War Man

Nobaru felt like this whole body was falling. He looked up and down and only saw black. Pitch black everywhere. He felt like he was getting sucked into a black hole as he was stripped off his mortal body. He fell, but was he falling or freely floating? That he had no idea of.Bookmark here

He finally saw the solid ground. He braced for impact as he closed his eyes expecting to hit the ground anytime soon and die.Bookmark here

But he didn't fall.Bookmark here

He opened his eyes.Bookmark here

'I'm not...dead?' he thought. He was relieved but he felt something was wrong. He opened his eyes and looked at his hands. For some reason, they weren't his but they looked familiar.Bookmark here

Then it hit him.Bookmark here

He wasn't Nobaru anymore.Bookmark here

He was, in fact, Yasutake Shinji.Bookmark here

'Was this just a long, good dream?' he thought.Bookmark here

Suddenly a voice called out to him.Bookmark here

"Shinji..." it said "Look..out"Bookmark here

In an instant, he was in a wasteland. Nobaru, in the form of Shinji, recalled the several wars he had fought well enough to recognise a warzone. The sky was a shade of blood-red. Bodies of cloaked men and women, even parts of those bodies were lying on the ground, covered in dried blood.Bookmark here

"This is it." the voice said. Now standing beside him was....the form of Miya Nobaru. Shinji tried to speak but he couldn't. His voice didn't work. Since he couldn't do anything else, he listened.Bookmark here

"Dragons and mages are fighting a war." it said "Soon... if this goes on, the world will end. You, I and everyone else will die."Bookmark here

"Save the world, Shinji... No, Miya Nobaru! You are the one, the only one who can."Bookmark here

Then the form of Nobaru touched Shinji's face.Bookmark here

Everything turned black.Bookmark here

Nobaru slowly opened his eyes. He was back, in a room dimly lit by the moon. He found a figure of a person next to him.Bookmark here

It was Kaeda, asleep, her head on his chest. Nobaru could still see well enough in the dimly lit room to notice Kaeda eyes puffy with tears, with bags under her eyes. She must've stayed with him for a long time.Bookmark here

Nobaru turned red. His heart was beating quickly because of this situation. He felt like waking her up but remembered that she had the dark bags under her eyes, meaning, she didn't get a wink of sleep. He let her rest.Bookmark here

He looked out through the window of the room. He figured it was the school infirmary since he recalled seeing it once. It was a full moon out there, there was a small breeze in the air, not cold, not warm. The sky was like a tapestry of stars. Nobaru thought of his vision.Bookmark here

'The world will end huh?' he thought 'This war... I don't want this life to end. Who was that guy anyway? He came in this body. I was Shinji again. This message...why me? Why am I the only one who can save this world? Maybe it has something to do with...'Bookmark here

Nobaru at this point was lost in thought. He thought of the possibilities, the outcomes, the solutions. He was in ultra focus mode.Bookmark here

Kaeda was suddenly jolted awake as Nobaru was lost in thought. She noticed Nobaru, awake and alive. She then burst into tears and hugged him tightly.Bookmark here

"Nobaru!" she shouted, her eyes filled with tears. "Your whole body was so cold. Your breathing was shallow. You were out for 5 DAYS! I thought...I thought..." She then continued crying.Bookmark here

Nobaru smiled calmly "I'm alright." he said "Sorry for making you worry."Bookmark here

The two embraced for a while, each missed the other's presence. They stood like this before letting go.Bookmark here

Nobaru and Kaeda then sat next to each other on the bed of the room, each hand on top of the other.Bookmark here

"What happened with the test?" asked Nobaru.Bookmark here

"So the other students after you, they took the test and got their results. Then Mr Oki informed us that the final test is postponed to tomorrow."Bookmark here

"What about Eri and Hugo?" he asked.Bookmark here

"Eri came here and used her healing to try to make you feel better but you still were the same. Hugo was so worried, even he had tears in his eyes."Bookmark here

Nobaru chuckled, "Hugo cried?" He asked, "Well that's new."Bookmark here

"Yeah it is!" said Kaeda.Bookmark here

"What about my parents?" asked Nobaru.Bookmark here

Kaeda laughed "Actually." she said "They were worried sick. They were here this whole time. I'll call the n-"Bookmark here

"N-n-no," said Nobaru, nervously "just stay here for a bit!..."Bookmark here

Then he realised what he said and his face slowly turned red in the moonlight.Bookmark here

"I-if you want that is!" said Nobaru quickly, flustered "Your parents must be worried.."Bookmark here

Kaeda was red herself and said with a smile. Her ears fluttered again, a thing that happens when she’s nervous or flustered.Bookmark here

"S-sure I will! My parents were worried about you too. They were planning to send you a lot of medicinal herbs and other things required for your recovery. But I volunteered to go instead because they were going too far. Since that was the case, my parents let me stay till you wake up. So here I am."Bookmark here

"Thanks for that..." said Nobaru "You staying for 5 days for someone like me..."Bookmark here

"That's what friends are for." said Kaeda "You've looked out for me many times. I want to do the same for you."Bookmark here

Nobaru sat up as Kaeda sat beside him. They looked out of the infirmary window, enjoying the silence and staring at the bright, beautiful, full moon.Bookmark here

Slowly Kaeda's hand was on Nobaru's. Nobaru noticed this and slowly looked towards Kaeda. She looked beautiful in the moonlight. He remembered the first time they met. How he felt. He was feeling that way all over again.Bookmark here

He noticed Kaeda's nervous smile, well he was nervous himself while being in such a situation. Her hands were fidgeting and her face was red. He understood with perfect clarity what the situation had become. She felt for him, too.Bookmark here

As they leaned closer towards each other. Nobaru's and Kaeda's parents barged into the room. Bookmark here

The two instantly looked away, their faces red from embarrassment. Izanagi bear-hugged Nobaru, glad that he was alright. Ren came and checked him out. She hugged him tightly. Eri, who was behind them, also joined them, letting Nobaru go after a few moments.Bookmark here

"We are so glad that you are alright!" said the group of parents in unison. Then they looked at each other and laughed.Bookmark here

"Looks like everyone loves you over here as if you were their own huh, Nobaru?" said Izanagi.Bookmark here

"Of course we do!" said the man next to Kaeda. He had the elfish features that Kaeda had, he was thin and tall, his face had smile wrinkles. The man had brown hair and Kaeda's brown eyes. "He's a one-of-a-kind kid. His personality makes him lovable to a great extent. Right, Yoshiko?"Bookmark here

"Yes, certainly Ichirou my dear!" said the woman beside him. She was as tall and had the same hair as Kaeda "Nobaru was her first friend, a nice, adorable boy. Who wouldn't like him? Everyone here loves him! But I know who loves him the most..." she looked at Kaeda and everyone else's gaze followed.Bookmark here

"Mom!" she shouted red all over. "I-I-I d-don't feel that way.....!"Bookmark here

Nobaru looked at Kaeda, surprised. He just realised, he got himself a ship.Bookmark here

"I'm alright because of Kaeda herself. She stayed here alone, looking after me for this whole time. Again, thanks."Bookmark here

"S-sure..." said Kaeda. still flustered.Bookmark here

Nobaru's parents thanked Kaeda and she was showered with praises of her own. It was happiness all around and then the time came to leave. As Nobaru said goodbye to Kaeda and her family, he thought that these happy times shouldn't go away.Bookmark here

Then the dream he had crossed his mind.Bookmark here

'You, I and everyone else will die...huh?' he thought 'Who even was he? To deliver such a dire warning to me..means I am the only one who can do it. Or...chaos.'Bookmark here

It was then that he made his decision.Bookmark here

'I have to get stronger.' he thought 'Strong enough to stop this not wake up to see all those I hold dear die. To not wake up and see all this disappear. To not let her die in front of my eyes. one's gonna die!'Bookmark here

As soon as Nobaru got home, he free-fell on his bed without changing his clothes or anything of that sort. He didn't have another vision.Bookmark here

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