Chapter 1:

Kurume Middle School

Deity Dweller Part One

*present day*Bookmark here

*students in school uniforms would walk to the entrance of the school*Bookmark here

*boy walks to entrance and it would be Shīdo Shigemi*Bookmark here

Shīdo Shigemi: woah this school is bigger than i thoughtBookmark here

*all the students including Shigemi would be in the school*Bookmark here

Shīdo Shigemi: *walks in class then sits at a seat*Bookmark here

*every other student in this class sits down as well*Bookmark here

Homeroom Teacher: Alright is everyone present?Bookmark here

Homeroom Teacher: Alright roll callBookmark here

Homeroom Teacher: Yukime TomochiBookmark here

*a girl with long blue hair and dark blue eyes would stand up*Bookmark here

Yukime Tomochi: Here *walks back to my seat*Bookmark here

Shīdo Shigemi: *her hair would wave and I would stare at it*Bookmark here

Homeroom Teacher: Alright...Mahiro MurasakiBookmark here

*a boy with a bowlcut dark purple hair with some of his hair covering his eyes would stand up*Bookmark here

Mahiro Murasaki:  h....hereBookmark here

*mahiro would go back to his seat*Bookmark here

Homeroom Teacher: Amaryllis AjiisaraBookmark here

*a girl with short dark rose pink hair with light rose pink eyes would stand up*Bookmark here

Amaryllis Ajisaira: Yo! *walks back to seat*Bookmark here

Homeroom Teacher: Kenshi OnizukaBookmark here

*a boy with blonde hair with a silver highlight with calm but sharp silver eyes would stand up*Bookmark here

Kenshi Onizuka: here....teacher...Bookmark here

*kenshi would walk back to his seat*Bookmark here

*roll call would continue then bell would ring*Bookmark here

Homeroom Teacher: Ok class work starts tomorrow so be preparedBookmark here

*everyone would get up and leave*Bookmark here

*some group of girls would talk to each other*Bookmark here

Shīdo Shigemi: *sees yukime in front of me then i would try to talk to her but i would stop*Bookmark here

*few classes later and gym class would start*Bookmark here

*girls would be running while the boys would do exercises*Bookmark here

Shīdo Shigemi: *struggling to do one push up*Bookmark here

Kenshi Onizuka: *doesn't even break a sweat*Bookmark here

*some boys would struggle but still able to do a few push ups*Bookmark here

Shīdo Shigemi: *still struggling then passes out from exhaustion* *some boys would laugh and mock of how weak I am*Bookmark here

Gym Teacher: damn...hey can someone bring him to the infirmaryBookmark here

Kenshi Onizuka: I'll do itBookmark here

Gym Teacher: thanksBookmark here

Kenshi Onizuka: *carries shigemi on my back then takes him to the infirmary*Bookmark here

*after some time school would end*Bookmark here

Shīdo Shigemi: *wakes up* ugh...huh...*looks at the clock and school ended* CRAP *gets up and puts the normal uniform on then leaves out of infirmary*Bookmark here

*everyone would leave*Bookmark here

Shīdo Shigemi: *sees onizuka at the exit then i would walk to him* hey onizukaBookmark here

Kenshi Onizuka: hmm?Bookmark here

Shīdo Shigemi: thanks for carrying me to the infirmary even though you didn't have tooBookmark here

Kenshi Onizuka: no need to thank meBookmark here

Shīdo Shigemi: *smiles*Bookmark here

Shīdo Shigemi: *walks and me and onizuka would be walking the same route home* ohBookmark here

Kenshi Onizuka: wait you live at the same apartmentBookmark here

Shīdo Shigemi: yeah...I'm on the 3rd floorBookmark here

Kenshi Onizuka: I'm on the 4th floorBookmark here

Shīdo Shigemi: oh..Bookmark here

Kenshi Onizuka: hmmm I know a shortcut come onBookmark here

Shīdo Shigemi: uhh alright *follows onizuka*Bookmark here

*they would be walking near a riverbank it would be dawn as well*Bookmark here

Kenshi Onizuka: *gasps and stops*Bookmark here

Shīdo Shigemi: huh onizuka what's wro- *looks at what he's looking at and my face would have a frightened look on my face*Bookmark here

*two scary looking monsters would be cornering two girls*Bookmark here

Shīdo Shigemi: !! WAIT THAT'SBookmark here

*the girls getting cornered would be and Tomochi And Ajisaira*Bookmark here

Scary Looking Deity Beast #1: *licks lips* YOU TWO GIRLS LOOK SO DELIIIICIIIOUUUSSSSSS~Bookmark here

Scary Looking Deity Beast #2: *creepy laughing* HAHAHAHAHAH YES THEY DOBookmark here

Yukime Tomochi: ....Bookmark here

Amaryllis Ajisaira: damn....
Bookmark here

Kenshi Onizuka: *gets frustrated then rushes to go help them*Bookmark here

Shīdo Shigemi: ONIZUKA! Bookmark here

*chapter ends*Bookmark here

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