Chapter 2:

Chapter 2 Life on the range

My new life in a death game from another world.

Hainley and Emilia are currently walking on a hill in the middle of nowhere during a very cold rainy and windy day and they are following the directions of an old map Emilia has trying to locate a nearby town and when they visit the town the first thing they notice is how very run down and near decript it is and many people there are struggling and malnourished Bookmark here

Hainley: So today’s day 2 of us working together and well its best to get started on what we need to do next. Bookmark here

Emilia: We’ve been circling around here for a few hours now doubt this map is really that accurate. Bookmark here

Emilia: There should be a town nearby where we can resupply. Bookmark here

Hainley: I take it that must be the town. Bookmark here

Emilia: Only a few more footsteps to reach. Bookmark here

Hainley: Marvelous town we’re in. Bookmark here

Emilia: Its no stuffy little bourgeois place but it will have to do for now. Bookmark here

(Hainley observes his surroundings and he sees how rough people really have it. ) Bookmark here

Hainley: Man talk about a lowlife. (After he gets a flashback of someone who just spent all day on his computer and is disheveled.) Bookmark here

Emilia: See the sights around here? Place certainly has seen better days huh? Bookmark here

Hainley: All around I see is just filth not just in on the ground but those who walk as well. Bookmark here

Emilia: These poor sods look like they’ve been living like this since the towns inception. Bookmark here

Hainley: Even the supplies sold here aren’t really that great and it looks like this is the last ones that were avaible as well. Bookmark here

(As they plan to leave town they see a big figure and people being pushed aside to the ground.) Bookmark here

(One person looks at him awkardly but runs away in fear rather quickly) Bookmark here

Emilia: I take it that must be the mayor. Bookmark here

Hainley: Pretty big fellow if you ask me. While everyone else is just scraping by with what scrap of bread they have left. Bookmark here

Emilia: Also, pretty funny if you ask me him flaunting all that “gold” so to speak while the common folk here are in rags upon rags as well. Also that hair of his can’t be real either. Bookmark here

Hainley: So he’s a typical politician figures as much not like we’ll get caught up in the local drama here, lets just pick up our supplies and head to the nearby tavern and go. Bookmark here

(As Emelia and Hainley head to the local tavern and as they enter the place looks dusty run down and they are the only customers in the building) Bookmark here

Bartender: Ah new customers come in come in! Plenty of seats to sit on and I've just got a fresh shipment of honey flavored milk coming in today. (He says as the bartender wipes his mug) Bookmark here

Emilia: We’re just only going to be here for the night and we’ll be off. Bookmark here

Bartender: Sure it will only be 500 gold. Bookmark here

Hainley: That excessive i don't expect it to be a rich people place but wouldn't you say thats pretty high for a typical inn? Bookmark here

Bartender: Well since the mayor has heavily taxed us we can only get by through so much. Bookmark here

Emilia: That doesn’t really sound so reasonable what would he really need to tax the populace so heavily for? Bookmark here

Bartender: Simple for his police force you see around here, he likes flaunting off his physical and countries state and he thinks by the way he’s handling this place the weaker people will fall from the state they are in while the strongest will survive. Bookmark here

Emilia: That’s really one twisted way to look at things. Bookmark here

Hainley: It’s a harsh reality of life and well as you can see sadly many innocents don’t really get the justice they deserve in this “life” so to speak we’re in. Bookmark here

Emilia: Even still you don’t have to force your life principals onto others who you don’t agree with. Bookmark here

Hainley: Such as the case for all politicians really. Bookmark here

Bartender: This one however he’s “different” then the common lot its almost like he’s like a demon so to speak as theres no way he could really be that human just a hunch. Bookmark here

Hainley: So he must be that big guy we saw a few moments ago. Bookmark here

Bartender: You can’t forget as well either that the mayor here has a very large appetite hence why he’s not so hard too miss. Bookmark here

Emilia: How long has this been going on for? Bookmark here

Bartender: Ever since he took over from the previous mayor after he was forced to “Step down” due to his age catching up to him. Bookmark here

Emilia: So they couldn’t have picked anyone less corrupt then? Bookmark here

Bartender: Maxmillian that big guy, he’s the strongest out of them all and no one could question him no matter how brave you are. Bookmark here

Hainley: So Maxmillian really relies on strength but nothing else is that it? Bookmark here

Bartender: That’s it and if you can tell by the populace, no one is willing to stand up to him and everyone as you can see are dressed in rags and tattered clothes and theres really nothing but people begging and really working harder than they really should be working all to make it by another day. Nothing is really going to change and at this point we’re now beyond repair to even return back to the normal quiet town we used to be. Bookmark here

Emilia: Well then wouldn’t you say there should be a “change of management” you’d say. Bookmark here

Hainley: I see where you’re going with but do you really think its that good of an idea with what you have in mind. Bookmark here

Bartender: Look if you guys wanna stop him be my guest but be careful no one has lived to tell the tale standing up to Maximillian. Bookmark here

Emilia: We’ll be sure to keep that in mind thanks for that. Bookmark here

Hainley: Since we’re here, we may as well ask information about where we are and what is this place really. Bookmark here

Emila: So what is this town called and what was it like before the mayor took over? Bookmark here

Bartender: This place used to be called Lakeheart but now its called Battlestown hence the contrast to what you see back then to today. Like I mentioned, it used to be a boring peaceful quiet little town where everyone got by and lived their lives with hope and happiness now, its just being on the edge and fear 24/7 no one is safe from Maxmillian’s wrath of any of his “punishments”. Bookmark here

Hainley: There’s also something else to ask as well, what is this place? Not the town but whats the place me and Emilia are in? Bookmark here

Bartender: The world here is called the Infinite dominion. Its called that for its vast never-ending world and for the amount of people and creatures of all kinds living here in this realm. Bookmark here

Aside from the usual rodents like Goblins,rats,bats and trolls. You have much more dangerous beasts like minotaurs,werewolves,Undead those ones are supposedly people who are brought back to dead by the local necromancers and those magic users always have the upper hand against those bandit creeps you keep seeing prey on merchants and travelers. Then there’s also gargoyles and chimera’s as well too be on the look out for nasty beasts those ones are. Bookmark here

Hainley: Yeah I can tell that this world isn’t exactly a place that’s really safe when I got here. Bookmark here

Bartender: You and your partner seem to be able to handle yourselves well so I doubt you’ll have much issue getting around. Bookmark here

Emilia: Is there any other towns aside from here? Bookmark here

Bartender: Sure there’s Godspeak,Nightfall,Fraiserton and Krester I'll mark them down on your map for you so you can know where they are. Bookmark here

Emilia: Much appreciated. Bookmark here

Hainley: So what is your name? Bookmark here

Bartender: Me I'm just a typical bartender that’s all there is to me and I don’t really have a name to go by so people just call me bartender. Bookmark here

Hainley: interesting you’re just another bartender I see? Bookmark here

Bartender: Yep that’s all and I hope I helped to the best of my abilities. Bookmark here

Emilia: I believe that’s all the questions we have to ask. Bookmark here

Bartender: The pleasure is all mine. Bookmark here

Maid: Sir the mayors coming to visit. Bookmark here

Bartender: Oh great you guys you stay put and I'll take care of this. Bookmark here

Hainley: Quick hide. Hainley and Emilia hide behind the walls and overhear the conversation between the mayor and the bartender over the taxes he owes to the mayor.Bookmark here

(The mayor and his men enter breaking down the door and have the place surrounded.) Bookmark here

Bartender: Hey Mr.Mayor how’s it going? I can assure you nothing illicit is going on in this establishment. Bookmark here

Maximillian: Much wonderful as today my tax collection fees are almost at its quota and your place is the last one on my list to visit. Oh sure I believe you as a hyena being a priest your place is the most honest in the infinite domain. Bookmark here

Bartender: So you’re here for the famous honey milk I see? I just got a new batch freshly made today. Bookmark here

Maximillian: I couldn’t care less at all about that swill you call a drink what I’m here for is your gold. Bookmark here

Bartender: Sure just give me a few moments. The bartender purposefully takes as long as possible trying to find the gold he owes and he gives the signal for Hainley and Emilia to escape through the window at the back.Bookmark here

Maximillian: Are you done dilly dallying? Bookmark here

Bartender: Sure here it is. Bookmark here

Maximillian: I see you are a few pieces short of how much you owe. Bookmark here

Bartender: The place just opened up and I could bring in that much customers in during this time of the day. Bookmark here

Maximillian: You dare defy your mayor? Bring him to the gallows and lets make an “Example of him”. Bookmark here

(The mayors men quickly grabs onto the bartender and brings him to the town square but the bartender remains quite calm despite his inevitable fate.) Bookmark here

Maximillian: Any last words you would like to share? Bookmark here

Bartender: Yeah here’s my last words for you. LONG LIVE LAKEHEART AND THE GOOD PEOPLE WHO LIVE HERE!!! Bookmark here

Maximillian: Let me be the one to do this as to show the populace that the mayor isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty. Bookmark here

(The executioner throws him to the mayor and the mayor uses his magic just turn him into dust.) Bookmark here

(The bartender is given a swift but clean execution as he sacrifices his life for the heroes and also for the population as a whole for his generosity. ) Bookmark here

Emilia and Hainley helplessly watch and Hainley gets another flashback but this one is a funeral proceeding.Bookmark here

Hainley: That pathetic rat. Bookmark here

Emilia: We’ve seen the way his town is being handled but now we’ve seen the way how he handles the towns people and there is no way he can really be seen as “human”. Bookmark here

Hainley: Since he’s shown to use “magic” I think its called he’s not going to go down easy combined with his strength. Bookmark here

Emilia: We’ll wait till nightfall to confront him and put a stop to his nightmare. Bookmark here

Hainley: Yeah that sounds reasonable and no one should really have to put up with his nonsense at all anymore and that goes for all people who live under corrupt politicians like him. Bookmark here

Emilia and Hainley wait until nightfall hiding in the same spot for hours nearby the mayors manor.Bookmark here

Maxmillian comes out of manor and goes out on a walk.Bookmark here

Emilia: There he is. Bookmark here

Hainley: Where is he even going? Bookmark here

Emila: We’ll shadow him until he stops at his destination.  Bookmark here

Hainley and Emilia then tail him without him noticing.Bookmark here

Maxmillian stops outside of town at a nearby hill.Bookmark here

Maxmilian: I know you 2 rats are there. Bookmark here

Hainley and Emilia both step out from the shadows to confront MaximillianBookmark here

Hainley: So Maximillian we meet at last. Hainley then pulls out his sword carefully in case Maximillian tries to attack him.Bookmark here

Maximillian: That sword. He immediately notices the type of sword being drawn out in a shocked tone.Bookmark here

Hainley: What about it? Bookmark here

Maxmillain: Xared is a sword only a hero that is chosen by god himself could only wield it but its not just any weak piece of cockroach that could wield such a weapon. Bookmark here

Hainley: I can handle it quite well I took down a lot of bandits and goblins with it with no form of trouble at all whatsoever. Bookmark here

Maximillian: Those are nothing. Bookmark here

Hainley: It can sure do something you’re the one who just attacks first without asking any questions later. Bookmark here

Maximillian: Better to strike where it hurts than to leave the enemy to make the next move that’s how I look at things. Bookmark here

Hainley: You know no mercy as well I can tell by the way you treated those people and how took out that bartender. Bookmark here

Maximillian: Those people there were really weak and the only purpose they had in life was just to merely waste it away on nothing. Bookmark here

Emilia: Those people you had were scared and they were doing everything they could to get by and that’s a good enough reason for them to live to me. Bookmark here

Maximillian: Arrogance as that shall be ones own downfall and one can tell its used a projection. Bookmark here

Hainley: Says you at least I can boast about my own abilities and I don’t start fights for fun like you would do. Bookmark here

Maximillian: Enough its time for you rats to die!!! Bookmark here

Maxmillian strikes at them but Hainley dodges pretty quickly and Emilia casts a lighting spell at him but it barely causes a scratch. Maximillian then casts a darkness spell back at Emilia but Emilia casts a barrier and it effectively blocks out the attack then Hainley appears to strike him from the back but Maximillian dodges the attack and he strikes back at Hainley leaving a heavy punch. Hainley gets hit badly but shakes it off in a few seconds and as Maximillian attacks repeatedly his weak core in his chest is exposed and is exhausted and Hainley takes this change to deliver the final blow swiftly and Maxmillian feels it heavily in his chest and he crutches to his wound and he falls down to the ground as he finally falls he breathes his final words.
Maxmillian: Judgement week barely just started and here I have finally fallen to two rats. Bookmark here

Hainley: What do you even mean by judgement week? Bookmark here

Maxmillian: You only 7 have 7 days and you’re already in day 2 of judgement week. Those who survive will meet the grand guardian of the game and will be judged whether or not they are worthy to live and return to the human realm. Bookmark here

Emilia: Do you mean we’re dead!!!? Bookmark here

Maxmillian: Correct, you and many mortals here have died and are either players as yourself or those who are created just to serve as a “class” for this world such as that nameless bartender. I’m the gatekeeper of this part of the infinite domain and we gatekeepers must be defeated in order for you to meet the grand guardian for judgement. Bookmark here

Hainley: Who is even this “grand guardian” you mention? Bookmark here

Maxmillian: He’s the one above all and you’ll know who he is once you’ll meet him. Very little have really succeeded the challenge of surviving a week in this realm. Bookmark here

Maximillian: I’m not the final obstacle in the game, there’s other gatekeepers like I am that are ready to come after you and won’t stop till you drop dead. (He then dissipates into dust ) Bookmark here

Emilia: Judgement week so we’re only in day 2 now he said. Bookmark here

Hainley: And not to mention there must be more players in the realm only just joining on their first days like we have. Bookmark here

Emilia: We don’t even know how and we can assume the other players as well on how we reached the infinite domain. Bookmark here

Hainley: And I doubt everyone will really be that cooperative with us as well since survival comes first for them. Bookmark here

Emilia: That’s a good point so we’ll have to stick together more than ever now. Bookmark here

Hainley: Its going to get a lot worse now before it even gets better. Bookmark here

(Emilia and Hainley then set off for the next town) Bookmark here

????:So the mighty Maxmillian has fallen I see? Bookmark here

????: And all by 2 lost souls who found their way into the infinite domain. Bookmark here

????: Interestingly one of them wields the sword of Xarred a fine black weapon with a fitting skull and red diamonds encrusted in its eyes. Its like death itself is wielding it. Bookmark here

????: And he was also the bosses most loyal and the most brutal out of all of us. Bookmark here

????:The boss would rather spend whole day play with his “toys” then really carry out anything so it looks like its really us that’s running the game instead of him. Bookmark here

????:Not that there is any issue with it of course. Bookmark here

????:Quiet!!! You don’t want him to hear us gossip. Bookmark here

????:Here he comes!!! Bookmark here

???? (A mysterious cloaked figure surrounded by multiple women appears) Men Bookmark here

????:Sir! (All of the mysterious cloaked in black people stand up in respect in unison) Bookmark here

????: I would like to introduce you to our newest and up and coming gate keeper Xerces. Bookmark here

Xerces: Pleasure to make your acquaintance. Bookmark here

?????: The new member whats his story? Bookmark here

?????: He’s only just eliminated 1000 players in just one single day and he’s got a keen eye for stratgey and combat so he gets the full benefits of being a gatekeeper. Bookmark here

????: I'm a team player and i promise to do my best to help you guys out with duties.Bookmark here

????: We shall see how much he’s really worth. Right now we must prepare ourselves for the next coming days. Bookmark here

chapter 2 ends as all other gatekeepers are now keeping an eye on other peopleBookmark here

Hussain Maknoon
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