Chapter 0:

Former Soldier


i felt cold and i couldn't see anything, and couldn't even breathe, slowly regain consciousness ,i realized i was underwater,"what the... why am i?" i couldn't understand why, after thinking what happend, i panicked "oh no..,no no NO!!" Bookmark here

i panicked, beacause  i realized we were fighting a monster that was too strong, and someone pushed me, and i fell on river,i couldn't remember who, but it wasn't importent i swun up worried that my friends were hurt ,after i got out of the river crawling on ground "how long was i unconsciousness?" me hoping if my friend were alright, Bookmark here

as  i smelled blood quickly stand up and look at the war zone Bookmark here

my eyes were wild opened, as i couldn't believed what i just saw, my comrades,friends, and even a enemies were all dead,running towards them, i yalled all my friends names,"PEEETER!!.. SEEEEN!!...GOFFEERR!!...LEANDER!!!.. MEEIII!?!", worrried even more andBookmark here

as i was running and yelling ,i finally found then..but it was too late,i saw all my friends lying in the ground some were ,headless,pierced through heart ,arms cut or legs,what made me even more shocked, was my best friend, lying against the wall, 'mei lumistein' one year older, short white pink haired,  ocean blue eyes, but pierced through stomach ,blood everywhere one lost arm Bookmark here

i quickly run towerd her, holding her shoulder and hips,covering her spilling blood from her arm,as mei looked me she mumbled "ha..rry?",while covering her cut i said " it's alright, i here for you, i'll take you to the docter an-!" "harry" , she put her hand on my mouth, "i dont think it's possible for me to go on. ", giving me a soft smile, as i putting her hand away from my mouth Bookmark here

"what are you i can still save you ,you wont die on me!" yelling if some doctor or healer might arrive but no one arrvied, as mei hold my shoulder and she said " harry listen closely i  might not make it" i wanted to say something but she put her hand on my mouth againBookmark here

"harry i want you do me a favor and forget about us, i almost thought i helplessly lost all my friends and comrades but i'm relieved that you are alive harry",she was rolling with tears as i was as well, "you said you want to find your family right?" she coughed up blood, "mei!" holding my shoulder as she continuedBookmark here

"don't give up, i know you don't remember them, but i do know they remember you ,so be happy my hairy friend " while giving me a bright smile "mei" her voice was fading "don't... give..up ....ha..ryy" her hand fell in a ground as i sad,confused,shocked,i said "mei?" holding mei's lifeless body "mei..mei!..MEI!?...MEEIII!!!!" Bookmark here

as i opened my eyes realized i was in my bed, tear in my eyes, i coverd my tears and said ' oh I guess that was just a my past memoryBookmark here

while think about what i just dreamed someone barged into my room "good morning bug eyes!" Bookmark here

'gevon feyrer' a bald man with brown eye and with a nice lightskinned and mustache, wearing eyepatch and a blue apron while being a bodybuilder ,and a owner of the bar 'red clover' outgoing. loud. and jerk to me, but he's nice, and cares about his family and  his customers as well, but he hate's poeple who cause troubles for his bar
Bookmark here

while i getting annoyed by hearing his voice  i said "do you have to barge into my room and scream in my ears gevon!" Bookmark here

gevon said while stretching " hahaha c'mon bug eyes you know i doing it for fun "giving me a proud smileBookmark here

" ugh whatever" covering myself with sheets all tired and angry in moringBookmark here

"hey hey c'mon ,it's morning now so get up" patting hard my back,i quickly said "no go away"Bookmark here

gevon sighed and pulled my legs and said c'mon bug eyes you smarter then this"Bookmark here

"hey what are yo- "i looked at gevon upside down and said "uh put me down?"Bookmark here

gevon said " uh nope" he pulled like i was some bag of potatoes, i was still tired so i didn't fight back i just sighed  Bookmark here

as we go both downstairs while i was on gevon's back still tired i heard a lot noise down the bar while we were going down i said to gevon "you have a lot of customers day"Bookmark here

"don't ya remember bug eyes, it's because it's my caya's birthday today so everyone want to celebrate my girl " said gevonBookmark here

as i was confused i said "huh?" gevon repeated " it caya's 13th birthday today~"Bookmark here

i panicked and got off on gevon's back and thinking what present should buy Bookmark here

"oh god oh god oh god what should i do, gevon your daughter is gonna cut my precious long hair" gevon burst out  laughing and said" haah great time bug eyes great time"Bookmark here

"it's not!" thinking about what present to buy, gevon and i heard a woman callimg us    "honey, harry, breakfest is ready" Bookmark here

masha feyrer is wife of a gevon and also bartender of the 'red clover' bar, she a elegent woman with platinum blonde wavy hair with hazel eyes and of course very beautiful,kindhearted, gentle, and a warm person. a complete opposite to gevonBookmark here

waiting for breskfast i ask masha "i still wondering how you were able to fell in love with that jerk"Bookmark here

 gevon heard it while he was in kitchen  and said " hey!? i have my on charms" masha giggles while  she answered "well  it all started  we were kids"Bookmark here

"wait you guys were childhood friends back then?" i ask, she answered while she was working as well " yup ,back then we were goofing around ,playing tag, and swimming in rivers as well, and that when we realized we fell in love"Bookmark here

i was suprised and gevon said to me " i wonder if YOU will have a girlfriend with those eyes ,bug eyes"Bookmark here

"shut up!" getting annoyed while waiting for food, masha  gave a beers to a customers and said to me "i hope you didn't forget about caya's gift" Bookmark here

as i forgot that important task, i started worrying and thinking about a present shoud i buy, and also worried about my long hair as well" haha..ha..yesBookmark here

one customer heard it and said "oh i remember back then you brought a fishing pole to miss caya and she didn't like it so she cut your hair in front of a village and you cried ahahahaha"everyone was laughing ,gevon,masha, and even gevons dog ferges, as i was embarrassed i said "screw you guys ugh"still waiting for food Bookmark here

finally got my food, i looked at the table i realized caya wasn't here i ask masha "is caya not eating with us?" Bookmark here

while she was working she said " our darling is still sleeping"Bookmark here

"that's great" i quickly finished my meal, i finally figured a perfect present for caya, and said to masha "thank you it was delicious" Bookmark here

as i was about to leave masha gave my favourite black long coat and she said "go get em street performer" Bookmark here

i said with a smile "definitely,because i'm the the greatest one and only 'colorless'Bookmark here

Golden Boy
The Loner


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